Life principles and Chatsky Molchalin.

In ten years there will be two centuries as at theaters with great success comes the comedy "Woe from Wit".Among the brilliant characters that depicted in his work Griboyedov - Chatsky and Molchalin.To them, our dedicated article.

classics of Russian literature of the beginning of the XIX century was an extraordinary personality: a brilliant diplomat "stand 20000th army," one of the most educated people of his time.Spectator mesmerizing playwright created a model of aristocratic Moscow society mediocre.Characters Griboyedov comedy - vibrant and relevant.

In particular, are the conceptual principles of life and Chatsky Molchalin, two young men of 23 and 24 years of age who start their social life in Russian society.The principles of the first set of the destruction of the foundations of serfdom.The second fixated on effective career within a stable state.

comparing social status and Chatsky Molchalin

nature of social activity of people to a certain extent determined by their social status.Origi

ns Alexander Andreyevich Chatsky and Alexei Stepanovich Molchalin - different.Chatsky - an aristocrat, he was not in service, has a stable source of income.And not only provides "daily bread", but also allows you to go to "learn the mind" in Europe.Life principles and Chatsky Molchalin are the principles of various social groups: the aristocrats despise labor and enthusiastic French Revolution, and commoners, seeking recognition of their work.

Chatsky ironically called "the fiery prophet»

arriving home, Chatsky aristocrat, inspired by what he saw of European progress, in the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, has positioned itself with the status of "the fiery prophet" who can not even imagine how can be implementedRussia formulated them declarative principles.

Phrases Chatsky biting and correct.Alexander - utopian and selfish.His communication with other people is reduced to a fiery and dramatic monologues parry opposing views.Solzhenitsyn saw communicative incompetence of this hero of Griboyedov, his willingness words "whip spur of the moment" of his opponents, too carried away with the process.

Pushkin, speaking of Chatsky, was even more ironic - "a funny guy."

Chatsky and Molchalin - different attitude to society

Unlike their more affluent peers, Alex feels the society in which resides.His tact and helpfulness bring him social bonuses.This is more than a provincial secretary, actually - right hand Famusov.It caters to gostyaschy famusovskom friends house of his patron.

Whether rights Chatsky branding "duplicitous", "reptile", "despicable" the Secretary?He's not even trying to understand what kind of person Alex.Comparative characteristics Chatsky and Molchalin exposes two completely different personalities that have different types of intelligence.One - a bright, figurative, ideological, the second - the practical, economic.After all, in fact Alex Stepanovich Molchalin operates within decency and tolerance.

In the end, they can move and gratitude Famusov - his benefactor, the person giving the work and shelter.Molchalin not think about things (in the words of Bulgakov's Transfiguration professor) "cosmic space and stupidity."He does more than speak.Moreover, the characteristic and Molchalin Chatsky shows that the first is not only loyal to the company, but is it useful cog.Second, it should be attributed to the cohort of extra people in his own country, after Evgeny Onegin and Pechorin.He is following the logic of the author's work, has positioned itself as the only "intelligent man" among the "fools."

Life principles and Chatsky Molchalin - comparable.Ideas first cut off from Russian life, they are just common slogans.Prior to their implementation - the abyss.

Is "crafty" Molchalin?

Alex Molchalin, unlike his opponent, actually makes a living service.His life's rules tested in practice.He is working secretary, he lives in the home of his patron Paul Afanasevicha Famusov actually carrying him all clerical control government position.In other words, Molchalin - clerk and accountant.He cherishes his place of work.So whether it blamed for "moderation and accuracy"?

In addition, young people are united by a love conflict.Chatsky Famusov like daughter, Sophia;and she, in turn, like Alexei Khlestakov.Life principles and Chatsky Molchalin different, including in relations with the opposite sex.For Chatsky imagine themselves perfect, it has no idea about the causes, cool feeling of the girls to him.

Molchalin - "live" erring character

Molchalin not find the courage to admit immediately Sophia that he did not love her.At the same time it is delicate in dealing with it, and does not compromise a girl.Griboyedov in the image shows Molchalin careerist, having no noble title, but pragmatic.Step by step to achieve it should be advantageous position in society.Molchalins not attracted to ideas, criticism.Their element - the daily hard work.

Griboyedov brings these two characters in ideological conflict: Chatsky and Molchalin.After all, they are young people, in my opinion, will determine the face of "the age to come."However, the reader understands that the Secretary Famusov not such a calculating monster, as it expresses Chatsky.Moreover, Alex really confused - on the one hand, wanting the relationship with Lisa, whom he loves, and the other - trying to be nice to the daughter of the owner.Accidentally Sophia hears his confession maid.Chatsky is at hand.

career Molchalin ruining "lordly love»

situation is not in favor of Molchalin.Most likely, he will lose the job Secretary-public institutions.However, nothing objectionable at large account, he did not.The reaction was also heard on the recognition of Sophia can be called "a storm in a teacup."She liked Alex, and she nafantazirovala himself that he loved her.Inconsistency is the imagination of reality presented as the daughter Famusov Molchalin meanness.Chatsky as openly gloating.

However, he knows that his position in the house Famusovs quite vague.Therefore, the wise phrase said Lisa, the disastrous consequences for the man simply class as a "master's anger," and "the lord of love" - ​​directly concerns him.This "lordly love" causes the collapse of the future of his career employee.Comparative characteristics Chatsky Molchalin and thus shows that it is the second characteristic of sociability, modesty, self-discipline, the will.

Obviously, these traits and caused sympathy Sophia.

Instead of conclusion

Chatsky Molchalin and have a different type of thinking.Alexander Andreyevich very temperamental expresses his point, he quite clearly justifies the selected position, immediately criticized the opponents and do nothing, and then removed with an injured look.It is worth remembering that the rapid flow of ideas and barren lovers of Russian literature already met one character.This is for all of us familiar Ilya Ilyich Oblomov.

course Chatsky - more dynamic character.However, the first step on the path of Ilya Ilyich he has already done - neglected work.No wonder Alex Molchalin urged on it in this regard.

However characteristic Molchalin and Chatsky, this author in the product, gives grounds to depart from the classical characteristics.And it is right.After Chatsky - not so positive and Molchalin in fact - not a potential villain.