"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer": reviews.

beginning of this amazing book everyone remembers from his childhood: "Tom!No answer.- Tom!No answer.- Surprisingly, where he could disappear this boy! ".Already read the first lines, I want to know who this tomboy what he had done and how will manage to get out of this situation.

However, the 21st century has given an eight-year children a lot of interesting and entice them reading a book - not an easy task.

"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", reviews

All that will be said about this product, you can combine words such as "funny", "humor", "adventure".The book can rightly be called one of the best creations of Mark Twain.

plot of the novel describes the life of the southern provincial American town of St. Petersburg in the 19th century, before the Civil War.

The protagonist of the book - a charming boy, Tom Sawyer, inventor and daredevil.The adventure, he often gets with his friend, an orphan boy of Huckleberry Finn.Tom is in love with a charming girl, Becky, and hates his half-brother Sid, whom

he always puts the example of Aunt Polly.

This work has received more than a rave review.The book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" in Soviet times stood on the shelves of almost every family.

By the way, Tom Sawyer was not very positive example for future pioneers, because he did not like school, and his talent for writing applied very peculiar: it is so exciting and aunt told the comrades that had happened to him, which is alwaysartless elderly lady urged the veracity of his words, and became the idol of his friends.

How did Tom Sawyer

How appeared the charismatic boy who created the Mark Twain?"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," reviews many readers suggest it - a work where the basis of the nature of the main character traits were used three guys with whom the author had to communicate.For this reason it is easy to explain the contradictions in the character of the character: for all its restlessness, for example, he loved to read.

Also, there is speculation that Tom Sawyer was the prototype of the author and his friends of childhood.

name of the character of Mark Twain allegedly borrowed from a real person - Thomas Sawyer, whom he met in California.

Why book popular with many generations

book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" - a classic of children's literature, that is, its pattern.Why is a novel written more than a hundred years ago, this day is popular?

Artwork "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", reviews of which permeated delight many people will not lose their relevance for the following reasons.

First, the book is distinguished humor that makes even the adults laugh at the antics of the boy.

Second, the book is characterized by sincerity, and the child is known to not be fooled if he only he did not want to.The author achieves this effect because of the veracity of the events that have become the basis for the plot.

Third, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", reader feedback on this point, the plot is unusually bright.The book is written by an unusually lively and entertaining.The novel, in addition to the main climax, shaking that is permeated by some small climax, forcing us to read it, even when the clock shows for a long time after midnight.

Fourth, despite the fact that Mark Twain did not belong to the people who diligently attended church, his work will undoubtedly be called moral.Hostility to religion author of the novel due to its negative attitude towards bigotry in American society at the time.Tom Sawyer also did not like the classes in Sunday school, but it was a conscientious boy, as indicated, for example, its state before the court session on Meffom Potter, whom he eventually saves from the gallows.

«The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."Musical.Reviews

This book is so well remembered the children that, even as adults, they can not forget about the little brats and help present the younger generation to get acquainted with their favorite hero.Composer Viktor Semenov certainly made a memorable experience from childhood about this novel, because only bright emotions could be the foundation for the creation of living and catchy tunes for the musical.

adult viewers who were lucky enough to hear the musical performance of the book, noted that it helped them remember the adventures of restless boys relive them again and, of course, look at the work of Mark Twain in a new way.

Children certainly delighted with the musical version of the novel.Right on the scene in front of them the protagonist of the book come to life, which is lived in America of the thirties of the nineteenth century - Tom Sawyer.Small audience once it becomes clear that he is resourceful, curious, lazy, but his sympathetic heart, imagination and honest soul.

No child will not remain indifferent to the amazing adventures of the hero and his best friend Huckleberry Finn, to go together to the island of Jackson.Tom and Huck will wander through the cave Douglas and tell you how you can reduce warts dead cats.

all young beauties, of course, fall under the spell of the main character and be a little jealous of Becky Thatcher, Tom fell in love.

This musical will be interesting to young viewers from 6 years and adults, because they will be able to once again plunge into the atmosphere of a distant and exciting childhood.

«The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" at the theater

History of American boys are not spared and the childhood of those who are now engaged in performances of Russian Academic Youth Theater (Ramtha)."The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", comments may be proof of that, and enthralls children and adults.

this American boy - an absolutely unique character, which was interesting to watch the audience.Artist Tom as accurately conveys the extraordinary traits of teenagers of 12-14 years: the energy, ingenuity, love of adventure.Artists Theatre Ramtha help young viewers to plunge into an unforgettable journey through the time in the lives of children there was no Internet, social networks, computer games, and they could find happiness in the most ordinary things, and see the adventure where it at first glanceeven in the head would not come to look for.

role of Tom Sawyer in the theater Ramtha brilliantly by Aleksey Bobrov, and in the second part of - Prohor Chekhov, which transmits the character of this wonderful character no less accurately and skillfully.

It should be noted that the responses show "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer gets always the best, and this production is a huge success with young viewers.

«The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" in the domestic film

The film, released in 1981, looked all Soviet children.When he was shown on television, any child aged seven to thirteen years it was impossible to see on the street.

It's a real classic of children's films, which is based, oddly enough, it is the novel by American writer.

«The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" in foreign cinema

screen adaptation of the 2011 German director Hermine Huntgeburh novel "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" reviews say it is also very successful.The film is very good for family viewing.Many who saw the screen version, want to see her again.

What book can teach adults

modern age with its rapid rhythm dictates that we need to be optimistic and to find a way out of any situation.If we imagine that Tom Sawyer grew up, then it could well turn out successful entrepreneur: which is only painting the fence, he was able to pay for themselves in a profitable venture.

But the most important thing is that, having re-read this book, you may be able to once again plunge into the sun, mischievous, cheerful childhood where everyone wants to go back for a moment.