List of products Garshina.

works of VM Garshin known to the modern reader since school years.His tales for children are considered a model of world literature.


writer VM Garshin was born in 1855 into a noble family.It was the birthplace of his parents' estate in Ekaterinoslav province.The mother and father - come from military families.His father was himself an officer who participated in the Crimean War.His mother was active public and political activity, as the party of the revolutionary-democratic movement.

In childhood the future writer had to endure heavy psychological drama.It was the result of difficult relations between the boy's parents.Family life ended in divorce and leaving their mother.

Until the age of nine the child lived with his father in the family estate, and later moved to his mother in St. Petersburg, where he began teaching in high school.It is believed that the child she instilled a love of literature.She herself fluent in French and German.The natural desire of the mother was to give his

son a good education.Communication with her helped the early development of consciousness of the child.The formation of such traits as high sense of duty, citizenship, the ability to thin the feeling of the world, too, is a tribute to his mother.

student.Start of literary activity

After successful completion of training in high school the boy goes to the Mountain Institute, where he began his literary career.List of products Garshina opens a satirical essay on the life of the provincials.The foundation works based on real events that the young writer was able to observe in person at the time when he lived in his parents' estate.

a student Garshin was keenly interested in the work of artists of the Wanderers.For this reason, he published many articles devoted to their work.


The events in the country, can not leave aside the young man.Considering himself a hereditary military Garshin is involved in a war that was declared by Russia against Turkey.In one of the fights of the young man he was wounded in the leg and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Even here Garshina list of products continues to grow.The story of "Four days," which was published in "Notes of the Fatherland", written during medical treatment in a military hospital.Following the publication of the name of the young writer became known in literary circles, it has been gaining popularity.After being wounded
Garshin was given a sabbatical and then dismissal from military service.Despite this, the Military was made an officer.

literary activity

After these events, the VM Garshin an opportunity to return to St. Petersburg, where he was warmly received in intellectual circles.He was patronized by such famous writers as Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, GI Uspensky, and others.

as an auditor of a young writer continued his education at St. Petersburg University.List of products Garshina from that moment continued to grow steadily, indicating that his undoubted literary talent.

feature of the literary work of the writer's works

VM Garshin nakedness strikes the reader senses that a writer so masterfully described in his stories, essays.Nobody had doubts that the hero of a work and its author - it is one and the same person.

This idea is gaining ground in the minds of readers another reason that the list of products Garshina became replenished writings, which were in the form of diary entries.They conducted the narration in the first person, very feelings were naked hero, his most intimate secrets and emotional experiences.All this, of course, point to subtle spiritual qualities of the author.Proof of all the above can be found in such works as "coward", "accident", "Artists", and many other stories.

experienced events, the complexity of nature, especially psychic organization led to that VM Garshin developed a disease that must be treated.To do this, he repeatedly placed in a psychiatric hospital, where able to achieve a relative recovery.In connection with these events in the writer's literary activity has been suspended for some time.In the difficult period of life Garshina continued support to friends and loved ones.

works Garshina children

list of products, which today is called the diamond children's literature began to appear when the writer decided to simplifying the language of the narrative.The model served as the stories of Leo Tolstoy, written specifically for young readers.

Garshina works for children, the list of which is not so great, is distinguished by the simplicity of the presentation, a clear structure of the text, fun, novelty, the characters and their actions.After reading the stories, the reader is always possible to speculate, bet to draw certain conclusions.This helps a person to move forward in its development.

It should be noted that the tales Garshina interesting not only for young readers, but also their parents.Adult surprised to discover that the tale has captured him, opening some new aspects of human relations, a different view of life.Total known five works of the writer, which are intended for children's reading: "The Legend of Haggai proud", "The toad and the Rose", "Attalea princeps", "That was not there."Story - "Frog-traveler" - this is the last work of the writer.It has rightly become a favorite children's books, many generations of readers.

Tales Garshina studied in literature classes in elementary and high school.They are included in all operating today school curricula and textbooks.
books with works Vsevolod Garshin reprinted numerous editions, issued in the form of audio recordings.On the motives of his works created animated films, filmstrips, performances.