Quotes about music as a means of harmony with the world of self-expression and identity

music itself, with its concepts of modes, tones, chords and the rest is a natural harmony, inherent in each of us.And then come to mind are the statements about the music, which became almost winged phrases.Remember even the words from the movie "go to fight some old people": "Pilot, can you not be, we still teach to fly, and shall be a musician."

Music as inspiration soul

some time more and more scientists psychologists agree that music is a kind of tool for the expression of human sentiments.No wonder that under the relaxing sounds we are able to immediately go to sleep, and when listening to something more rhythmic can occur in high spirits, sometimes passing even in a state of euphoria.

in the XIX century there was a scientific discipline such as music psychology, which also implies not only knowledge from the field of musical concepts, but their effect on the human psyche.

Quotes about music in terms of the state of mind most often is compared to the expression of love, where "soul singing.

"For example, Pushkin in one of his works writes:

Ā«From the pleasures of life
One Love Music inferior,
But love - melody."

Music as a means of relaxation

Not surprisingly, in some cases, psychologists recommend the use of so-called music therapy.Most often it is used for the treatment of the mentally ill, alcoholics or drug addicts who live in their own fantasy world.Even Aristotle said that music can have an impact on the ethnic side of the soul.

Music in the history of mankind

in the history of the development of the music plays a significant role.On this account and look for interesting statements about the music of one of the most popular philosophers - Confucius.He wrote that if you want to know how things work in a particular country, it is necessary to listen to their national music.

Quotes about music greats often involve a particularly strong emphasis on its impact on the development of certain ethnic groups civilization.For example, at all times it is very common were marches, used to raise the morale of the troops before the upcoming battle.Written simply incredible amount.

If we take into account the spiritual sphere, here you can find a lot of interesting things.No wonder that in the churches and cathedrals used organs and chanting psalms and prayers that enhance the effect of fear God and the exaltation of the Lord.Surely each of us at least once, being in the church felt that state.In this case, music, of course, appears only as an additional tool.

statements about the music of the great people in the ancient world, it is best to bring the example of Plato, who claimed that music can inspire the whole world, to supply the soul wings and cause a flight of imagination.While the worship of the gods was at such a level that now many this may seem a little strange.

poets and composers of music

As for poets and composers, we can say with confidence that they are in some ways very similar, because each creator.A work of literature or music is equally affects the person as a kind of harmonic component.

statements composers of music for the most part indicate that any such creation author lays a piece of his soul.So it is, it's impossible to create something worthwhile, if the soul is stale.

same Beethoven said that music should "strike fire from the people's hearts."It is music that makes you think about life in all its aspects.

Harmony music and its understanding

Now, however, we are not talking about music in terms of pop music, which has recently captivated television and radio broadcast.This is a common means of making money, or influence on the minds of young people.Quotes about music of this type is very interesting to look at the example of the poem "here and there" Irina Zabavin, written in 2013.

This harmony of man with the music begins only when the product touches the thin thread of the soul hidden that a person does not show absolutely none of the others.This is somewhat reminiscent of the feeling of love.Who knows about this feeling, except the man himself?No one.So it is with harmonic perception of music playback.

most famous sayings

great quotes about music can cause countless times.However, the most significant among them are the statements themselves composers, poets and philosophers.

One of the most famous phrases can be called Richter remarks about music in terms of what is the poetry of air.Or Wagner - that she can not think, but the ability to translate thought.

many quotes about music is meant not only the ethnic aspects, but also some aspects of our being.For example, Heine voiced the idea that music - it is a cross honey thought and phenomenon.It is, so to speak, matter without space.And Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said all that music - it is the universal language of mankind.

In any event, with the last statement is difficult to disagree, because in the history of any nation's music plays one of the main roles, going to such a level that it is her associate many nationalities and ethnic groups, not to mention the national instruments that are simply impossibleunmistakable.Get at least a Scottish bagpipe and compositions on it executable.Just because it is clear that this is a Scottish national character.

It only remains to add the words from the same movie "go to fight some old people": "Everything is transient, while music is eternal."