Problems of Oblomov in the novel "Oblomov" by IA Goncharov

Roman I. Goncharov - the greatest literary monument of the second half of the 19th century.This work is reflected not only the usual human life at the time, but his world, thoughts of suffering, in short, life itself!Problems in the novel "Oblomov" is so great that there is a need for them to speak again and again.It's very controversial and deeply.

Goncharov "Oblomov".Roma

origins attitude Ilya Ilyich quite remarkable are its roots.In the chapter "Oblomov's Dream" shows the causes of the deep spiritual slumber suffered by the protagonist.The name of this - "Oblomovism."This is a terrible word interpreted in the product as a subconscious unwillingness to live, to develop activities to strive for high scores and achievements.

Maybe this character hero was formed as a result of the fact that as a child his over-looked after, but this concern proved to be detrimental to development, to progressively restrict the mind and heart.If the court was rainy weather, the Mamma with the father not only did

not let him go outside for a walk, but did not send in the day to learn "to the Germans."Such excessive guardianship of the boy gradually made effeminate, nowhere adaptable creatures.He was afraid of the cold, any illness and spent much time at home.

Life and lifestyle

problems Oblomov in the novel "Oblomov" is not visible to the reader at once, but gradually opening up according to how they begin to realize the protagonist of the story.Ilya Ilyich lives, as if in a deep sleep: it does not care about the environment, you do not want to lead an active social life - he finds it boring.Initially he went to visit, and then tired in the evening.He soon gave up the service in the department, as it leads to a depression.At some point Oblomov decided that it is sufficient to state that it has to work harder and do not need - it is not in fact necessary.

normal state is indicated by the hero lying.He is not resting from physical or mental fatigue, but simply because they do not know any other way of life.This is the norm for him.Ilya Ilyich in his every action seeking meaning and before you make a movement, thinks ahead of its usefulness.He tires easily, his tire small talk.The soul yearns for something sublime poets "have touched him to the quick."The main character can be called too soft and impressionable nature.Problems works "Oblomov" shrill and deep: when you read, there is a sense of empathy, but not convicted.

theme of friendship

Despite its certain detachment and isolation Oblomov is the only close friend - Andrew Stolz.They helped in his childhood, when studied together in high school.However, reaching adulthood, one has become an important influential person, and the other remained a naive child who is trying to escape from life everywhere.Problems in the novel Oblomov "Oblomov" opened one after another, but gradually, more intriguing and bewitching readers.

Despite the apparent contrast to the views of Ilya Ilyich loves Andrew, sincerely attached to him.And Stolz is ready to help in any case, my friend, and more than once helped him in difficult situations.The nature of personality complements the other.Both of them - the individual, self-contained and sincere.

unsurpassed feeling

problem of love in "Oblomov" occupies a special place.With the advent of Olga Elias seemed to hero's life had to change.At some point, it really started the movement for change, he began to go on a visit to Olga, there lingered a long time, and he and the girl were walking in the garden, listening to "Casta diva".But then everything stopped and stood still: Oblomov again lay down on the favorite sofa, allowed himself to sleep in the afternoon, and at any other time.Very memorable episode where the hero had to go to the young lady, and he said he was ill and stayed home.Why did it happen?Perhaps Oblomov found himself unworthy of the love of a girl, Olga, and he did not have enough confidence.

He must have been so hard to believe that it can genuinely love that confirm this truth, he simply did not wait.And maybe it's all that the young lady did not seek to make a hero for what it is?How Olga cherished their own imagination, so she loved Ilya Ilyich.Recall, the girl wanted to change it, even made plans as it is converted, so it did not suit the old way of Oblomov.The true love is far from similar aspirations.For this reason, the delicate, sublime feeling so suddenly broke out between them, covered with sweet melody of "Casta diva" has not found support for the development of the reality.

attitude toward labor

problems Oblomov in the novel "Oblomov" affect all spheres of human life.Any activity, if it did not meet the internal impulses Ilya Ilyich was repugnant to him.In fact it is much more likely to have spent the day relaxing, you go for a visit because there you can meet with influential people and make useful connections.

senseless action did not inspire him.If there were such an object, which stirred the time his attention, the endless dream hero went on, pausing only occasionally to something interesting.That is the main problem lies work.Oblomov ruined not a disease but a genuine unwillingness to live.

search for the meaning of life

That's how Ilya Ilyich that his soul is constantly looking for the invisible source of inspiration.Going to the service he perceived as hard labor, and soon left her.But at home, he did not find anything for himself important, nothing took my fancy, which is actually required of him intense inner thoughts.Not finding high ideas which could serve for years, he missed the mind of the hero, and gradually began to focus on the dream.Ilya Ilyich fell asleep, not only physically, but also a long time did not awaken the soul.Problems in the novel "Oblomov" is really urgent, they are forced to think about many things.The novel will be especially useful to read those people who in adulthood are still looking for a unique way.

Thus, the problems in the novel Oblomov "Oblomov" treated with the utmost skill.Literary talent that had Ivan Goncharov, has created a remarkable work, has not lost its relevance today.