Copyright tale of Tolstoy.

Copyright Tolstoy tale could not be better suited for family reading.The list includes works that are of interest to preschool children, adolescents and very demanding adult readers.Tales of light, good, really brilliant, as all the work of this outstanding literary figure.

Leo Tolstoy: fairy tales and other works for children

Peruvian writer belongs to a huge number of works.From the variety of genres in which he worked a great master of words, a separate group can be distinguished author Tolstoy's tale.

Their appearance can not be called accidental.The writer was seriously interested in folk art.He talked with tellers, peasants and other ordinary people, is a connoisseur of folklore.According to them he wrote proverbs, folk omens and other works of folklore.So there were in manuscript and later were published tales of Tolstoy in processing.The list of such works is large enough - "Three Bears," "The Wolf and the Goat", "Water and Pearl", "Belka and the Wolf", "Baba and chicken" and several do

zen short stories included in the instructive heritage of the writer.Language tales of Tolstoy distinguished expression, limiting the clarity, which is very important for the consciousness of young readers.Sermons, which are always present in fairy tales, are very short and precise.This helps the child to fully understand and remember the idea works.

Educational activity of the writer

The eventful biography of Leo Tolstoy allocated period when he worked actively in the field of training and education of children.This refers to 1871, when creating a school for peasant children, work begins on creating books for teaching students to read.Published his "ABC" in 1872.Together with the other works in the maintenance of books and authors include tales of Tolstoy.

In 1874, printed an article "On Public Education", and a year later published "New ABC" and four volumes of "Russian books to read."The titles of these books again present a list of Tolstoy's tales.Copyright and treated folk tales, stories were parables acquaint readers with the life of the peasants and ordinary people.List of works included in the collections, very large.The best known are the following: "Swans", "kitten", "rabbit", "The Tsar and shirt," "Righteous Judge", "Girl and robbers", "award", "The Lion and the dog," "Like wolves teach their children" and others.Along with books Konstantin Ushinsky collections of Leo Tolstoy for a long time is the only book which taught children to read.Their popularity was so high that they have stood more than thirty editions.Books sold millions of copies in all provinces of Russia.

Publisher "mediator"

In 1884, Leo Tolstoy, obsessed with education of the common people, decided to open a special publishing house, where published works for popular reading.The innovative idea was brought to life.Publishing started to work and became known as "mediator".

Especially for this project were written by the author's tales of Tolstoy Leo Tolstoy - "Two brothers and gold", "How Much Land Does a Man Need?", "Ilyas", "The Tale of Ivan the Fool," "Where is the love, there is a god, "" miss the fire - do not extinguish, "" Two old man "," candle "and many others.As you can see, the list is not limited to fairy tales, fables are included here were, stories, parables.

writer's attitude towards children's literature

Author Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy's tale still are models of literature, not only in Russia but also worldwide.First of all, it has become possible thanks to the unique talent of the writer.

But do not lose sight of the fact, as Tolstoy belonged to compose works for children.Short tales he wrote, pondering every word.Often he had to rewrite them several times.For any of its narrative, except for the description of some events or facts of life, and morality is still contained, it was of educational nature.The result of hard work of the writer is the emergence of a whole library of works for children by reading them brought hard work, kindness, courage, honesty and other positive character traits of the little man.

Leo Tolstoy - a connoisseur of the human soul

analyzing the content and the list of Tolstoy's tales (copyrights and told people they work), it is easy to conclude that the author created them with the knowledge of features of the human soul.Gently, he correctly simulates the behavior of a small citizen and an adult gives competent advice on child-rearing.Nemudrenyh simple stories that are described in his writings, always end so that people want to express their own attitude to the characters and their actions.The author is not difficult to draw a conclusion, but he purposely for this work draws the reader that in some way becomes a co-author of the great masters of Russian words.

Reviews modern readers

According to adult readers, author Tolstoy tales need to be in terms of children's reading.They teach only what is good, the content is educational in nature.Despite the fact that the works were written more than a hundred years ago, the language concepts of modern fairy tales for children.Furthermore, the texts of fairy tales - the perfect material for the child's mastery of the technique of reading.

child reading a fairy tale suddenly becomes aware that any lie is revealed sooner or later, the man who had lied brings shame and psychological suffering.Or, conversely, making a good deed today, you care about your future.After the tree is planted sometime begin to bear fruit and to feed not only the one who raised him, but other people.Truth advocated by Leo Tolstoy, are eternal.That is why his works do not lose their relevance and a hundred years after his birth.