Uneasy relations Oblomov and Olga Elias

Roman Goncharov's "Oblomov" is a significant philosophical works.In it the author reveals the essence of life, which is swirling, flowing stream passes by the main character, and he did not even notice.

Relationship Oblomov and Olga Elias occupy a special place in the novel.There is a meeting of two personalities is happening and check values, opinions, attitudes.The reader with great interest the development of a great feeling sad when it is extinguished.This article aims to address the causes of an identity crisis Ilya Ilyich and its interaction with Elias.

first meeting

first Oblomov and Olga met thanks to Andrew Stolz.Who else but an old friend was able to get a homebody Ilya Ilyich from the apartment!A few days after his arrival, he decided to visit the young lady, and took with him Oblomov.It was obvious that young people liked each other.Anyway Oblomov expressed a clear interest.We can not say that it was the first meeting in some way influenced their future relations, but it was the beg

inning of a long mental tests, generated a lot of experiences.

Limbo senses

relationship between Olga and Oblomov begin gradually.Perhaps the feeling of fast break and could not Ilya Ilyich he did a lot of thinking, analyzing, just trying to weigh every little detail.The big impression on him made a singing girl.Together they listened to "Casta diva", and waves gently dream resonated in his heart.Relationship Oblomov and Olga filled with lofty sentiments and tender enthusiasm.It seemed such admiration may experience only in his youth, when the soul is more open to heart feats.

As loves

Ilya Ilyich Oblomov development of relations and Olga is very beautiful and unusual.Ilya Ilyich struck by the natural grace of a girl, he is fascinated by her smile, beauty and spiritual wealth.After all, how amazing she was able to understand the most ordinary things!With it, you can talk for hours, chatting on various topics.Oblomov spellbound looking at her eyes, she seemed to him a miracle, a gift given from above.Barin long can not decide to start to care for her, since it is not sure in his own appeal, that it could be interesting.He makes no attempt to win her, and simply admiring its proximity.

Ilya Ilyich loves selflessly, with ecstasy, to the pain in his chest.Despite all this, he does not dare to talk with the mistress, in no hurry to make her an offer.Even when in the stillness of the evening garden sounded timid Olgino "love", he did not dare to take it seriously.Not because he did not believe in the sincerity of the girl, and the fact that it felt delightful child who still does not know himself.Oblomov talked too much about the nature of love itself invented the reasons for which they were with a young lady can not be together.

depth of spiritual experiences of the protagonist shakes.Relationship Oblomov and Olga Elias filled with unprecedented clarity, warmth and genuine desire to know each other better.

As Olga loves

From the very start dating a young lady showed interest to master.It seemed to her enigmatic personality, she admired the depth of his thoughts.The only thing she did not like it - it is the habit of sleeping during the day.This feature she wanted him to correct, subject eradicate.With great enthusiasm she imagined it to wean lazy, and that is only her merit.She fancied herself a great teacher of love which should change the character of men.Of course, naive Elias can be forgiven due to her young age.

Relationship Oblomov and Olga lasted exactly as long as the fear and mistrust have not ruined it a warm feeling.

Letter Oblomov

doubts about their future together Ilya Ilyich embodied in a long letter to Olga.While the case is almost went to the wedding, and even Zakhar hardly doubt that soon there will be significant changes.Being able to rush, just being in the faint-hearted dream Oblomov analyzes the situation and came to the conclusion that the girl takes it not for the one who would like to see in front of you.

He is confident - she needed another knight who will perform in the name of her exploits and pour honeyed speeches, and now she was sadly mistaken.Ilya Ilyich even willing to sacrifice his own feelings, but she became happy.The development of relations Oblomov and Olga gradually eroding.The master does not believe in their own prospects at heart consider themselves unworthy of love, and therefore refused.While writing the unfortunate letter, he cried like a baby.And when the message was sent, Ilya Ilyich could not resist and that evening went to Elijah to talk with her.

break relations

Relationship Oblomov and Olga and could not continue for long.We had to do something, make some steps, of which there was no hesitation because Ilya Ilyich.We can say that Oblomov just did not wait when Olga tired to chat with him, and chose the first stop disturbing, painful feeling.The fact that love called him, impelled by that to transform their lives, wanted to make him change, but, on the contrary, all his soul showed unpreparedness for such changes.

Thus, the ratio of Oblomov and Olga failed.They started so beautiful and promising, and ended with tears, brought over an unbearable pain.The reason was unwillingness on both sides to take the fate of generous gift and be grateful.