Works Aksakov.

Aksakov Sergei Timofeevich was born in 1791 in Ufa, and died in Moscow in 1859-m.This is a Russian writer, public figure, official, memoirist, literary critic and author of books on hunting and fishing, collecting butterflies.He is the father of the Slavophiles, public figures and writers Ivan, Konstantin Aksakov and Faith.

In this article we will look at the works of Aksakov in chronological order.


During the years 1820-1830 the main creative activity Sergei Kalashnikov been translated, as well as literary and theater critic, created several poems.His first significant work, he wrote only in 1833.It was the essay "Buran", published anonymously a year later in the anthology called "right hand."The basis of this work Aksakov is a real event, about which the writer knew from the words of eyewitnesses.Already this essay carried the main features of the future creativity of the author, the main of which was interest in reality.This work has outlined the characteristic properties of Aksakov's

poetics, which we learn of this author.S. Mashinskii wrote about this creation, that the picture of the storm was discharged with such expressive power, concise colors and courageous simplicity as I could write long prose only Pushkin.

product after the publication has received very high ratings of various critics.Sam Alexander appreciated made Aksakov description snowstorm.Later, after 20 years, the experience of this author Leo Tolstoy address when creating a story "Snowstorm".

goes on to describe the work Aksakov.List of complement "Notes" about hunting and fishing.Since the end of 1830 in the life of Aksakov new period starts.He, like dreaming, left public service, focusing entirely on the conduct of family and business affairs.

"Notes about fishing"

works Aksakov undergo significant changes in the case of 40-ies.Then he proceeded to the creation of "Family Chronicle", and later, in 1845, decided to write a book on fishing.Work on it was completed a year later, and in 1847 she was called "Notes on Fishing" was published.The shape of this work is a compilation of essays angler.With the unanimous approval was received and that the creation of Aksakov.Substantially enlarged and revised edition was published in 1854 under the title "Notes on angling fish," and two years later came the third.

"Notes of a rifle hunter"

works of Aksakov, a list of which we make, will complement the book entitled "Notes of a rifle hunter."In 1849, work begins on the work of Sergei Kalashnikov hunting.In 1852, it was printed.The style of this creature resembled previous: head of his essays represented.This book will also soon became popular, and the circulation of the work was instantly sold.Again rave reviews from various critics, including Gogol, Turgenev, Chernyshevsky.

"Family Chronicle"

In 1840 Aksakov proceed to the creation of "Family Chronicle".But then his attention switches to the aforementioned book about hunting and fishing, and only in 1852 was resumed work on these memoirs.

Individual episodes product Aksakov published as writing in periodicals.A small fragment already in 1846 was published, and in 1854 appeared in the "Moskvityanin" the first episode of "Family Chronicle", which was followed by a fourth (in "Russian Conversation" in 1856) and fifth (in the "Russian Gazette" in 1856year).At the same time issued the "Memories", which became later a third, separate book of the trilogy.

In published in 1856 the second edition includes two excerpts from this work, which finally acquired a final form.

Out "Family Chronicle" was associated with censorship friction.Aksakov also fear the reaction of their neighbors and relatives, who did not want the publicity of family secrets.Therefore, the writer changed many place names and faces.The book introduces the reader to the residence has a picture of life in the province.Trilogy took the important place in Russian literature, met an enthusiastic reception both critics and readers.

"Childhood Years Bagrov's grandson"

This work was created in the period from 1854 to 1856.The author would like to create a unique in-kind book for children, which should be written as if the adults are not imitating to the age of the audience, with the lack of morals.The birth of this work Aksakov for children happened in 1858.The book shows the transformation of the inner world of the hero with age.

Tales Aksakov, the list of which is, strictly speaking, only one work - "The Scarlet Flower", some believe somehow numerous.This is understandable: such a beautiful fairy tale could create a expert author.Aksakov and are very experienced, but worked mainly in other genres.This work was taken by the author as an appendix to the book "Childhood Years Bagrov's grandson."Aksakov works for children, as you see, are not numerous, but very interesting and are popular even today.

idea "Scarlet flower" is an artistic process (not the first) of the famous story about the meeting of Beauty and the Beast.It is published in print many times separately, becoming the most published works by Sergei Kalashnikov and creating a myth "fairy tale Aksakov."

List creations of the author is not over yet, after the writing of the work they were created and others.

Other works

work on a trilogy inspired by the writer, who has matured the idea of ​​yet another memoir works dedicated to his life in the period 1820-1830 years.He, however, did not have time to realize it, but progress has created a number of interesting memoirs essays."Meet the Derzhavin", "Biography MN Zagoskina" and "Memories of MN Zagoskin" appeared in 1852.

In the period from 1856 to 1858 the author created memoir essays, which continued a series of Shishkov, JE Shusherine and Derzhavin.This book was published in "Russian Conversation" parts, and then, in 1858, included in the collection titled "Different works STAksakov."This time, the memoirs were greeted without enthusiasm by critics, including NADobrolyubov.Author accused of partiality and subjectivity in relation to your friends youth.

Recent works

"Gathering of Butterflies" - the story, written in 1858 for the collection "Bratchina" charity edition in favor of the students at Kazan University.Creation is adjacent to the university subjective memories of the author.It came to light only after his death.Aksakov 4 months before his death dictated another work - "Essay on a winter day.""Meeting with" Martinists "is the latest creation, published during the life of Sergei Kalashnikov and type in" Russian Conversation "in 1859.