The image of St. Petersburg in the story "The Overcoat."

Gogol, perhaps, is the most mysterious writer of the 19th century.His works often mystical content quite fascinating, sometimes frightening.Even in realistic novels and short stories writer, skillfully weaves fantastic element.A striking example of such a combination are novel Petersburg.It would not be wrong to say that central to these is the image of St. Petersburg.In the story "The Overcoat," the writer describes in detail the streets of this city and its residents.In his interpretation of this city is moving closer to the tradition of Gogol, Dostoevsky, exposing all of the negative side of St. Petersburg.

Gogol's "Overcoat": the main character, the content

The protagonist of the story - Akaky Bashmachkin.He is the titular counselor scored and zashugannyh superiors and colleagues.Gogol dwells on how Bashmachkin was born, how he chose the name.Every father was Akaki, the son will be named.The parents knew in advance that he will be a titular councilor.This predetermination stresses that Akaky - l

ittle man who can not affect any life or other people.Above him brutally bullied colleagues, pour it on his head paper, and he can not say anything.

main theme of the story "The Overcoat" - a replacement of all the spiritual in the human material.Even the name of the hero points to this.Akaky obsessed to repair his coat, but Taylor refuses.Then he decides to save money for a new one.And now his dream has come true.The new overcoat he finally noticed even invited to visit one chief clerk.Finally Akaky I felt full.But on the way back from him he tore his new attire.He was at that moment it seemed as if the clothes are not removed, and a part of it.Heartbroken hero decides to go to a "significant person", but he yells at him.After this incident, have Bashmachkin deteriorating health, he mereschatsya strange visions.As a result, the hero dies.And on the streets walking around a ghost that breaks overcoat with passers-by.


tale image of St. Petersburg in the story "The Overcoat" is very important not only for understanding the work itself, but also to understand the plan of the entire cycle of "Petersburg stories".City pages fantasmagorichen novel and unnatural.It resembles a ghost town.In such a situation can not be a full human life, it can only be pointless and useless existence.Gogol describes porches and houses of St. Petersburg, especially dwells on the country, the caustic smell.The image of St. Petersburg in the story "The Overcoat" is close to how it appears in the novel "Crime and Punishment."Dostoevsky also wrote about Peter characteristic "stink".However, Dostoevsky's no mystical element in its description.

motive of hostility city

From the outset, it seems that the city wants to kick people, he rejects them.But not all.The first to suffer like Akaky.The enemy of all officials with the meager salary - Petersburg frost.Chill in the story also symbolizes the space of death, especially the spiritual.After all, none of the people around Bashmachkin nor he himself has no other interest but to things.

described in detail cityscape when Bashmachkin sent to a tailor to fix his coat.Ceremonial rich porches contrast with smelly, messy black homes steps of the poor.The hero is lost in the crowded St. Petersburg, he does not have his face.From this perspective, it is important to the description of the portrait of the hero, which was given at the beginning of the story.It is not high and low, the person is not evil and not fat, that is nothing concrete author mentions, thus showing that the hero does not have any distinguishing features, it is faceless, because he practically does not cause sympathy.

Live Petersburg

Incarnation - another method, which uses Gogol."The Overcoat" is rightly considered to be the central story in the cycle, it is here (as in "Nevsky Prospect") if the city becomes the protagonist.After the death of the hero "Petersburg was left without Akakievich."But surprisingly, no one noticed.Lost creature that nobody wanted.

But in the city, with respect to which Gogol uses the same words as a living being, not the people go, and collars, overcoats, coats.The motive of materiality is important for all stories in this series.

feature of the urban landscape in the story

Petersburg image first appeared on the pages of Gogol's prose even in the story "The Night Before Christmas."From the beginning, the town became a space contrasted Ukraine, to be exact, Dikanka.Already here Petersburg - it is a living city, staring at the fiery eyes of the hero home.Over the years of his life in St. Petersburg, Gogol became more clearly distinguish between the splendor and beauty of the palaces of inhumanity, greed and predatory nature of the people inhabiting it.With

description cityscape closely connected main idea of ​​the story "The Overcoat."Gogol drew social contrasts of this city, raised the issue of the downtrodden, disenfranchised people suffering.Anecdote about a poor clerk he heard from his friends, the story much sunk into the soul of the writer, and he decided to create a work in which is reflected all his compassion for the little man, such as Bashmachkin.

Author score in the story

Despite all the sympathy, Gogol's "The Overcoat" is ironic.The author makes his hero poor.After all, he's not just a good, quiet, soft and spineless, it is pathetic.He can not oppose his colleagues, he is afraid of the authorities.In addition, it also can not do anything but to rewrite it.Higher positions - rewrite, making corrections, - Akaki Akakiyevich not like it, he rejects her.Gogol This shows that the hero himself does not particularly seek to get out of their lowly status.With obvious sarcasm author speaks about how Bashmachkin obsessed with the acquisition overcoat, if it is not a thing, and the goal of his life.What kind of life in which the main idea - to buy an overcoat?

Lack of spirituality in the story

Perhaps this is the main motive to which boil down all the threads of the story, including the image of St. Petersburg.In the story "The Overcoat" is bright and clear lack of spirituality emerges protagonist.He can not even speak, he speaks with some prepositions and interjections that it highlights the lack of mind and soul.He is so obsessed with the acquisition overcoat that she becomes his idol.Colleagues Akaky cruel, unable to sympathize.Bosses revels in his power and is ready to break any for disobedience.And the place is arranged Bashmachkin new titular counselor about which Gogol says only that his handwriting is higher and more inclined.


Thus, Gogol's "The Overcoat" is a prime example of the grotesque phantasmagoric works with fantastic elements.And mysticism is associated not only with the appearance of the end product of a ghost, but the city itself, which rejects the people hostile to it.Petersburg in the story "The Overcoat" is designed to show the author's estimation, and also helps to understand the basic idea of ​​the work.It is due to the description of the urban landscape, the reader is aware of the cruelty, brutality, callousness environment in which there are miserable people like Akaki Akievich Bashmachkin.