"Gutta-percha boy": summary, reviews, the main characters

Artwork "gutta-percha boy" was written by the famous Russian writer Dmitry Grigorovich in 1883.It tells about the hard life of an orphan Petit, gives training circus acrobat Becker."Gutta-percha boy" - the most famous story Grigorovich.Her reading makes readers compassion and pity for the unfortunate child, who during his life had a tiny see only deprivation and cruelty.

little about the creative life of the author

Grigorovich Dmitry Vasilyevich (1822-1900) was born to a Russian officer and a Frenchwoman.His first published story writer in literary anthologies.The real fame came to him after writing in the years 1846-1847 the big stories "Village" and "Anton Unfortunate".

With 60 years of XIX century in the literary biography Grigorovich observed a long lull.Over the next 20 years he served as secretary of the active in the "Society for the Encouragement of Arts."Only in 1883 he was able to return to his literary activity Grigorovich."Gutta-percha boy" and a few more pieces come in this perio

d of his pen.The story of the unfortunate little acrobat Pete particularly liking the public.Many families in pre-revolutionary Russia the book "gutta-percha boy" was considered mandatory reading for the younger generation.

meaning books

Empathy, the ability to understand the needs and distress of another person - that is what teaches the reader the story "gutta-percha boy".Summary of works gives an ample idea of ​​the hard life of the poor child of eight, remained in early childhood without a father and mother.In contrast to Peter Grigorovich displays images of children from a wealthy family (Faith, Zina and Paul).Against the background of their luxurious life miserable existence Petit looks even more miserable.

Familiarity with Edwards, Petya and Becker

Of the 7 Heads is a small story "gutta-percha boy."Summary introduces the main characters and events.First, the action of the novel takes place in the circus.Start a retelling of the story should be a description of Edwards - middle-aged clown with a painted face, which is the main decoration ideas.He stands out from the rest of the circus performers to their sad view.Edwards periodically goes into the booze.The director of the circus clown greatly concerned thrust habits and asks him not to drink at least until the end of Shrovetide, because then come the post and the circus will stop giving presentation.Edwards did not answer him anything intelligible and goes to change.

On the way to the dressing room Edwards looks into the room acrobat Becker - coarse and cruel giant, from which no one could hear a kind word.Clown acrobat graduate of interest - skinny boy Peter.It is a pity refers to a small artist, struggling to cope with heavy physical exertion, which gives him a mentor.Edwards asks Becker let him walk the boy, trying to explain to him that, after a short rest, Pete typed forces and it will be easier to work with, but an acrobat even hear about it does not want.Mentor brandishing a frightened and almost crying child whip and takes it to the gym.

sad story of the orphan boy

special attention the first years of life devoted Petit in his story Grigorovich.Gutta-percha boy was the son of Anna and cook some soldier.When the mother's life he did not just have to go hungry and suffer from her beatings.Peter became an orphan when he was going for the fifth year.To the boy did not die of hunger, laundress Varvara (countrywoman Anna) gave him the education acrobat Becker.Circus child treated very cruelly.He forced him to perform complex acrobatic tricks, which were not always under his power.Even if the boy fell while training with the pole and swipe his mentor did not regret, and sometimes even beaten.The only one who is well regarded Pete was Edwards.However, he could not protect the child from the tyranny of Becker.

offspring graphs Listomirovyh

In the story "gutta-percha boy" main characters - it is not only Peter and the other circus performers, but also children of Count Listomirova.Eight-year-Vera, her younger sister and brother Paul Zina (CFA) grew up in luxury, and all sides were surrounded by affection.In the last days of Shrovetide as a reward for good obedience children were taken to the circus.Vera learned from the posters that one of the issues will be the gutta-percha boy, and she could not wait to see it.

last performance Petit

And so, in the arena appeared Becker and gutta-percha boy.Summary of what happened next, make you cry, even adults.Perched high up on a pole, Peter makes some dangerous acrobatics, circus from which the audience enraptured.The boy remains in the air to perform a complicated maneuver last, and then all of a sudden he falls to the ground.

circus quickly take weightless body Petit and carry him backstage.To divert the attention of the audience from the incident, rushed to the arena clowns.They are trying to entertain the audience, but frustrated the spectators leave the circus.Through the noise emitted by the crowd, heard weeping and Vera desperate cry: "Oh, boy!Boy! "The girl for a long time can not calm down even after it, together with his brother and sister brought home.

And what about Peter?His fractured ribs and a broken chest wrapped in rags and then left on a mattress in a deserted circus.Only Edwards cares about the poor child.He is the only one who stayed near the dying boy.We shocked the clown again began binge: far from it stands empty carafe of alcohol.

The next day in the poster did not appear already with a small number of acrobat.This is not surprising, because the Petit at the time did not survive.This ends the story "gutta-percha boy."Summary it is not as colorful as the full version of the product Grigorovich.All who are interested in this sad story, it is recommended to read it completely.

«gutta-percha boy": Reader Reviews

tale about a young acrobat Pete familiar to many children of secondary school age.It is interesting to know what readers think about the work "gutta-percha boy."Reviews of lead in children and adults is very sad: all sincerely regret Petya experiencing due to the fact that fate was to him so unfavorably.Occasionally you can hear the idea that this book is not worth reading as a child, as it catches up to the child's sadness and depression.Every reader develops an opinion about the work, but we can not accept the fact that familiarity with these books allow a man to raise such an important quality of compassion for one's neighbor.