The writing on the works of Lermontov.

Lermontov's poetry - a new country, a huge, boundless and infinite in its grandeur and originality.The writing on the works of Lermontov should reflect the beauty of his poetic language, the content of the wisdom of despair rebellious soul of a poet and the power of his words.

rebellious spirit

Before writing essays, it is worth to know that there is a critique of (literature on the works of Lermontov) VGBelinsky SABurachek.These are two of the few literary critics who have written about the identity of the great poet and accused him of imitation.They paint a beautiful image of the poet's descendants - the noble, brave, longing, endowed with will, a powerful mind, but tormented by powerful passions.The rebellious spirit of genius still makes the heart beat faster reader calls to challenge the ordinary and the everyday.Lermontov (work can be briefly described as his vocation) worried worrying global events taking place in Russia, his lyre serve the motherland, excites and fighting passivity and indif


eternal search for the meaning of life

essay on creativity Lermontov should highlight its eternal quest for truth, the meaning of life and happiness.He is alone in a secular society in which he is surrounded by people soulless mask, he talks about this in his creation, "How often surrounded by a motley crowd ..." The poet is unable to come to terms with the fact that the humane, educated aimlessly oldest in fullinaction, do not pursue higher goals, dutifully adrift.This was "screaming" in almost every poem Lermontov his.Creativity can be called a brief call to get rid of slavish bondage to fight.She was his natural state of mind necessary to withstand the elements.

animate nature

Nature in the works of Lermontov is an integral part of his prose and lyrical works.The poet loved to abandon their homeland, the Russian common people feel distinctive, inspiring beauty of Russian nature.Although sometimes pictures of nature in the lyric poet perform exclusively the function of the service - are the background against which the main action takes place, or serve as the creator of comparison, metaphor, aid for the disclosure of the image of the central character in order to convey the nuances of his emotions, feelings.The writing on the works of Lermontov have to disclose this feature.It is advisable to read the following writing works of the author: the inspired "Three Palms" sad "I go out alone on the road," exciting "Peaks".Therefore, many creations asserts his love for the Russian land to the native nature.Nature in the works of Lermontov is animated, full of mysterious life.

landscape sketches as a significant part of the lyrics

in landscape lyric poet meet a variety of constantly changing moods.It is present autumnal sadness, aching regret the departure of summer.In autumn motifs penetrate quite sad notes of "gloomy green fir trees", "yellow leaves", "dull month."Another thing - a poem glorifying the spring: "Lily of the Valley Silver friendly nods," "fresh forest roars with the sound of wind."Instead of sorrow and sadness of seeing beauty gloomy autumn comes joy, erasing all the excitement and anxiety.

One of the main motives lyric

genius of poetry dedicated to the theme of the poet and impressive part of his work.The theme in the work of the poet Lermontov, his loneliness at some point it becomes the main motive.The juxtaposition of the crowd and the social stigma of lyrical, tragic and eternal loneliness are the main idea of ​​poems "Death of a Poet", "The Poet."

first work played a crucial role in the fate of a creator, became the cause of his political exile in the Caucasus, because he, like Pushkin, dared to condemn the ruling power.Several otherwise disclosed theme of poetry and the poet's verse, "The Poet", it extended the reader can see the continuation of the lyrical and romantic conception of man.Lermontov exposes to the reader some opposition typecasting two poets: the author, the crowd waited on their creativity and the creator of what it is in the ideal writer.The opposition presented a metaphor in a poem - a rusty dagger.This method of concurrency constructs the reader an optimistic light image of the prophet, who is a symbol of civic poetry in general.

amorous feelings

would be appropriate in an essay on the works of Lermontov turn tragic love lyric poet.Love is filled with the author's melancholy, sad attendant circumstances, heavy feeling.The poet wrote often about unrequited, unhappy feeling about infidelity favorite, can not appreciate his lofty aspirations.This is largely due to the tragic circumstances of his personal life genius.The proof of this statement can serve as a poem, "I am not inferior to you."

Ingenious creative spirit

Lyric Lermontov is considered one of the most significant and controversial in Russian literature.His works of the poet was erected in the high status of the genius of the creative spirit, exalted, and described himself as the creator in his lyrics.Brilliant poet deservedly considered a worthy successor of the ASPushkin is in questions about the purpose of the poet and his poetry, which is to actively respond to the needs of our time.