The epic saga of Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" books on order

There legendary books have such an attractive atmosphere that can read them endlessly.These works include the famous series of "Lord of the Rings" books in the order which, unfortunately, not everyone knows well.The fame of this cycle of novels received immediately after the publication of the first volume.Today series has gone through a new round of popularity - after the adaptation of its director Peter Jackson.


Cycle "Lord of the Rings" books in the order which will be examined further, in fact, is a continuation of the story of Tolkien's "The Hobbit."It was a great success, the publishers have informed the writer that they are willing to consider other manuscripts of the author.Encouraged by this, in 1937, Tolkien started writing a new novel.

First, he wanted to tell in the book about the new adventures of Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist of "The Hobbit."But then the center of the plot was the One Ring, and demanded a new character.They became Frodo, Bilbo's nephew.

As the story appeared new faces: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, and others.

Series Tolkien's novels, "The Lord of the Rings" books on order

Many people mistakenly think that the series consists of three books.In fact it is not.Tolkien wrote a novel, but the volume was so great that publishers prefer to divide it into three parts.However, occasionally producing a single volume novel.

So, looks like Middle Earth epic cycle about the "Lord of the Rings"?Books are arranged in the order it follows:

  1. «Fellowship of the Ring."
  2. «The Two Towers."
  3. «Return of the Emperor."

first part of the cycle

«The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" - the only book in the series, whose name never changes.

The first part tells about the beginning of the wanderings of Frodo Baggins, who, by chance, had to take on a heavy burden - to deliver a powerful ring that belonged to hundreds of centuries ago Sauron.He was one of the most dangerous enemies of all living creatures in Middle-earth and planned to subjugate it.Joining the Last Alliance forces elves, humans and dwarves were able to defeat the army of evil.The victory brought Isildur, the ruler of Gondor.He managed to fragment the sword of his father who died in the battle to cut off the finger of Sauron, which was put on the One Ring.Disembodied latter was destroyed.

Unfortunately, the noble Isildur could not resist the magical power of the ring.Rather than destroy the mighty and dangerous artifact, he kept it to himself.Two years later, on the way home the king and his party were attacked by orcs.Isildur perished, swimming across the river, and the ring slipped from his hand.After many centuries, it was found those who later became known as Gollum.Bilbo Baggins found the ring in a dark cave and carried home.From him it came to Frodo.

magician Gandalf, long suspected in the ancient relics of the Ring of Sauron, coming to the Shire, makes sure of that.It sends Frodo and friends in the only safe place - the elves in Rivendell.

«The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" - one of the best books of the epic.There is a history dating protagonists, nine guardians of the Union, and there is no gloomy atmosphere of despair, which is increasingly felt in the next article.

second part of the trilogy

It is called "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers."Sometimes there are other versions of the name of the book - "The Two Towers" and "The Two Towers".

This part of the trilogy is very different from the "Fellowship of the Ring."If in the first book of the dangers looming over Middle-earth, just saying, because Shire was located far from the center of all events, it is now Frodo and the other keepers are faced with their own eyes how the strengthened evil and how far it has penetrated deep into the once peaceful land.

From the second book events become global.Fellowship of the Ring splits because Frodo sees as a dangerous relic of trying to take over thoughts of his friends.Not wanting to expose them to the risk, at the end of the first part of it away from them.Only the best friend of Frodo, Sam, says his escape and runs after him.

Other guardians decide hobbit, knowing why he did so.Their way lies in the ancient forest of Fangorn, and then - in Ristaniyu.

The final part of the series

«Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Emperor" - the most powerful to inflame passions book.Tolkien succeeded in creating a work of reading which first calls the deep despair from what is happening in it, and then pure joy of favorite characters.

final book series tells the story of an emerging alliance of people, elves and dwarves.How many centuries ago, they are again united against the age-old evil of Middle-earth - Saruman.And the life of all life now depends on the hobbit Frodo and his determination.

Sometimes there is another version of the title of the book - "The Return of the King."

value of Tolkien's epic saga

series of books "The Lord of the Rings" is the most important literary work in the fantasy genre of the XX century.She was repeatedly filmed.On motives of the saga it was created by a huge number of computer games.