Ostrovsky's play list, and heroes

Creativity Alexander Ostrovsky deservedly is the pinnacle of Russian drama middle of the XIX century.It is familiar to us from my school.And despite the fact that the plays of Ostrovsky, a list of which is very great, were written in the nineteenth century, they are still relevant today.So what is the merit of the famous playwright and how innovation demonstrated his creativity?

brief biography

Alexander Ostrovsky was born on March 31 (April 12) in 1823 in Moscow on Malaya Ordynka.The childhood of the future playwright passed now serving - merchant district of Moscow.Father playwright Nikolai Fedorovich served as a court solicitor and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps.Therefore Ostrovsky few years he studied to be a lawyer and then by the will of his father entered the court as a scribe.But even then Ostrovsky began to create his first play.Since 1853 the work of the playwright put in St. Petersburg and Moscow.At Alexander Ostrovsky had two wives and six children.

General characteristic
s of creativity and theme of Ostrovsky's plays

Over the years his work has created 47 plays of the dramatist."Poor Bride", "Forest", "Bride", "The Snow Maiden", "Poverty Is No Crime" - all this plays Ostrovsky.The list is very long.Most of the plays - comedies.Not for nothing Ostrovsky went down in history as a great playwright - even in its present dramas ridiculous beginning.

Ostrovsky great merit lies in the fact that he laid down the principles of realism in Russian drama.In his work reflects the very life of the people in all its diversity and natural heroes Ostrovsky's plays - it's all sorts of people: merchants, craftsmen, teachers, officials said.Perhaps the work of Alexander Nikolayevich still close to us, precisely because his characters so realistic, truthful and so much like ourselves.Let's analyze this specific examples of several plays.

Early Works Nikolai Ostrovsky."His people - are numbered»

One debut pieces, to give Ostrovsky universal celebrity, was the comedy "His people - are numbered."Its plot is based on real events which took place from the legal practice of the playwright.

The play portrayed Bol'shova cheating merchant, who declared himself bankrupt, to avoid having to pay the debts, and the response cheating his daughter and son, who refused to help him.There Ostrovsky depicts a patriarchal traditions of everyday life, the characters and the vices of the Moscow merchants.In this play, the playwright sharply raised the issue that the red line has gone through all his work: this is the theme of gradual destruction of patriarchal life works, the transformation of moral values ​​and human relationships themselves.

analysis Ostrovsky's play "Thunderstorm»

play "Thunderstorm" was a turning point, and one of the best works in the works of Ostrovsky.It also shows the contrast between the old patriarchal world and a fundamentally new way of life.The play takes place on the banks of the Volga River in the provincial town Kalinowo.

main heroine Katerina Kabanova lives in the house of her husband and his mother, a widow Kabanihi.She suffers from constant pressure and oppression by the mother-in - a bright representative of the patriarchal world.Katerina is torn between a sense of duty to his family and surging at her feelings for another.It is in turmoil because of his own love her husband, but he can not control himself and agrees to a meeting with Boris.After character repents, her desire for freedom and happiness is faced with well-established moral principles.Catherine, unable to deceive, confessed to the crime and her husband Kabaniha.

She can no longer live in a society dominated by falsehood and tyranny and people are not able to perceive the beauty of the world.My husband loves the heroine Catherine, but can not, like her, to rise up against the oppression of his mother - he was too weak.Beloved, Boris, are not able to change anything, because he can not escape from the power of the patriarchal world.Katerina commits suicide - a protest against the old order, is doomed to destruction.

As for the play Ostrovsky, a list of characters can be divided into two parts.The first will be the representatives of the old world: Kabaniha, Wildlife, Tikhon.In the second - the characters, symbolizing a new beginning: Katerina Boris.


Ostrovsky Alexander Ostrovsky created a gallery of the most diverse characters.Here, officials and merchants, peasants and nobles, teachers and artists - many faces, like life itself.A notable feature of Ostrovsky's drama is it his characters - each character speaks their language, their respective professions and character.It is worth noting the skillful use of playwright folklore: proverbs, songs.As an example, if only the name of Ostrovsky's plays: "Poverty is no crime," "His people - are numbered" and others.

value drama Ostrovsky Russian literature

playwright Alexander Ostrovsky served as a significant step in the formation of the national Russian theater: he created in its present form, and this is undeniable innovation of his work.Ostrovsky, a list of which was short-listed in the beginning, confirmed the triumph of realism in Russian drama, and he entered her history as a unique, original and brilliant master of words.