Drinking Chatsky to education.

comedy "Woe from Wit" Rather, it is a 200 years old decoration of the repertoire of many theaters.Everyone remembers quotes Chatsky.And everyone knows who wrote it.Diplomat and poet Griboyedov, state councilor.For a more complete characterization of this person should be recalled that this man vysokoerudirovanny and competent, temperamentally was hussar.He knew what to uphold the laws of honor, and would defend it in a duel.

Griboyedov - in three of the most educated people of Russia at the beginning of the XIX century

And Alexander was the most educated man of his time, who knew most of the languages ​​of Europe and Asia.It's amazing - to communicate freely, except for the mother, in German, French, Italian, English, Greek, Turkish, Arabic.In addition, he rendered a great service to Russia as a diplomat virtuoso.Designed them a peace treaty with Persia gave Russia 2 khanate.And in this sense, as many of his contemporaries, only one Griboyedov worth 20000th army.Despite the disgrace, even the empe

ror Alexander I could not not leave without attention and rewards the efforts of the diplomat.That's what power were his education and a clear mind!

surprising that the theme of education was voiced in the main product of the life of Alexander Griboyedov?Drinking Chatsky to education tezisno echoes the point of view of the diplomat, playwright.First, however, we should imagine what was Russia itself Griboyedov.

uncultured, uneducated Russia early XIX century

According to the famous philosopher Berdyaev, the country Russia was a "huge, vast peasant kingdom", led by the landed gentry, "uncultured and lazy", as well as a powerful bureaucratic bureaucracy.At the same time, with all strata of people educated and cultured it was insignificant.Here is the answer, why Chatsky expressed attitude to education is a negative famusovskogo society.

Even Emperor Alexander I, who came to power as a pro-Western liberal, while writing the immortal comedy Griboyedov led the anti-European opposition, approached the religious mysticism.

Alexander Griboyedov - a patriot and a citizen

What to do when famusovskogo word "collect all the books so burn" are the essence tacitly supported the position of the king of the reaction of the bureaucracy and the landlords?They are not just afraid of remixes of the French Revolution in his homeland, they are afraid that they will press the Russian authorities on Olympus.

That is why the attitude to education Chatsky frightens them: for literacy in the future will change the country's policy on antiserfdom liberal.

Alexander Griboyedov in his "seditious" really sharp comedy raises the question for Russia, actually influence its future.And his interpretation of the proper level of the education system deserves attention.

What Griboyedov spoken by the mouth of the protagonist comedy about learning

In 1816 in Russia, among the military nobles formed, there is the movement of the Decembrists.These are the people who, during the war with Napoleon saw liberal life in Europe, noticed the dynamics of the Western democracies.They expected from the adoption of the Emperor Alexander I of the Constitution, the abolition of serfdom.

Chatsky attitude to education in fact coincides with the position of the Decembrists.We offer you relevant phrases protagonist comedy.

acute and laconic above quotes Chatsky!What do these phrases Alexander wanted to express?It shows the failure of the current system at the time of study Russian nobility.Firstly, his ostentatious character.Often unrecognized proved psevdoguvernanty.By hiring them, without control was something that they can really teach.Drinking Chatsky to education and awareness, despite his recent visit abroad - pro-Russian.He does not consider reasonable, for example, blind adherence to the experience of the Germans.Moreover, the young man is sure that "smart and cheerful" believes the Russian people, having the instinct of truth, many domestic problems are solved more efficiently than their Western advisers.

Who opposes Chatsky Educational

landed gentry enjoyed absolute power over their serfs slaves, regularly earning their income.Smart was a gentleman or stupid, educated or not - there was no difference.He was rich and fully commanded his subordinates.Whether to create a status of the landed gentry serious incentives to learn?Not at all.

Unlike classic landlords, nobles, staying in the civil service, had to have a certain degree, although the criteria were, to put it mildly low.Officer is the same FAMUSOV.The question arises: how many mind need to work with documents, following the principle "signed, so out of sight?"High military rank is Skalozub.That was his education and mental abilities cause only regret ...

views Famusov opposing views Chatsky

Chatsky zealous attitude to education and education in which there is pro-state position, faced with an inert, primitive position Famusov.I feel that he personally taught at one time (as aptly said Pushkin) "somehow."However, the Moscow nobleman with average state, not bothering to reading books, spared no time for empty formalities secular.And characteristically, his inner circle of friends nobles and officials agree with him.

Education Chatsky, unlike Famusov Molchalin and corresponds to the standards of "the present age".The author does not go into details, but mentions that for a cordon and Alexander Andreyevich went something to "gather intelligence".

Instead of conclusion

However, Alexander A. in its reverent attitude to education is not alone, as the analysis conducted Chatsky readers, who share the views of vnesyuzhetnye comedy characters.This, for example, referred to toby, his cousin, Prince Fedor, a botanist and chemist, as well as "to practice schisms and dissidence" professors of the Moscow Pedagogical Institute.

Therefore care Chatsky of famusovskogo house we do not take for a complete disregard for society's views on education.