Which is better: truth or compassion (on Gorky's play "The Lower Depths")

Gorky (real name Alex Peshkov) is a sama major literary figure of the Soviet era.He began writing in the 19th century, already it seemed all his works, and revolutionary propaganda.However, the writer's early work is very different from the next.It began with the author of romantic stories.The play Gorky "The Lower Depths" is an example of a realistic drama, which centers on the image of the oppressed, hopeless life of the lower classes of Russian society.In addition to social issues, the product has an extensive philosophical formation: the heroes of the play talk about important issues, in particular, that the better: truth or compassion?

problem genre

As for the genre of the work, not all researchers are unanimous in the opinion.Some believe that justice will likely be called the play of social drama.The most important thing that shows the Gorky - the problem of people descended to the bottom of life.Heroes of the play - drunks, gamblers, prostitutes, thieves ... The action takes place in a godfo

rsaken rooming house, where no interest your "neighbor".Others believe that the right to be called a work of philosophical drama.According to this view, in the center of the image views clash, a conflict of ideas.The main issue, which argue heroes: which is better - the truth or compassion?Of course, everyone answers this question in his own way.And in general, it is not clear until the end, there is a definite answer.Anyway philosophical formation in the play due to the appearance in it of Luke, which encourages residents of the rooming house to reflect on their own lives.

Heroes play

main characters of the play - a rooming house residents.The action involved the owner Kostylev rooming house, his wife, Vasilisa, Actor (former provincial theater actor), Satin, ticks (the mechanic), Natasha -sestra Vasilisa thief Vaska Pepel, Bubnov and Baron.One of the heroes - "stranger" is a wanderer Luka, who appeared out of nowhere and isez nowhere after the third act.It is these characters appear throughout the play.Esti other characters, but their auxiliary role.Kostyleva - a married couple who have difficulty digesting each other.Both of them are rude and scandalous, moreover cruel.Vasilisa love with Vaska Ashes and persuades him to kill her elderly husband.But Vaska does not want to, because he knows her and knows what she wants to exile him natorgu in order to separate from its Sethra Natalia.Actor and satin has a special role in the drama.Actor long been drunk, his dreams of the big stage will not come true.He is like a man from the story of Luke, in the righteous land verivshemu commits samoubistvo at the end of the play.Satin Monologues are important.Meaning, he confronts Luke, while at the same time, he does not blame him of lying, in contrast to the other residents of the rooming house.It meets Satine and the question: which is better - the truth or compassion.In the play "The Lower Depths" occurs several deaths.Anna, the wife of mites die at the beginning of the play.Her role, though not long, but very important.The death of Anna in the background playing card attached to the tragedy of the situation.In the third act of dying in a fight Kostylev that aggravates the situation even bulshe rooming house residents.And at the end comes a suicide Actor, for which, however, almost no one pays attention.

philosophical content of the play

philosophical content of the drama is divided into two layers.The first - is the question of truth.The second - the answer to the central question in the drama: that better - the truth or compassion?

truth in the play

hero Luke - old man comes in and starts flophouse promise all the characters of a bright future.Anna, he said that after his death, she will go to heaven, where she was waiting for calm, there will be no troubles and suffering.actor Luke tells that in some city (the name he forgot) is hospital for drunks, where you can recover from alcoholism is absolutely free.but the reader soon realizes that Luke did not forget the name of the city, because of what he says is not there.Ashes Luke advises to go to Siberia, and take with Natasha, only there they can rebuild their lives.Each of rooming house residents understand that Luke is cheating on them.But what is the truth?About how and under dispute.according to Luke, the truth is not always possible to heal, but the lie that pronounced the benefit - is not a sin.Bubnov and Ash say that it is better the bitter truth, even if it is unbearable than a lie.But tick so tangled in his life that he was not interested nothing.The truth is that there is no work, no money and no hope of a decent living.This truth hates the hero as well as Luke and false promises.

Which is better: truth or compassion (on Gorky's play "The Lower Depths")

This is the main question.Luke decides his odnaznachno better for a man to lie than to bring him pain.As an example, he cites a man who believed in pravdenuyu land, he lived and hoped that kogda0nibud gets there.But when he learned that no such land, no hope, and a man hanged himself.Ashes and Bubnov deny such a position, they sharply negative in relation to Luka.A slightly different position is held Satin.He believes that Luke can not be accused of lying.After all, he's lying because of pity and mercy.However, he does not accept this Satin man - it sounds good, and we can not humiliate him with pity.The question "what is better - the truth or compassion," in the play "The Lower Depths" is outstanding.But is there any answer to such a complex and vital question?Perhaps the single answer and can not be beat.Each character decides his own way, and every person the right to choose what is best - the truth or compassion.

In Gorky's play "The Lower Depths" write essays and be on different topics, but one of the most popular deals specifically with this problem, the problem lies "salvation."

How to write an essay?

First of all, you must remember the correct composition.In addition, the essay-argument should be an example to lead not only the episodes of the product, but also to reinforce the above examples of life or other books.The theme of "Which is better: truth or compassion" does not allow for one-sided interpretation.it must be said that in each situation must operate differently.Sometimes the truth can kill a person, then the question is: Is this the man said, fearing sin, or, on the contrary, has decided to harm his neighbor, and do badly.However, it also wants to be deceived not everyone.If a person has a chance to correct something, start a new life in a different way, then is not it better to know the truth?But if there is no other way, and the truth will destroy you, and you can tell a lie.Which is better: truth or compassion that is needed - everyone decides on its own at some point in their lives.You should always remember philanthropy and charity.

So, the play is a complex product with a two-level conflict.On a philosophical level - is the question: which is better - the truth or compassion.At the bottom of life turned out to be the heroes of Gorky's plays, perhaps, lies Luke for them - the only bright spot in life, whether it is possible Considered then that says a hero, a lie?