Nikolai Gogol, "Diary of a Madman": a summary of the plot

Creativity Gogol most significant impact on the literature of the XIX century.He had a peculiar vision of the world - a fantastic, mystical, satirical, grotesque.The product of "Diary of a Madman" shows life as if through a distorting mirror, allowing a completely different angle to consider the processes taking place in that society.Due to this different evaluated many manifestations of it that often elude human attention.

story "Diary of a Madman" - one of the most tragic works from the series "St. Petersburg Stories."Here, almost all the characters, or mad, or die in an unequal struggle against a brutal reality.All this fills Gogol "Diary of a Madman."Summary of the work, of course, does not give the full amount of sensations.That is why you should definitely read the original text.

Gogol, "Diary of a Madman."Summary

protagonist of the product - 42-year-old Ivanovic Aksenty Poprischin - working in the St. Petersburg department of the titular counselor.For the past four months, he leads his s

trange record.One rainy day, Tuesday, October 3, 1833, he went into the service in hopes to ask the treasurer salary advance.The weather was nasty, there was a rain.Suddenly Poprischin saw near the store, he passed, stopped the coach, from which fluttered like a bird, daughter Sophie Director of the Department.He seemed suddenly wrapped himself and his shy appearance, overcoat, it was his old style, and the filthy mire of the streets.

Dog Magee

dog barely did not have time to drop in to the store for the mistress and remained on the street.Aksenty Ivanovich learned this little dog, her name was Megan.At that moment passed by another lady with a dog named Fidel, which was sniffing Magee and something spoke to her kindly.Poprischin surprised that he understands dog language.But then he found her in the scientific explanation, as already in the newspapers once read about such miracles, talking about the fish and the cow.

He was more interested in the fact that his girlfriend Megan questioned about his writings.This fact is very intrigued by the titular counselor, because he believed that writing can only nobleman, merchants and land people can append only mechanically, without points, commas or syllables.Then Aksenty decided to go for this little dog, and the two ladies to find out where they live, and then find out from Fidel, Magee writes about his mistress.As it turned out, they all live in a house in Zverkov Kokushkin bridge.


The next day he came early in the office of the head to fix it all the feathers.And suddenly face to face, he is faced with his daughter.Sophie asked about her papa and accidentally dropped a handkerchief.Poprischin immediately picked it up and really could not utter a word.Then she quietly left the room.Then the waiter came and said to Aksenty Ivanovic also go home as the chief had already left.

home, he spent almost all the time in bed, writing poems like those of Pushkin.Later in the evening, wrapped in his coat, he went to the chief entrance to once again even glimpse rasprekrasno his daughter.However, this did not happen.

The growing passion

Soon the department noticed a huge passion to her daughter Poprishchin director.And then the head of the department invited him and chastised him for indecent behavior.Aksenty Ivanovich decided that the head just jealous of him because he was 42 years old, he is a gentleman and can later promoted to colonel yet.

Poprischin dreamed of Sophie, so he wanted to look through the keyhole of her room and see how she was there, and what a luxury it lives there.And then it dawned on - he remembered a conversation between two dogs.Then he went to the address and decided to interview Fidel dog.And maybe he will be able to intercept the letter Magee.And so it happened.He went into the house and got to Zverkov floor.The door was opened by a girl with freckles, she was confused by what he saw as Poprischin immediately went to the basket and took it hidden in the paper.The dog tried to bite him, but to no avail.

evening he had enjoyed the correspondence.From there, he learns a lot about his director and his daughter Sophie, for which reason it began to look kammerjunker.Aksenty Ivanovich immediately so upset that tore all the papers to shreds.

Spanish King and the infamous Inquisition

Then a tragedy imbues Gogol "Diary of a Madman."Summary begins to describe the main fateful event.One day, December 5, Poprischin reads the news and learn about the abolition of the Spanish throne, and that is now Donna should ascend the throne.Poprischin thought that the king was gone, and began to look for him, and then all decided that he - the king of Spain, Ferdinand VIII.He even made himself a robe and waited for the Spanish deputies.Stumbling in his thoughts, he had completely forgotten about the time and the work, which was not three weeks.Then all he got there, but when the boss walked, he did not even think to get up, but on paper, which is signed by the director of the department, put the signature - Ferdinand VIII.Then he made his way to the principal's office, where there was Sophie, and told her that she would be happy with him, despite the machinations of the numerous enemies.

Soon Aksentije Ivanovich Poprishchin fired.And after a while it seemed to him that he was his royal retinue arrived, but they were nurses from the madhouse.Then he persuaded himself that he had fallen into the hands of the Inquisition, which tortured him in every way making fun of him.He shaved his head, hit with a stick, and he was shouting about his unwillingness to be the king.

¬ęDiary of a Madman."Analysis

When Nikolai came to St. Petersburg, he learned first hand the plight of civil servants.The story "Diary of a Madman," Gogol wrote in this terrible and crazy city where there is no life of his hero, Aksent'ev Ivanovich Poprischin.After all, he also became a product and victim of this world, as well as many others.

profound meaning full story "Diary of a Madman."Analysis of it gives a complete picture of the time.All confused and biased, trampled justice and reason, which are played out the whole tragedy.All this and "decorate" Gogol "Diary of a Madman."Summary of the work clearly indicates all aspects of social inequality and humiliation perversion of moral principles and rules traumatic thin and fragile psyche Poprishchin.