Comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin (Tolstoy, "Prisoner of the Caucasus")

"Prisoner of the Caucasus" - a story which is sometimes called the story.He wrote his Leo Tolstoy.The work tells us about a Russian officer, who was a prisoner of the Highlanders.The first story was published in the journal "Dawn" in 1872.He is one of the most popular works of the great Russian writer, withstood many editions.The name of the story - a reference to the eponymous poem by Pushkin.In this article, we will make the comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin.These are the two main characters, contrasting personalities which form the basis of the work.Description Zilina and Kostylin see below.

plot stories

narrative is based partly on real events that occurred during the life of Tolstoy in the Caucasus (50-ies of the XIX century) .He wrote in his diary in June 1853, he nearly captured, butHe behaved well in this case, though extremely sensitive.Leo with his friend one day miraculously left the chase.Lieutenant Tolstoy had also disembarrass their comrades from captivity.

letter asking for ransom, made two officers

action story takes place during the Caucasian War.Zhilin, officers serving in the Navy.His mother sends her son a letter asking to visit her, and he leaves with the baggage of the fortress.Along the way he beats it with Kostylin and stumbles upon a horse, "Tatars" (ie Muslim highlanders).

Those shoot down the horse, and of the officers taken prisoner (his friend is running).Zilina taken to the mountain village, and then sell Abdul Murad."I met Zhilin Kostylin after that?"- You ask.It turned out that Abdul-Murat was already in captivity at the time Kostylin, Zilina colleague, who was also captured by the Tatars.Abdul Murad makes Russian officers write letters home to get ransom for them.Zhilin indicate on the envelope the wrong address, knowing that the mother in any case not be able to collect the necessary sum.

Zhilin Kostylin captive

Kostylin Zhilin and live in a barn, they put pads on your feet during the day.Zhilin fond of the local kids, especially Dina, 13-year-old daughter of Abdul Murad, who makes dolls.While walking around the neighborhood, and the officer aul figure out how to escape to the Russian fortress.He makes the night in a barn tunnel.Dean brings him sometimes pieces of lamb or lozenge.

escape two officers

When Zhilin discovers that the inhabitants of this village are alarmed by death villager who was killed in a battle with Russian, he finally decided to escape.At the officer Kostylin night crawls in a tunnel.They want to get to the forest, and then - to the fortress.But due to the fact that obese Kostylin was clumsy, they do not have time to implement his plan, Tatars notice of young people and are delivered back.They are now put into the pit and did not take off shoes at night.Dean sometimes continues to be an officer food.

second escape Zilina

Realizing that their captors fear that may soon come to Russian and therefore can kill their captives, Jilin nightfall one asks Dina to get a long stick.With her help, he gets out of the pit.Limp and unwell Kostylin remains inside.He tries, including using girls knock pad lock, but it is not possible.At dawn, making his way through the forest, Zhilin comes to the Russian troops.Kostylin later ravaged by the extreme health redeem from captivity comrades.

Characteristics of the main characters ("Prisoner of the Caucasus", Tolstoy)

Zhilin Kostylin - Russian officers.They both take part in the war for the accession of the Caucasus to Russia.Zhilin comes a letter from his mother in which she asks her son before his death to visit her to say goodbye.He, without thinking twice, hit the road.But it was dangerous to go alone, because at any time he could grab and kill the Tartars.Off group, and is therefore very slow.Then Zhilin Kostylin decide to go ahead alone.Zhilin was prudent and cautious.Making sure that the gun is loaded Kostylin, and sheathed his sword there, Jilin decided to look not seen any Tatars, to climb the mountain.Climbing higher, he saw his enemies.The Tatars were very close, and therefore saw Zilina.

This brave officer thought that if he could reach the gun (which had Kostylin), the officers will be saved.He shouted to his companion.But the cowardly Kostylin fled, fearing for their own skin.He made a mean act.In fact, they met Zhilin Kostylin, you can see the irony of fate over the latter.After all, a prisoner in the end were both here and they met again.Chief among Muslim highlanders said that you must pay a ransom of 5,000 rubles, and then they were released.Kostylin immediately wrote a letter home with a request to get the money.But Zhilin said, mountaineers, that if he is killed, they will not get anything at all, and told them to wait.He sent her a letter of intent at a different address because the officer felt sorry for his mother, aching hard, and the money of the family was not found.In addition to the mother at Zilina there was no one else from the family.

Comparative characteristics Kostylin Zilina and can be supplemented by pointing out how to spend his time in captivity, these heroes.Zhilin thought can and must escape.He dug a tunnel at night and during the day did for Dina Doll, who instead brought food.

Kostylin same lounged all day and slept at night.And now is the time when preparations for the run has been completed.Officers ran together.They strongly Easterly stones legs and weakened Kostylin Zhilin had to bear.Because of them and seized.Officers at this time planted in a hole, but Dean took a stick and helped his friend to escape.Kostylin is afraid to flee a second time and stayed at the Highlanders.Zhilin was able to get to his.Kostylin just bought a month.

Apparently, Leo Tolstoy shows in his story "The Prisoner of the Caucasus" bravery and courage Zilina and weakness, cowardice and laziness of his fellow.Comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin are opposite, and these images are built on the contrast.To better convey his idea, the author uses a number of techniques.About them, read on.

Analysis title story "Prisoner of the Caucasus"

interesting to analyze the name of the story - "Prisoner of the Caucasus."Zhilin Kostylin - two characters, but the name given in the singular.Tolstoy may have wanted this to show that a true hero can only be one who does not give up before the difficulties encountered, and is active.Passive as people become a burden to others through life without seeking to nothing and not developing.The author shows, in a way that not everything in our lives depends on the circumstances, and each person is the creator of his own destiny.

names of the main characters

Note also the names of the characters, which are taken by the author is no accident that also should be noted, accounting for comparative characteristics of Zilina and Kostylin.Starting to read this work, we do not know the character of the actors, but only learn their names.But as soon as we get the feeling that Tolstoy More like Zhilin than Kostylin.The latter, as we think, the nature of "lame" and Jilin - man strong, "wiry", with a strong character.Kostylin also needs the help of outsiders, he is indecisive, dependent.Subsequent events have confirmed our guesses.The value of these rhyming names completely different.So, Jilin described as a man of small stature, agile and strong.On the contrary, Kostylin - burly, heavy-going, passive.Throughout the work he does nothing that prevents other to realize our plans.


Thus, these two characters are opposite, as evidenced by the description of Zilina and Kostylin author.The main difference between these two officers in that one - hard-working people, activities, believing that it is possible to find a way out of any situation, and the second - a coward, lazy, laggard.Jilin and managed to settle down in a hostile environment, which helped the officer get out of captivity.Such a case would be another person knocked out of the rut, but this officer is not.He did not go home at the end of history, and was left to serve in the Caucasus.A Kostylin, barely alive, was released from captivity for a ransom.Tolstoy did not say what happened to them next.I guess he did not deem it necessary to even mention about the future of such a worthless person in his "Prisoner of the Caucasus."Zhilin Kostylin - different people, and therefore their destinies are different, despite the same circumstances.It is this idea Tolstoy wanted to convey to us.

Samuil Marshak said that the work of "Prisoner of the Caucasus" (Tolstoy) is the crown of all the books read, and said that in the whole of world literature can not find a more perfect example of a story, a little story for children's reading.Description Zilina and Kostylin, comparative analysis of their characters helps education of the younger generation, the development of the individual, because it shows how to behave in difficult situations.The fate of Zilina and Kostylin very instructive.