"Children of blue flamingo": summary.

Krapivin Vladislav Petrovich was born in Tyumen in 1938, in a family of teachers.He discovered at an early age in his ability to create interesting stories and told them in a circle of peers.Literary works of the future writer began to build when he studied at the University at the Faculty of Journalism.The first critics and readers of this author was his mother.

In this article, we will present one of the works of Vladislav Petrovich Krapivin, his summary."Children of blue flamingo" - part of the cycle "Flying fairy tale" story, created by the artist in 1980.On it, we'll talk.

main works of the author's first book

Vladislav Petrovich appeared in 1962.It was called "Flight" Orion ". Two years later, in 1964, the author became a member of the Writers' Union.

first novel Krapivin Vladislav Petrovich appeared in the 60s of last century. The main characters of - knights anddreamers, loyal friends, older brothers, kind, sincere, sympathetic. In 70-80s Krapivin pushes the boundaries of the world

of reality, referring to the fairy tale and fantasy. "Children of blue flamingo" - a fairy-tale story. Here are the main features of it.

"Children of blue flamingo": what this story

Artwork "Children of blue flamingo," is a social tragedy, philosophical parable, dystopia, book-grotesque ... This work takes on volume of about 130 pages. The main issue raisedin the product, as follows: "How can you beat a terrible monster, holding at bay all the inhabitants of some of the island, which is at the same time the existence of the law?" Fear - This is the first foundation of all our lives.We are born with it, the fear passes all human existence.He has many names, from "global warming" to "terrorism."

fear into the heart of man

order to objectified fear of living as long as possible in the human heart, it should be as often as possible to pull some kind of a symbol for all to see, like a scarecrow: here again washed village in Micronesia, here again blew up the house "alkaida"... Residents should always be afraid.

How to strike the hearts of the Lizard?This book is about what monsters are some of the people.And another is so simple and easy to comply, look at his feet and not toward the sky.

Stores "balance of order" octopus not only in public but also in the personal life of the islanders.It is a tool of intimidation.The motive of fear in this tale has two plans: is the fear of the destruction of physical punishment, provoked by the existence of the terrible lizards, but at the same time, this fear of being finally free.Living in a limited, confined space Islanders lack of courage inherent in youth.Call them is clear: children should be kept in fear.

Summary."Children of blue flamingo": beginning of the story

The protagonist after the game with his friends back home, to his grandmother as his parents are on a business trip.To him the road comes a man who talks about an island, invisible, not inflicted on any map of the world.It supposedly ruled by terrible lizards.Hero offers to go with him to the island, in order to fight with the villain and release local people.

Zhenya Ushakov sent to the island

continues to describe the summary."Children of blue flamingo" - the story that will appeal to virtually all readers.Zhenya Ushakov (the name of the boy) agrees and sails to the island with a stranger, whose name was Ktorov Echo.It turns out that Raptor - a huge robot, which is made in the image of an octopus.Jack escapes, but he is caught, tried, and is about to be executed.

Suddenly, the boy rescues a blue bird, which it while fleeing from the monster helped save her chicks.It carries Eugene in the old fort, which hide a few other children.It turns out that the island has no girls and boys, because once kids become adults.Only in the castle lived a young man named Doug.

Jack meets Julia

continues to describe the summary."Children of blue flamingo" continue such events.The soldiers find refuge children.This servant of the Lizard, who want to grab them, but children with this same birds have time to fly.Only Doug killed and then killed them and saved the Blue Bird.Eugene knows the fortress among other boy children Julia, whom he knew in the real world.On it everyone thought that the boy drowned.In the story "Children of blue flamingo" heroes of these friends.They succeeded after the boys escaped from the fortress, find the remote that controls the Lizard, and kill the monster.

boys find out who is Ktorov Echo

After that, they are going to kill as Tahomira Quietly, the ruler of the island.It turns out that Ekho Ktorov and Tahomir - the same person who offers the boys to fly away in a balloon.At the last moment he changed his mind and made Julia Zhenya cunning fly.In our world, after some time it has found another Blue Bird, which was dead chick.

continuing work that has created Krapivin."Children of blue flamingo" tell more about such events.With this new bird friend Zhenya Shreds together with the main character returns to the island to fight with the ruler and the servants of the Lizard.They do it, and they all go home, where Julia sees her grief prematurely aged parents.

At the end product of events that created Krapivin."Children of blue flamingo" has an optimistic ending, and this is no accident.As in any fairy tale, certainly good triumphs over evil.The author also believes that the work should teach cooperation and friendship between children and adults.

"Legend of the island DVIEW"

In 2010, the story "Children of blue flamingo" was filmed.According to it, he made a film called "The Legend of the island DVIEW."The author, however, is said about this picture skeptical criticized in a number of key moments of the film.

We told you about the story "Children of blue flamingo."Its content is really very interesting, so we recommend everyone to read this work Vladislav Petrovich Krapivin.