The most unusual sports.

People have always been interested in sports, but probably due to the fact that the popular competition already pretty tired and break records on them ordinary fans can not, some are beginning to come up with new competition.

Unusual sports in the world

Leisure activities are constantly involved in sports, but the standard rules eventually begin to annoy, and have to look for alternative ways of entertainment, strengthening the body and receive another dose of adrenaline.

develop their own race - quite a complex exercise, during which should decide the rules, restrictions, and the most important thing - to come up with the very form of competition.The easiest way to take the popular racing and upgrade it to produce the desired effect, such as diving and orienteering route, football in the mud and aysklaymbing.

What an extraordinary sport is best?On this question of any athlete will tell you that the best is the one that he himself does.Therefore, in choosing the competition you need to be guided

by personal preferences, for example, football fans will be the place in the same football, but in the mud.

Unusual sports in Russia

Russians, as well as residents of other countries, are beginning to look closely to the non-standard competition, but in our country the development receive less "strange" kind of events as extreme.

Tver region Russia is actively gaining popularity among fans of conquering the icy peaks, orientation under water collects followers not only in the Volga region (Saratov, Kazan), but also in the northern parts of the country (Novosibirsk).

unusual sports in Russia is interesting for athletes solely because of increasing levels of epinephrine, and not because of the entertainment, for fun because easier to use conventional types of events.

Boxer or player - who is stronger

Chess - a game for the mind, in which the developed combat tactics, but apparently one thought was enough and decided to come up Chessboxing in which competition takes place at the level of the mind,and fists.

Duel athletes chessboxing is 5 rounds of boxing and 6 - chess.Each of the boxing rounds lasting two minutes, while the game of chess takes 4 minutes for each round.

winner is determined based on the number of points in the box and win the chess game.But if the boxer has won in chess, but lost in boxing (or vice versa) - is declared a draw.

Strange events on the beds

All people used to sleep on the bed, but some of the US military (which they began the first competition for these unusual competitions) in 1965 decided to make the race on the beds.

After a while ordinary people are interested in a custom sport that led to its popularization.

rules of racing on the beds are simple - you need to overtake rivals and reach the finish line first, but there are three conditions: push "car" should be 6 people in the bed must be one party, and the device must be able to swim.

On the one hand, the sport seems simple, but the difficulty lies in the fact that you need to finish the bed crossing water obstacles, it creates a lot of difficulties for the athletes.

Drunken race

Group decided to diversify cyclists ride and began to carry out the competition, completing the race a lot of alcohol, well, then joined the inhabitants of the city, the country and some parts of the world.

essence of racing bikes - come first, but in this case every athlete, arriving at the checkpoint is obliged to drink a certain amount of beer and go further.The complexity of the competition lies in the fact that the route can be traced through 6 points, and each need to drink a liter of beer, and reach the finish line will be very difficult, because the athletes walk a difficult.

fight underwater

Sailors are trained, during which they are taught the elimination targets at great depths without apparent hesitation the water.Fighters understand the pros of combat sports in the water - strengthening muscle mass, control of light - and started practicing underwater struggle as a new sport.

akvatlonu competitions are held in a pool of 5 by 5 meters and a minimum depth of 2 meters, and to win you need to remove the bandage with ankle opponent.

Slippery Extreme

There is a small category of people who loves to conquer the summit, but over time the ordinary rocks can not meet the growing need for adrenaline and extreme athletes move on to the huge icebergs.

Aysklaymbing - is the name of this unusual sport - yet has a large number of followers, but is actively practiced among professionals to conquer peaks on the basis of rock.

In fact, in this sport there are no rules, there is an athlete wins a new peak, but the complexity of lift allows to get more adrenaline than normal mountain.

Underwater race

Orienteering - not an easy task, and go some way indicated on the map, while at a depth of several meters - even more difficult task.

Underwater orienteering - a sport for those who like diving and ready to be in deep water for quite a long time, and it does not consider the flora and intently looking for the next checkpoint.

essence of the competition lies in the fact that a group of divers should dive in "A", to go through all the control points, are constantly under water, and come first to the finish line.

The difficulty lies in the orientation at a depth where only one assistant is a compass, without which it is impossible to reach the finish.

Extreme flight

Parachuting from the very inception constantly gaining followers, but some ekstremaly after conquering heights no longer receive a splash of adrenaline and thinks about changing the rules of the jump and an increase in the dose of adrenaline.

BASE jumping - it's the most unusual sports, and in fact - a huge jump parachutist buildings, bridges and other structures, and all danger is in the vicinity of the athlete to the structure from which it sprang, and the lack of time for the disclosure of a parachute.

During the flight EXTREMALS need time to determine the proper position in the air, otherwise the parachute can open properly and get lost, and then the athlete will have the chance to uncover the reserve parachute, but in this case the chance of error is given, and if it is wrong to jump, thenHe will not be able to land.

BASE jumping though allows you to get a huge splash of adrenaline, but it is open to professionals only.