"Cursed Days" - a summary of the analysis of the works of Bunin

Here is an overview of the works of Ivan Bunin "Cursed Days" - a summary of the main events of which he wrote in his diary in 1918.Published for the first time this book was in 1926.

Bunin in 1918-1920 recorded his impressions and observations about the events that occurred at that time in our country, in the form of diary notes.

Moscow write

Since January 1, 1918, in Moscow, he wrote that this "accursed year" is over, but perhaps there comes something "even more terrible."

February 5 this year, he points out that introduced a new style, so it should be for 18 number.

February 6 was written note about that in the newspapers talking about the offensive of the Germans, the monks chopping ice on Petrovka and passers gloat, triumph.

Next omit the date and describe the main notes in Bunin's work "Cursed Days", a summary of which is considered by us.

history in the car tram

young officer entered the car tram and said, blushing, that he could not pay for the ticket.It was escaped from Simferopol

critic Derman.According to him, there is "consternation": the workers and soldiers go "knee-deep in blood," roasted alive-old colonel in the locomotive firebox.

Bunin wrote that, as they say everywhere, it is not yet time to deal objectively and impartially in the Russian revolution.But there will never be real impartiality.In addition, the "bias" of our very valuable for the future historian, says Bunin ("Cursed Days").Briefly the main content of the basic ideas of Ivan us will be described later.

The tram heap of soldiers with large bags.They run from Moscow, fearing that they would be sent to protect the Germans Petersburg.

Bunin met a boy soldier at Cook, skinny, ragged and drunk.He poked his "snout in the chest" and spat on Ivan, telling him: "Despot, son of a bitch."

Someone stuck posters on the walls, incriminating Lenin and Trotsky in connection with the Germans, that they have bribed.

Conversation with polisher

continue to present a summary of the essay Bunin "Cursed Days".In a conversation with polishers he asks them a question about what will happen next in the opinion of these people.They answer that let loose the criminals from the prisons that control did not have to do that, but instead they should have long shot.During the reign of the kind.And now the Bolsheviks did not run.Weak people ... Bolsheviks just something about a hundred thousand will, as ordinary people - millions, but they can not do anything.Dali would polisher freedom, they would at all to shreds apartments pilfered.

Bunin recorded conversation overheard by chance on the phone.It asks people what to do, his adjutant Kaledin and 15 officers.The answer is "immediately shot."

Again demonstration, music, posters, banners - and call: "Get up, working people!".Bunin noted that the voice of their primeval, uterine.Women Mordovian and Chuvash persons men - criminals, some directly Sakhalin.

goes on to say that the Romans put stigma on the face of convicts.And these people do not need to put anything, because you can see everything without them.

Lenin's article

read articles Lenin.CON and insignificant: the "Russian national revival," the International.

Next, the "Congress of the Soviets," speech delivered by Lenin.I read about the corpses, standing at the bottom of the sea.It drowned, killed the officers.And then "Musical snuffbox."

Lubyanka Square all shining in the sun.From under the wheels of liquid mud splatters.Boys, men, bargaining halva, cakes, cigarettes ... The triumphant "muzzle" the workers.

soldier in the kitchen at the AP says that socialism is now impossible, but still need to cut the bourgeoisie.


continues to describe the work of Bunin's "Cursed Days".Summary consists of the following further events and ideas of the author.

April 12th.Bunin notes that have passed since the death of our almost three weeks.Empty port, a dead city.Just today I received a letter dated 10 August from Moscow.However, the author notes, Russian mail has long ended, in the summer of '17, when he appeared on the European way of Posts and Telegraphs Minister.There was a "minister of labor" - and all Russia immediately stopped working.Satan bloodthirsty Cain anger breathed the country in those days, when they were proclaimed liberty, equality and fraternity.Immediately came the insanity.All threatened to arrest each other for any controversy.

Portrait people

Bunin recalls the indignation with which he was allegedly "black" image of the Russian people met while those that were vspoeny, nurtured this literature, which is a shame a hundred years, all classes, except for "the people"and tramps.All the houses are now dark, the whole city in darkness, except for the robber dens where audible balalaika, glowing chandeliers, walls with visible black banner, which depicts the white skull and wrote "Death to the bourgeoisie!".

continue to describe the work that wrote Bunin IA("Cursed Days") in skokraschenii.Ivan says that there are two types of people in the nation.In one of them dominated by Russia, and in the other, as he puts it - Chud.But there is variability in both guises, moods, "precariousness".To himself the people said that because of it, as from a tree, "and the club, and an icon."It depends on who handles, on the circumstances.Emelka Pugachev or Sergius of Radonezh.

Extinct city

continue our brief retelling of the reduction.Bunin IA"Cursed Days" adds follows.In Odessa, shot 26, the Black Hundreds.Terribly.The city sits at home, few people out on the street.Everyone feels as though conquered special people, more terrible than our ancestors appeared Pechenegs.A successful bidder from trays, reeling, spitting sunflower seeds.

Bunin said that as soon as it becomes "red" city immediately varies crowd fills the street.It commits the selection of persons for which there is no simplicity, ordinariness.They are almost repulsive, frightening his evil stupidity, call everyone and everything.The Champ de Mars made a "comedy funeral" alleged heroes who died for freedom.It was a mockery of the dead, because they were deprived of Christian burial, buried in the heart of the city, boarded up in red coffins.

"Warning" in newspapers

continue to present a summary of the works of IABunin's "Cursed Days".The author reads "Warning" in the newspapers that the electricity will not be fast because of fuel exhaustion.All were treated in one month there remained no railroads, no factories, no clothes, no food, no water.Late in the evening were a "commissioner" at home to measure the room "for sealing the proletariat."The author wonders why the Tribunal, the Commissioner, not just court.Because you can walk knee-deep in the blood under the protection of sacred words of the revolution.Promiscuity - the main thing in the Red Army soldiers.Eyes arrogant, dull, in the teeth of the cigarette, his cap on his head, dressed in rags.In Odessa, another 15 people were shot, sent two trains with food defenders Petersburg when the city "dies of hunger."

This completes the work of "Cursed Days", a summary of which we set out to explain to you.In conclusion, the author writes that terminate at this point it notes Odessa.The following pieces of it buried in the ground, leaving the city, and then could not find it.

brief analysis of works of Bunin's "Cursed Days"

Ivan in his work expressed his attitude to the revolution - a sharply negative.In the strict sense "Cursed Days" Bunin - it's not even a diary, since records were recovered from memory writer artistically processed.How to break the historical time was perceived by them to the Bolshevik coup.Bunin felt the last, who can feel the past of their grandfathers and fathers.He wanted to push fading, autumn beauty of the former and formlessness, the tragedy of the present time.In his work "Cursed Days" Bunin said that Pushkin woefully low and tends to his head, as though noting again: "Sad is my Russian!".Around a soul, only occasionally lewd women but men.

not only a celebration of the defeat of tyranny and democracy has been a writer for Revolution Hell, but fret irreparable loss and damage of life itself, the victory of formlessness.In addition, the product is colored sadness of separation which will Bunin with his country.Looking for orphaned port of Odessa, the author recalls the departure of a honeymoon, and notes that the offspring can not even imagine that Russia, which once lived by their parents.

the collapse of the Russian Bunin guesses and the end of the world harmony.Only in religion, he sees only consolation.

It is not writer idolized former life.Her faults were sealed in "Suhodol" and "The Village".He showed the same class and progressive degeneration of the nobility.But compared with the horrors of civil war and revolution in the presentation of pre-revolutionary Russia Bunin became almost a model of order and stability.He felt almost biblical prophet, even in the "village" which told the disaster coming and wait for their execution, as well as not impartial chronicler and eyewitness another senseless and merciless Russian revolt, in the words of Pushkin.Bunin saw the horrors of the revolution, the people were seen as retaliation for the oppression during the reign of the Romanov dynasty.And he noted that the Bolsheviks may go to destroy half the population.Therefore, this is a grim Buninskaya blog.