"Le Corsaire" Byron summary.

"Le Corsaire" Byron - a work written in 1814.It develops the genre as a romantic poem."Le Corsaire" Byron wrote in iambic rhyme.In this article we briefly describe the content of the work.The poem "The Corsair" consists of three songs.Each of them will be represented by us.

first song

The work begins as follows.Pirates feast on the island.Their kingdom - over the infinite foamy wave.Joy - fight the storm.They do not know the fear of death they are bored because she pirates quickly, tearing the soul instantly communicate with the world as it is sung in their song.Conrad - the leader of the pirates.He knows only the order, sparing of speech.The hand of the hero is hard, sharp-sighted eye and sharp.Conrad behaves as righteous, - it is not involved in the feasts, not to eat sumptuous food is the enemy of all the sensual - is simple and harsh.Pirates he enjoys enormous prestige.None of them, not only does not dare to challenge the orders of their commander, but he did not bother to no particular reason


Familiarity with the main character

"Le Corsaire" Byron continues.Here the pirates away notice the ship.It turned out soon that it is a pirate brig, going under the blood-red flag.They brought good news arrived.Greek spy, writes that finally got a great opportunity to rob a rich fleet of the Turkish pasha.Conrad, after reading his message, decides to hit the road immediately.He orders the team to prepare for battle, check weapons.No one dares to argue with Conrad.The author describes this skilful strategist, ruler of souls from all the secret disunion.The hero of this has not always been a pirate.The reason for his current anger of the world lies in the past.Conrad was wise, but the light thought otherwise, the port it to their training.The hero did not want to accept it, to drag out a miserable life.It is for this was too proud.Nor could he be humiliated in front of others.

Love Conrad

Conrad is subject to a single passion - love.He loves mutually happily Medora, while ignoring the many beautiful captives living on the island of pirates.Before dangerous journey he is about to say goodbye to the beloved, so sent her to the castle.The room Medora hero hears a sad song.She sings about love for Conrad, who knows no peace, because beloved must constantly leave and Medora lives, forever fearing for the life of a pirate.She dreams of one day in the peace building peace will bring them.She wonders about why her tender lover so cruel to people.He says Medora, he had to hit the road again.She is upset, invites her lover at least taste the celebratory meal together.The hero, however, can not stay.It is time to act: he hears the signals gun.Conrad leaves, kiss the girl.Medora, left alone, crying.


battle continues "Le Corsaire" Byron.The hero returns to the ship.He does not want to lose the honor due to the "women's sufferings."Again, it turns into a resolute commander, manages, gives orders to comrades three days waiting for them on the victory feast.Conrad reveals the charts, looks through a telescope by referring to them, suddenly notices galley Turkish fleet.But the hero unmoved.It calls for calm fellow, saying that it is time to start the massacre.

second song

now describe the second song of the work that made Byron ("Corsair").Summary of events following it.Seid Pasha in honor of the future of their victories made a feast.He wants to beat the pirates to seize a prisoner of the pirates, and then divide the booty among his people.It gathered under its banner a lot of Muslims.Lead to Seyid Dervish Pasha, who escaped from a pirate ship.He is dressed as Conrad.It takes him to interrogate Seid Pasha.But if stalling dervish.He says that he is worthless spy, as his gaze directed only to escape.Pirates, according to the dervish, careless and stupid.The guards woke him escape thus, pr and navy Pasha.Last disguised Conrad manages to feed, but he does not eat anything, explaining that this is his vow.After all, if he will partake of the pleasures of life, the Prophet conceals his way to Mecca.But it seems from the outside, that the convict to work and post it behaves strange that says Byron ("Corsair").Heroes pirates at this time attacking the Turks, turning the flight, caught off guard.

Victory and defeat

Conrad rips clothes dervish and is shown as the demon of evil.Heroically fought the pirate himself Pasha before it departs, forgetting about the harem.Prevents Conrad offend women, saying that pirates are born to die and kill, but the gentle sex have always spared.He himself takes Gulnar, decoration harem.Seid Pasha knows how little pirates.He feels ashamed that this squad was able to defeat him, and he orders to attack.Far more Muslims and therefore a detachment of pirates soon interrupted almost all, only some manage to escape.Conrad captured.

Love Gulnar

in a safe place that the pirate hid Gulnar.She thinks that the robber in the blood seems to her more gently than in love Seid.She understands that the last saved only himself, and Conrad is primarily cared about women.Agonizing death decides to execute this pirate Seid Pasha.He thinks that to put on a stake and conclude overnight in jail.Single, Conrad defeated, but the will was able to breathe in the chest with his courage.Prisoner in chains, held with dignity.

continues to talk about further developments Byron ("Corsair").Summary of the following.By Conrad night sneaks Gulnar.She thanked for the salvation of the pirate.Unable to respond in kind, it promises to be influenced by her feminine charms to Seid Pasha, thereby pulling at least a day penalty.Conrad says Gulnar about Medora, their mutual love, says he is not afraid of death, but did not want to bring your favorite mountain.He asks the girl about whether she loved his master.She says that he is indifferent to her.

third song

George Gordon Byron admires the sunset over the islands of Greece.His heart was ever given to Athens.

"Le Corsaire" (Byron) proceeds as follows obazom.Miraculously surviving pirates come to Medora, tell her that Conrad found himself a prisoner.She took the blows restraint, without shouting and tears.Learn more, Medora loses consciousness.Friends pirate care about her, and then tell us to stay together Conrad Anselmo about the incident.He wants to go to rescue from captivity of pirates, and if he has already died, then to avenge his death.

Gulnar wants to soften Pasha, convinced that he would benefit from not punishing this pirate.After all, he knows where the untold riches, and be able to seize them.But adamant Pasha.Treasure was not interested.Pasha agrees to postpone the day of the massacre, but only in order to have more time and come up with a new penalty, even more sophisticated.Gulnar he humiliates, suspecting that she was not just standing up for Conrad, reminds her that her life was in his power.

Murder Seid Pasha

Gulnar aware that is only thing in the hands of Seid Pasha.At midnight the girl came to the Corsairs, bribing guards, kill persuades pirate lord (bring a knife for this) and escape together.Again Conrad refuses sword - his gun, not a knife, and he does not want to attack from the corner at night.Pirate understands that deserve punishment, as much sinned.It calls for a Woman to leave it, to be happy, not to spoil the murder of her life.Gulnara says that ghostly her welfare at Pasha - at any time, it can bother him.She decides to kill Seid, and if you can not do it, then die on the scaffold with Conrad.Exit Gulnar.

Conrad discovers in his prison door is not locked.He walks through the palace by night, picking up the shackles sees Gulnar.She turns around and sees a pirate stigma on the forehead of her murder.It seems that with him gone beauty.Gulnar reports that gather people, that it expects to ship.It displays his secret move ashore.Gulnar while sailing notices that his oledenely, empty eyes - like a death sentence.She cries, but Conrad did not blame her, but rather blames himself that says Byron ("Corsair").Analysis of the internal motivation of heroes author spends quite deep.Meet them moving ship Anselmo and his comrades, who were going to release him.All happily go back.Gulnar not told that she rescued Conrad.Conrad knows that it will destroy the sky, but spared her.He hugs, kisses her, knowing that Medora would forgive that kiss.

Death Medora

ship swam to the island.Conrad does not see the light in the window of Medora.He goes to her and sees that she is dead.Pirate understands that this is punishment for sins.Medora go to heaven, and Conrad closed the road there, and they no longer see.He is crying.

Anselmo morning the girl enters the room.But the leader of the disappeared.Nobody knows since he is alive or not.The glory of this pirate lives for centuries, as well as the glory which their creativity has earned George Gordon Byron.