History of creation.

«War and Peace" - a great work.What is the history of the epic novel?Tolstoy himself did not often wondered why life happens, and not otherwise ... Really, why, what and how to flow the creative process of creating the greatest works of all time?After all, his writing took seven long years ...

history of the novel "War and Peace": the first evidence of the beginning of work

in September 1863 in Yasnaya Polyana receive a letter from the father of Sophia Andreevna Tolstoy - AEBursa.He says that the day before they were Lev Nikolayevich long conversation about people's war against Napoleon and the era as a whole - the count is going to start writing a novel dedicated to the great and memorable events in the history of Russia.The mention of this letter is not accidental, since it is considered to be the "first accurate indication of" the beginning of the great Russian writer of the novel "War and Peace."Proof of this is, and another document, dated the same year, a month later: Tolstoy wrote about hi

s new relative concept.It is already included in the work on the novel-epic about the events of the century and up to the 50s.How much moral strength and energy it needs to carry out planned - he says, and how much he already has, he has written and considering everything as he "has never written or thought about."

first idea

History Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace" refers to the fact that the original purpose of the writer was to create a book about the difficult fate of the Decembrists, who returned in 1865 (time of the abolition of serfdom) to their homes after a longyears of exile in Siberia.Soon, however, Tolstoy reconsidered the idea and turned to the historical events of 1825 - the time of the revolt of the Decembrists.As a result, and this idea has been abandoned: the youth of the protagonist held against the backdrop of World War II in 1912, a terrible and glorious pores for the entire Russian people, which, in turn, was another link in the chain of events in 1805.To tell Tolstoy decided to start from the very beginning - the beginning of the 19th century - and revived the half-century history of the Russian state with the help of more than one main character, and the set of vivid images.

history of the novel "War and Peace" or "Three Eras»

continue ... Undoubtedly, a vivid picture of the writer on the novel gives his story of creation ("War and Peace").So, time and place of the novel identified.The author draws the main actors - the Decembrists, three historically significant period of time, hence the original title of the work "Three Eras".

The first part covers the period from the beginning of the 19th century until 1812, when the young hero coincided with the war between Russia and Napoleon's France.Second - this is 20 years, not without including the most important - the Decembrist uprising in 1825.And finally, the third and final part - 50 years - the return from exile of rebels granted amnesty by the emperor against the backdrop of the tragic pages of Russian history as ignominious defeat in the Crimean War and the death of Nicholas I.

Wellnovel in design and scope going to be global and require a different art form, and it was found.In the words of Tolstoy's "War and Peace" - is not a historical chronicle, and not a poem, or even a novel and a new genre in literature - epic novel, where the fate of many people and the entire people associated with grandiose historical events.


Work on the product was very easy.The story of creation ("War and Peace") says that many times Leo took his first steps and immediately threw to write.The archive of the writer, there are fifteen versions of the first chapters of the work.What prevented?What haunted Russian genius?The desire to fully express their thoughts, their own religious and philosophical ideas, research, his vision of history, to give their assessment of the socio-political processes, not huge role emperors, not the leaders, and the whole nation in the history of the country.It took enormous effort of all spiritual forces.More than once he was losing and regaining hope to fulfill our plans to the end.Hence the concept of the novel, and the names of the early editions of "Three Eras", "All's Well That Ends Well", "1805".I have them, as can be seen, more than once.

Patriotic War of 1812

So many creative throwing author ended narrowing timeframe - Tolstoy focused all their attention on the 1812 war against Russia "Grand Army" the French Emperor Napoleon, and only touched on in the epilogue of origin of the Decembristsmovement.

smells and sounds of war ... to transfer the study required a huge amount of material.This fiction of the time, and historical documents, memoirs and letters of contemporaries of those events, battle plans, orders and regulations of military commanders ... In this writer spared neither time nor effort.From the beginning, he rejected all the historical records, which sought to portray the war as a battle of two emperors, extolling one or the other.The writer does not detract from their merits and their importance, but gives priority to people and their spirit.

As can be seen in the work of creating an incredibly interesting story."War and Peace" boasts another interesting fact.Between the manuscripts preserved is another small but nevertheless important document - a piece of paper with notes of the writer himself, made during his stay on the Borodino field.In it he captured the horizon, just pointing out where some villages were.Here it is visible and the line of the sun during the actual battle.All that can be said, Naked sketches, sketches of what was to later become the pen of genius in this painting depicting the great battle of Borodino, full of movement and life, the extraordinary colors and sounds.It is incomprehensible and surprising, is not it?

case genius

Tolstoy on the pages of the novel, a lot talked about the laws of history.The findings apply it to life, they fit a lot with regard to the great work, in particular the history of creation."War and Peace" took a lot of steps to become a true masterpiece.

Science says that all the fault of chance and genius: the case suggested using artistic means to capture the half-century history of Russia, and the genius - Leo Tolstoy - took advantage of it.But this implies new questions about what this case is that there is a genius.On the one hand, it's just words, designed to explain what is really inexplicable, but on the other - it is impossible to deny, and some of their suitability and usefulness, at least, they indicate "a certain degree of understanding of things."

Where and how did the idea itself and the history of the novel "War and Peace" - until the end to find out is not possible, there is only the bare facts, so say "the case."Further - more, read the novel and we can not imagine the power that the spirit of man, or rather, a superhuman, who was able to clothe deep philosophical thoughts and ideas into amazing shape - so say "genius".

The longer careening before us a series of "cases", the greater the genius of the author shines faces, so it seems we are closer to the secret of the genius of Tolstoy and some unfathomable truths contained in the product.But this is an illusion.What to do?Tolstoy believed the only possible understanding of the world order - the renunciation of knowledge of the ultimate goal.If we recognize that the ultimate goal of a novel is not available to us, will renounce from all causes, visible and invisible, prompted the writer to undertake the writing of the work, we grasp, or at least admire and enjoy fully its infinite depth, designed to serve the purpose of general, notalways accessible to human understanding.In the words of the writer himself while working on the novel, the ultimate goal of the artist is not a conclusive resolution of issues, and settlement and a boost to the reader to love life in all its countless manifestations, that he cried and laughed along with the main characters.