Poetic analysis.

Pushkin's poem from childhood are known to each of us.First we hear from the mouth of the pleasant line of parents, then, learn to read, slowly begins to comprehend their own exhilarating rhythm, trying to guess the elusive meaning and significance.Lyrical work "Conversation with the bookseller poet" refers to the mature period of creativity of Alexander, when he realized the desire to earn a writer's work for a living.The difficulties he faced, including a lack of understanding of others, gave rise to numerous reflections and stimulated the writing of the poem.In the work the author tries to understand how to operate on.The article gives a detailed analysis of it.

«bookseller conversation with the poet," maybe come across thoughtful reader thinking about the eternal, prompt rethink their values.

composition poem

lyrical works constructed in such a way that the reader was easier to perceive him stanza answers poet and bookseller alternate and together constitute one-piece dialogue that seems endles

s.To understand the idea of ​​this mysterious conversation, you need to be able to dip into its essence, to experience for yourself the main motives of Pushkin, to recognize the depth of his lyrics.

reading, we often begin to empathize with the poet, takes his side.This condition occurs when the destination is a harmony of his life with the thoughts and feelings of which the author is speaking.

condition lyrical

Pushkin "Conversation with the bookseller poet" was created with a special thrill and put in a lot of personal experiences.Lyrical hero while holding a dialogue with confidence, but in fact I doubt very much confidence.Talk resembles a verbal duel, where the truth is the one, on the other side.The poet put forward many arguments precisely because it is trying to prove to the world the importance and significance of original art.He wants to serve as a real literature, make a voluntary word artist.

bookseller in no hurry to argue with him, he just puts quite reasonable arguments to show that it is important to society.The sensitive poet's soul yearns for new experiences: it is necessary as air "wonderful dream" deep thoughts and aspirations.This can be understood by reviewing."Conversation with the bookseller poet" indicates purpose of the artist, his role on earth: to serve the world with his talent, though contemporaries did not always ready to accept them facing talent.Subject


Perhaps this is the key point, the center of "duel" with lofty dreamer inhabitants.The poet writes, based on the inspiration board for a secondary.The interviewee also believes that freedom is impossible without money, as the analysis shows."Conversation with the bookseller poet" exposes talented burning relationship with the world, shows how it is vulnerable and strong at the same time.He who is endowed with an extraordinary talent, like a white swan: giant wings prevent him to walk the earth, but in heaven, he is powerful and great.

Pushkin "Conversation with the bookseller, poet," wrote to show the enormous power of human creativity, he has much to endure.The most important thing for him - the truth.For the freedom of genuine poet is willing to pay any price, even if it is much higher than his real income.The author gives the writer's voice eternity, emphasizes its focus on the future and a desire to serve as a muse.

intentions bookseller

Anyone who is associated with the publishing house, looking for work on the other side.It matters not so much the strength and the greatness of talent, but the question of whether the product sold.If business success is not expected, then no one will take risks and invest in the promotion of dubious project.Bookseller is able to calculate the benefits of the business, and it is a basic level of success and popularity of the author, because the money he earns.The book is for him - the goods and a source of income.

Pushkin's poem as always filled with special psychological and dramatic.The author of these lines emphasizes the inevitable suffering a creative person, his difficulty on the way to becoming a writer '.

Feelings poet.Analysis

«bookseller conversation with the poet" affects deep personal experiences of Alexander Sergeyevich, reflects the degree of his desire to express himself in writing.Often the desire for self-expression accompanies spurned love, misunderstanding on the part of society and even loved ones.If someone would think that it's very easy to let him try to experience all these dramas, which are often able to empty so that a lot of people would much rather give up.However, the ability of art so people are viable as they are talented.

Freedom - the main desire of the poet, any creative person, because only in this state can really do and feel infinitely happy.For her talent willing to pay dearly.

general sense

poem "Conversation with the bookseller poet" contains a deep philosophical meaning.It raises important questions about the meaning of life and destiny of man on earth.The conversation with the publisher of the writer turns to the eternal debate that is still ongoing.The product does not lose its relevance in our days, when the issue of the promotion of young artists is very serious, some are forced to be printed at his own expense.