The image of the old woman Izergil as the basis of artistic integrity of the story Gorky

Gorky's early work is a prime example of the new romanticism.The writer raises principles which are in the past, in the middle of the 19th century.Again becomes relevant exceptional character, which has some special qualities.Such is the image of an old woman Izergil.

Summary story

Artwork "Old Isergil" is a story in the stories.It begins with a description of the nature and the overall situation.The author-narrator is talking to an old woman Izergil, it was she who told him two interesting legends.

Legend of Larry

This is a story about how the world appeared a shadow.Once the strong men of the tribe of the eagle had kidnapped the girl, he lived with her as his wife, and after his death she returned home.The young man, who first caused widespread fear, no different from the people.But he was very proud and despised everyone.He wanted to get his daughter elder, but she rejected him.Furious Larra killed her in cold blood.Nobody could think of a better punishment than to expel Larry.After a while

it turned out that he is immortal.Time and wanderings drained his flesh, in the end it turned into a shadow.Through the story clearly emerges the image of an old woman Izergil.It tells about the events with particular gusto, it seems that she really believes in the authenticity of the story.

history Izergil

In this part of the work is not fictional events, just real life story of an old woman passed many tests, many saw in life.The image of the old woman Izergil very controversial.Her life was so many men that it can easily be condemned.However, the author gladly listen to her story, because there's so much life and energy.She worked as a spinner in his youth, but such a life could not appeal to the mobile girl.As a result, she ran away from home with her lover, but then left him to the other.She lived with Gutsuliya, military, Russian and Polish, with a young Turkish boy ... All she loved, but no one wanted to see after leaving.Simplicity captivating heroine, she never for a moment think about morality, saying only that the person must know the life, to be open to it.Therefore, the life of today's youth it seems wrong.

Legend of Danko

most important in the story - it is the image of Danko.Old Isergil talks about it in the least, speaking with obvious admiration, solemnly and loudly.Danko was from the tribe of strong people.Once they were attacked, people were forced to go to the swamp on one side of which were enemies, but on the other - a dense forest.Fearing for their covenants, people did not go war.They had an idea about how to surrender.But the brave boy Danko led the people through the forest.Hardships were way beyond the power of the tribe, they began to murmur against Danko, they threatened to kill him.But he loved the people that could not make their accusations.He tore his chest and pulled the burning heart (it is ignited by a desire to help).Lighting the way, Danko brought the tribe out of the woods, and he fell dead.But no one noticed.Some "cautious" person stepped on another flaming heart, a spark from him and to this day can be seen in the steppe before the storm.This legend - the anthem of human bravery and courage.It is no exaggeration to say that this was a story in the product is central.

Appearance Izergil

analysis of the image of the old woman Izergil impossible to conduct without describing her appearance.It was so old that the skin was wrinkled and dry, it seemed that it might just break into pieces, so deeply cut through her wrinkles.Not once mentions bitter that her voice sounded hoarse, like the creak, even he was old.All this suggests that the old woman is an example Izergil experience and worldly wisdom.

value image

image of an old woman Izergil significant for understanding the ideological conception of the story.Gorky sought to find in man something special, he was not happy with the way his contemporaries live.His distressed certain inertia, coupled with the desire to achieve the benefits, arrange a "warm" spot and a quiet life.His thought he puts into the mouth of the old woman, who said there was no more than the heroism and fortitude.In addition, the old woman did not understand Russian, because of their seriousness and gloom.It is no accident the writer not only retells the legend and introduces the image of an old woman Izergil.In the stories of Maxim Gorky early period such characters were not uncommon.Makar Chudra, the hero of the story of the same name, expresses a similar opinion about the life of today's youth.He, too old, I have seen a lot in his life and made his presentation on the meaning of human life.

Artistic originality of the story of the old woman image

Izergil significant for the structure and form of the work.Indeed, thanks to this heroine of the story becomes heterogeneous, multi-layered.First we hear the voice of the author-narrator who communicates with Izergil.This uses the artistic style of speech.But when the character comes in, everything changes.New Styles, other locutions.Gorky surprisingly accurate manner possible to copy a simple conversation the old woman.It is because the legend says she Izergil, they become even more interesting.Do not forget that the story met almost all the principles of romanticism.Landscape, which opens the work, - a sea and a desert, a place where there is a strong nature to roam, they symbolize freedom.The night shade, sparks give the situation some mystique.But the main feature of romanticism - three unusual hero.Izergil - the embodiment of vitality.Larra combined in himself all human vices.And Danko - is the personification of courage, kindness and humanity.

Thus, the role played by the image of an old woman Izergil in the same story?The most important thing - that is embedded in its mouth Gorky idea about proper human life in which there is no place narrow framework, limitations, boredom and idleness.