The poem "Railway": An Analysis.

In this article we will look at a poem written by Nikolai in 1864, will conduct its analysis."Railway" (Nekrasov) - a work that is poetic, not only because of the brightness of the pictures produced, the charm of landscapes.It is thus primarily due to the fact that the property is an internal measure of poetry, in which all evaluated in this work.

landscape in the poem

landscape depicted in the poem - is a special kind of poetry.The author refers to a time - fall, and with it the use of the phrase "vigorous air" - bold claim, which seems to be the connection breaks with the tradition of describing this time of year in Russian poetry.Nature, calling it sleep and not sleep worth a lot.Tired of a peasant people want to relax, to escape into the wild.But not to find bliss in the truth, just to sleep.

Scope poetic

not disappear with the poetic sphere, on the contrary, it expands.The surrounding world is depicted lyrically, even uncharacteristic tradition subjects: mossy hummocks and stumps, ice,

"like melting sugar."Nekrasov's poem will open in nature.Not only inside the car, but outside of it, and we swallow the healing air that invigorates "tired force."Near the forest, you can sleep, if "soft bed" - are passed to the communion of nature almost physical, not Tiutchev, highest sense, and in the most direct, immediate, but in its own way high.Not prozairuet Nekrasov poetry, but rather poeticizes all prosaic.He says that all know "darling Rus" - as if it incorporates into itself.

composition works

continue our analysis."Railway" (Nekrasov) is divided into several parts.The first one sets the description of the nature of the perception of its importance.In the introduction audible tone motifs and folk songs.Here - "icy stream", "darling Rus".The people who will tell about yourself a little later, already presented here.Through the poet and in it he expresses himself.

Unity parts

It should be noted the internal unity of the first and second part of this work.This is not a contrast, as one might think.And that is another picture of the poetic.Amazing dream seen Vanya - liberates convention, giving the opportunity to observe many things that can not be found in everyday life.This motif is often used in Russian literature, and to Nekrasov.Recall, for example, Chernyshevsky Radishchev.In Z's dream stops are only partially motivated.It is a striking phenomenon, which is unusual and easily combined with a poetic impressionism realistic images.This dream is not described for the identification of some subconscious states, but it never ceases to be itself a subconscious phenomenon.What is happening, we have to be just a dream, or rather, in an atmosphere of unusual doze.The narrator of something tells us all the time, and the boy sees something disturbed their childish imagination, and a lot more of what was told him.The interviewee says Wani bones, and here they are, like in a romantic fairy tale come to life;It tells about the hard lives of some people, and they sang the boy a terrible song.Come to your senses, awakened by Vanya could not understand where reality and which dream.

motif of sleep in the product

continue our analysis."Railway" (Nekrasov) - a work in which not accidentally included the motif of sleep.Sleeping boy has been prepared in part the scenery entry, this moonlit night.The element of its description also appears in the second part."Shining moon" just happen again, anticipating sleep.

poet Nekrasov does not, however, Nekrasov painters add to the product of any excess paint, as it seeks to focus, almost hypnotic, her poetry.

with the boys we plunge into the atmosphere of doze, drowsiness.The story is built not only as a story about the truth of life, but also as a fairy tale, facing the Van.

From fabulous scope and artlessness is already the very first images of the product: enormous work, he alone "is not on the shoulder," is the king of the world, which is merciless, and the name of it - hunger.

ballad sleep

There is still a dream.Only the train, road, slumbering boy, and that's why the only time to interrupt the story, connecting it to the rhythm of the road, he seemed to lull, and then begins Vanin sleep, which is described as a ballad.Dead, grinding his teeth, strange song, the moon - are typical of the ballad poetics accessories.They are gathering in the first stanza, and thus enhance the feeling of a dream, as the analysis of the product "Railway" (Nekrasov).It emphasizes the ballad as if declaring high romantic tradition, in which the story will be about the people passing in the song.

Two people

continue our analysis."Railway" (Nekrasov) - a work that shows two people, and, therefore, given two different attitudes towards it.There is outrage, but at the same time tenderness.The people described in the poetic essence of the moral and servile passivity that causes the author bitter irony.

analysis of the poem "Railway" (Nekrasov) suggests that the phenomenon in a dream image of the people - an unusually large-scale and tragic.With the story of the Belarusians, its description, it becomes like dispassionate dryness, in which lies the premise of a new explosion of lyrical pathos.A sketch ends with the words, that he had not straightened his back, silent and mechanical hammer frozen ground with a shovel.This work is called "noble".But what may at first glance seem a logical inconsistency, drowning in a stream of enthusiasm of national labor, this indicates that the author is far from the enthusiasm and thinks little about exposing people.

analysis of the verse, "Railroad" Nekrasov thus shows that in the first part of the work describes the reality, the second - a dream, but there is also something that unites them: the poetry of nature, perceived in a national poetry feat, andsuffering.In the third part of the reality again.Waking up suddenly, the transition is sharp.Oh it does not say.We just woken sounds, whistle, "vzvizgnuvshim."Disturbed sleep, but his poetry is preserved.

This concludes our analysis of the poem "Railway" (Nekrasov).We have identified only the main points.Think about your own product, and you will surely find other interesting features of this poem, and be able to conduct their own analysis."Railway" (Nekrasov), 6th grade school - a first encounter with the work.At this time, not yet studied detailed biography of the author, some of the artistic features of the poem.But over time, we begin to understand better this creation, conducting its analysis."Railway" (Nekrasov) - 7th grade school - a detailed consideration at the level of the curriculum.But after a number of years, revealing a collection of Nikolai, we have a new way to read his lines.