The Word of God.

Word of God, Jesus calls the seed and compares it with a candle on the effects on the human soul, which is the source of light in the darkness, and it permeates its rays.Therefore, man has received the Gospel is like a candle, and is it possible to leave it without having to do not to use it and not learn a good.For this great gift can not be treated with indifference and indifference.They need to use it, because sin is afraid of the light.The devil, the originator of sin, hiding in the dark corners of the soul.People vicious under his influence did not want them in the soul of someone peeping.The parable of the sower was spoken by Jesus Christ, and is described in the Gospel.And it sheds light on a lot.

Gospel parable of the sower

On that day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the sea.Around him were many people at once.Then he got into the boat, and all the people left standing on the shore.He began to teach them his parables.One of them - the parable of the sower who went out to sow grain.O

ne part of his grain scattered on the hard-packed road, and then the birds came and devoured it.Another part was scattered on stony ground, where the ground was something a little bit, so the seeds soon sprouted and then faded due to weak root.Another part of the seed fell into the bush, who gave the seed of audio news and drowned him.Another part of the seed fell into good soil that has brought multiple benefits (some thirty, some sixty, and some a hundredfold).

Parable of the Sower.Interpretation

Its meaning is very carefully explained the Lord Himself.By his explanation can only add that the sower - is God, the seed - the Word of God, the field - all the people of the world, perceiving the miraculous words of the Gospel, which helps to know the true God.These words - is the seed of salvation and life, thrown into the heart of man, germinating under favorable conditions and bring forth fruit, consisting in good works, and holy living.

Parable of the Sower sermon sounds from the mouth of an Orthodox priest.Thus he teaches and instructs his parishioners to do good works.

Seed Parable of the Sower narrates that in our time, like many centuries ago, the word of God is a living force.It is equally pleasing, touching, exciting, humbling, judges and consoles, thus affecting the most delicate strings of the human soul.

Word of God is always acting and witty sword.It is a lively and insightful, it is hidden in it an eternal truth.But it is not always the seed germinates, and does not always give the same quality of the harvest.


As you know, a good harvest yields fertilized land.The human heart is the very soil referred to in the parable.All the power it depends on the spiritual condition of man, which also affects the holy seed germination.

Speaking about the fate of the seed, the Lord draws our attention to the four kinds of conditions under which it may bring forth.This refers to four kinds of dispensation of the soul and the human psyche.

public road

Describing the first type, it can be said that the heart of a man like a public road.The seed that falls on it will not be able to break through and become stronger, so the birds quickly destroy it.That means that the parable of the sower, the interpretation it has great instructive meaning for the person.

These people may include coarse nature of the animal stock, which are extremely materialistic world.They cynically mocked the ideals of truth, goodness, beauty, and all those which for centuries worshiped the whole of humanity, that fascinated him on the exploits and spodvizhnicheskuyu life.The benefit to these people is most important.The parable of the sower shows that the womb - their God, and therefore God's word they met a wall of indifference, selfishness and does not penetrate into the depths of the heart.

rocky terrain

The second type of people is quite common.These people tend to love and goodness in them a quick and ready response gets every word of God, but it does not capture them so to begin to work on them, and deal with hostile forces.

They will listen to light and from the preaching of the Gospel of truth, love and dedication.But like a match in a short time will be just as quickly extinguished.Such people will go on the feat, but it is not ready for long-term operation, and as a result in their hearts - "stony ground", which can grow only grass, like those little things to which they are only capable of.Such people are very proud and are not ready for self-sacrifice.The result - a betrayal and apostasy.


Gospel parable of the sower gives a very clear idea of ​​our souls, and what they are different.The third type of people can hear the word of God, but it is drowned in them, because they serve both God and mammon.Such a person is in a constant whirl of worldly concerns, he is not fighting with the earth likes and so it becomes their prisoner.The seed among thorns do not sprout, so all to no avail.

good soil

fourth type - a man of integrity with a sincere and sympathetic heart, their words with deeds.Listening to the word of God, they will try to fulfill it.But obedience to him may not be all equally perfect and complete.One can only perform the third part, the other - two-thirds, and only a small portion of people perform it perfectly and completely.Very few of these people, but they shine brightly in the dim background attitude of modern people to the Gospel.

on Biblical parables removed and the parable of the sower, cartoons and even movies.They are very detailed and clearly explained to us the essence of this story wise.

After the parable of the sower (sermon) teaches that when the soil is prepared, the processing of the soul itself will contribute to the germination of the seed of God's word.They say the old rules ascetics: "fertilize the heart of prayer, use the plow of repentance, contrition and tears grass weed out evil passions."