Who wrote the fairy tale "Hedgehog in the Fog"?

Author tale "Hedgehog in the Fog" - Sergey G. Kozlov.It can rightly be ranked to the category of writers, storytellers, it is very honorable for anyone who decided to serve the art of the word.In addition, Peru belong to the writer of the play, written specially for the theater, poetry for children and adults.

How did the "Hedgehog in the Fog"

character works by Sergei Kozlov became famous after the release of the animated film director Yuri Norstein.But the hero appeared much earlier.Author tale "Hedgehog in the Fog" has conceived the creation of his literary characters, who will lead for a little inquisitive readers and help them discover a lot of secrets that hides our daily lives.

Hedgehog and was the hero who was meant demanding role of the conductor between the child and the outside world.To carry out the tasks the protagonist had not one, but together with your friends - bear, turtles, lion cub, Hare.Getting all this history has fifty years ago.

work of creative teams multipliers

During this time, the history of the Hedgehog and his true friends had continued to scripts written by Sergei Kozlov.But creative teams working on the creation of animated films were already others.For this reason, the characters sometimes differ externally, characters.

However, this did not prevent readers and fans of animated films more love fairy tale author "Hedgehog in the Fog", "Tryam! Hello," "How the Hedgehog and Bear celebrated the New Year" and many other creations of the writer.
is worth noting that on the creation of animated films by scenario Sergei G. Kozlov's work group, which included a truly talented people - Yuriy Butyrin Alla Grachev, Natalia Marchenkova Clara Rumyanova Georgy Burkov Vladimir Shainskiy, George Vitsin, Vyacheslav Innocent and manyother celebrities.

Hedgehog and Bear

These heroes are kind, resourceful, cheerful.Children understand the writer's humor and laugh with him over the hapless friends.Author tale "Hedgehog in the Fog" puts his characters in a situation where you want to make a decision, to argue, to come to the aid of each other.

example, should consider how to be, if you could not find a Christmas tree.It turns out, of a hedgehog can get great tree - he, like the tree, prickly.It is only to dress it.

young readers understand that the star wipe dust is possible only in a fairy tale.But Hedgehog and Bear happy to do and it's a tough business.

Gradually, the author created a special fairy forest, where its inhabitants have created your life.Next to them is always a pleasure to be a child and an adult.New stories of characters captured and captivated readers.

Other fictional characters

"Hedgehog in the Fog" - a fairy tale, which served as the basis for creating a series of works of authorship.The result of a creative search SG Kozlov was the appearance of characters such as Lion, Rabbit, Turtle.

The emergence Hare heroes have learned to appreciate friendship.Bullfinch suggested that the relationship is very important concern.Wolf showed resourcefulness that helped Hedgehog forever.

no less loved by children and adults Lion and the Tortoise.Their famous song "I'm sitting in the sun," brings a smile and a sincere desire to sing.Heroes straightforward, clean, open.It captivates all who know them.However, all the characters are works of Sergei G. Kozlov.

Biography writer

It often happens that after meeting with the literary work and his characters readers want to get acquainted with the author of a closer look.This fact indicates only that the dialogue between the writer and the readers can be called valid.A similar situation experienced author of fairy tales "Hedgehog in the Fog".

Now young readers and their parents know that Sergei Kozlov, his first works started writing when I was still in school.Writing talent brought him to the Institute of Literature, which he successfully graduated.As the thesis to the committee was presented book of poems.

But before becoming a professional writer, SG Kozlov had to test himself, mastering many professions.He was a lathe operator in a factory, a tour guide at the Pushkin Museum, a singing teacher at the school, he worked in a printing house and was even in the role of fireman.

All this has helped the writer in his future creative work.Perhaps precisely because of the experience gained were remarkable poems, plays, the famous "Hedgehog in the Fog".Author throughout life was full of creative ideas and initiatives.
To understand the character of Sergei G., his personal literary tastes, it should be noted that he liked the work of such masters of the word, Ivan Bunin, Yesenin, Boris Pasternak.

In his work the writer has used a very special technique when the characters suddenly prose works for the reader becomes a character of poetic texts.It amused young readers.They enthusiastically greeted Bear, Hare, Wolf.He was among the heroes and the hedgehog in the fog.

author and his legacy

The bibliography includes works by Kozlov than a dozen poems, stories and plays.He is known for his translations and paraphrases from the Ukrainian language Mansi peoples, hunters and fishermen of Chukotka.

more than twenty animated films created by scenario writer.But Kozlov tale "Hedgehog in the Fog" is the work that brought the author fame and national love.

In 2009, the writer was awarded a special prize named after Korney literary Chukovsky.Colleagues appreciated Kozlov innovation in the development of children's literature.In addition, the writer clearly in sight desire to support and follow the existing tradition in literature for children.

Sergei G. Kozlov did not January 9, 2010.He died at the seventy-first year and was buried in Moscow.