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The vast majority of people know who the author of the comedy "Woe from Wit".Why is the name chosen for his work Alexander Griboyedov?Perhaps this is something autobiographical.In this article we will try to tell about the personality of this worthy man.He combined the encyclopedic mind, undeniable talent, determination hussar and high service to the Motherland.

multi-faceted talent

very difficult one word answer to the question of who is the author of the comedy "Woe from Wit", referring to his family, work and talent.Diplomat?The military?Politician?Musician?His fate - short, like a swan song.Love Griboyedov married only two weeks spent with his young wife, Nina Chavchavadze.Then came his challenge to the Persian embassy and martyrdom.

As a diplomat he appreciated in Russia for bravery and courage in defending the interests of the East.As a politician, he proved himself at the signing of the Russian-Persian peace treaty, which served as the bloody war abroad.As a playwright - he continued the

tradition of realism in Russian national theater, creating immortal classics.As a military Griboyedov served cornet.Imagine, he will make a real hussar-playboy!All this below, we will tell the readers in detail.


Born Alexander 01.15.1790, in an ancient noble family.Since childhood, clearly manifested his ability.Children in the family of Griboyedov was strict;his mother, Anastasia Fyodorovna was domineering woman and she almost ran home and property.Suppression character's son, fortunately, prevented his passion for science.Already at the age of six, Alexander was fluent in four European languages: French, English, German, Italian.Eighteen student at Moscow University, which has already become a candidate of philology, reveled in the study, received a law, and then the physical and mathematical education.The future author of "Woe from Wit" was going to work on his doctoral thesis, but these plans made adjustments war.

In his heart he was still hussar

Reading a biography of Alexander Griboyedov, we can definitely say who the author of the comedy "Woe from Wit", referring to his moral character.It was not prudent, or intriguing.On the contrary, a future classic of fervor, valuing the principles of friendship, could get involved in stupid and dangerous history, even when it entailed negative consequences for him.

As you have guessed, we are talking about the famous quadruple duel, the cause of which was a ballerina Istomin.In 1817, in a duel Sheremetev Zavadsky mortally wounded, and in 1818 Yakubovich Griboyedov wounded in the left arm.

Griboyedov craved change

not mistaken, those who answer the question: "Who is the author of the comedy" Woe from Wit? "One word - a rebel.Who, if not this one of the most educated people in Russia (he mastered in his mature years, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Persian), to know that serfdom threw his homeland a century ago?

is why written comedy "Woe from Wit".Perhaps to initiate change Griboyedov in 1817 became a full member of the Masonic lodge "United Friends" and "blessing" (St. Petersburg).

main product life

author of "Woe from Wit" began his diplomatic mission in the service of the Secretary of Persia.Then transferred to Tbilisi (Tiflis).Here he wrote the first two acts of "Woe from Wit".Lyceum Pushkin's friend Wilhelm Kiichelbecker (future Decembrist) became the first and grateful listener.Soon the holiday, held in Moscow and near Tula, to the fall of 1824, the poet-diplomat had appended the two remaining parts of the work.

However, the author of the comedy "Woe from Wit" convinced - it is not the product of the crossing.Behind him after the duel secretly watched by the police.Perhaps the gendarmes were aware about the "seditious play."

However, despite the efforts of the gendarmes, advanced Russian reading public still saw the announcement of the work: almanac "Russian Waist" published excerpts from a comedy.The ban does not prevent people to get acquainted with comedy in handwritten copies.Excerpts from the play were on the lips of society.

Disgraced Griboyedov

author of the work "Woe from Wit" of his creation, of course, ideologically supported the tsarist government dealt a blow to the outdated model pomeschitsko bureaucratic power.He was personally acquainted with the Decembrists.

Therefore, in 1825 he was arrested as a suspect of complicity in the uprising at Senate Square.Despite the six-month interrogation, Alexander, strong-willed and courageous man, was able to prove his innocence.He was released and was sent to Persia, where it was necessary to end the two-year war.As a war he took part in several battles, but as a diplomat Griboyedov was "worth more than 20000th army."He had prepared a document in 1828 Turkmenchay peace brought into Russia Erivan and Nakhchivan khanate.For this credit is administered to the rank of state councilor and empowered to appoint an ambassador to Persia.

last years

write that this man of vision foresaw his death.The Russian authorities have tried it "hold on a short leash."The last year of his life brightened love young Princess Nina Chavchavadze and wedding.However, the diplomat after two weeks of leave data for the wedding, was handed a new assignment - to be Plenipotentiary in Persia.Here he did not like.

fact of Alexander was sent to a Muslim country, requiring him to fulfill orders, often contradictory way of local life.Simply put, a potentially dangerous and suspicious clever diplomat tripped.However, "serving the cause, not the people," and as a man courageous, Alexander Griboyedov refused.

He courageously led the country in a hostile diplomatic mission, tenaciously defended the interests of Russian hostages.There he was murdered by fanatics provoked.Griboyedov was killed as a soldier, organizing the defense of the embassy, ​​being up in arms.


remain forever in Russian literature imperishable monument work "Woe from Wit".Author, Griboyedov, and did not see it at the theater (first premiere took place in 1831).Since then, surprising in its depth comedy is always present in the repertoire.

This clean, honest, courageous and intelligent man still went down in history forever.Above is a quote - the words of the poet's widow, Nina Chavchavadze-diplomat Griboyedov has addressed to her late husband.