The conflict of generations in the novel "Fathers and Sons" and its resolution

book "Fathers and Sons" was written in the sixties of the nineteenth century.This is a story about unrequited love, new beliefs and the eternal problem of understanding of different generations.This last topic is presented in the novel from different perspectives.

basis of differences in the novel

theme of understanding of parents and children - eternal.Especially successfully opened its Russian classic Ivan Turgenev.The conflict of generations in the novel "Fathers and So

ns" - a difference of views on the political, cultural and social situation in Russia in the second half of the XIX century.That 1860 was a turning point in the history of the empire.Constant disgruntled peasants revolt forced the authorities to abolish serfdom.It divided the people into two camps.

In the first were the representatives of the old world, the nobles and the wealthy.The second part - the supporters of a new, free epoch where appreciated and respected man.Yevgeny Bazarov, the protagonist of the novel "Fathers and Sons," one of those who wanted the revolution.He is a nihilist, and therefore does not recognize the authority and laughs common values.His ideas were shared by Arkady and Anna favorite.But at the same time he becomes an enemy to a close friend and his parents.

clash of views

greatest development conflict is due to the stubbornness and the misunderstanding of two different generations and eras.This meeting belief revolutionary democrat in the image of Bazarov and Liberal nobleman Nikolai Petrovich Kirsanov.The first is trying to work for the good of society.The second is more concerned about their own benefit.Nevertheless, both energetic and confident defending their beliefs.In general, they are topics for debate are varied.

They relate to religion, philosophy, and even poetry.Characterization of the novel "Fathers and Sons" - a brief description of the events that actually took place in Russia in the 1860s.Conversations and debates Bazarov and Kirsanov - is the talk of people turning to the community years.

Differences in family Kirsanovs

is also important to consider the relationship Arkady and Nikolai Petrovich.The two men, father and son, as representatives of different generations.Arkady - the best friend of Yevgeny Bazarov and part of his obedient disciple.He seeks to understand nihilism and the maximum plunge into the theory of democracy.

His father - an avid liberal who shy of his connection with the common people.In particular, it is a shame for the love of a young woman named Fanechka.The first generations of conflict in the novel "Fathers and Sons" arises from his father Arkady.But the love they cherish in themselves to each other, more confusion regarding the views of society.

Kinship that more convictions

So, over time, Arkady abandons his theories and stops trying to join the creation of a new world.Not far behind and Nikolai Petrovich.It is at the end of the novel marries commoner Fanechke.And Arkady chooses as his wife humble and quiet Catherine.Their conflict is resolved.

Characterization of the novel "Fathers and Sons" - the analysis of contemporary society.Turgenev shows that thought Bazarov did not take root, a conflict that has arisen in this family, hesitated, and before reaching logical solutions.But at the end of the book, while the double wedding of father and son, the author makes a slight accent and says that no one nor the other does not look happy.

Author parents Bazarov

Ivan Turgenev no secret of his attitude to the older generation, and it instills a love of its readers.His tender feelings of gratitude and respect can be seen in the description of parents Bazarov.Cute, adorable wife in the first row, we are pretty warmth and friendliness which emanates from them.

generations of conflict in the novel "Fathers and Sons" could not be so bright if the author so clearly revealed to the reader images of the elderly.For example, he introduces us to Arina Vlasyevna and Vasily Ivanovich.Mother - a sweet old lady, still believes in God and the people's superstition.She - is the embodiment of hospitality, peace and kindness.Father, honorable man who rightly earned the respect of friends.He is sincere, cordial and even tries to join the generation of new ideas.

only son - the greatest joy in their lives.Knowing of his difficult character, the parents as much as possible try to appease him.There are around him on tiptoe and show only a part of the feelings to the beloved child.Yevgeny Bazarov, the protagonist of the novel "Fathers and Sons" is revealed to us on the other side in the home.

role throughout life Bazarov

impregnable heart is not so unassailable.From the first lines of the novel the reader watches as Eugene refers disparagingly to the older generation.Corrosive, pompous, conceited, he refuses any thoughts of others.His arrogance and cold push.It is inhuman and indifferent to old age.

But he had to be in the parents' house, like most of his contempt disappears.The main theme of the novel "Fathers and Sons", a difference of generations, it is clearly expressed in the relationship Eugene and his parents.Changing the environment is changing the mindset of Bazarov.It becomes softer, more tolerant, more tender.Despite the fact that he rarely visited by home, he loves dearly loved, although carefully it hides behind the mask of distraction.Its main problem is that he did not learn to express feelings, especially when it comes to light, positive emotions.It is with a wall of incomprehension and inability faced by parents.

conflicting views

Turgenev in his work revealed a simple, painful truth - between generations.Old-fashioned parents Bazarov only worsen, though not specifically, the relationship with his son.All images of the novel "Fathers and Sons" - a very strong personality, and for them to break their own views in favor of others is unacceptable thing.

young man does not share with parents, other generations, their philosophy.They are devout, and he - an atheist, they are people first half of the century, it is - the second.And the parents, knowing his son is closed, do not try to get into his world of new principles.Thus, both the first and second rejoice that a small fraction of intimacy that is.

Perhaps if Eugene was a way of life long, he became a father, you would have realized over the years that did not open to him - the young dreamer.And then the conflict of generations in the novel "Fathers and Sons" was able to find a logical solution.But the author has decided to rectify the situation in the fate of its readers through grief characters.

world that is not up to the views of Bazarov

events in the novel take place from May 1859 until the winter of 1860.This is a landmark year in the history of Russia.It was then that originated the new ideals.And the first who started to distribute them was Yevgeny Bazarov.But the world was not ready for his convictions, so the only thing left lonely hero, is to leave his attempts to change the country.But fate had chosen for him the other way.

Death put an end to the suffering on earth where no one knew.Along with the death of Bazarov decided and all the conflicts that are created by the author in the work.The history of the novel "Fathers and Sons" - a homeless person story.He was forgotten friends, supporters and loved.Only elderly parents continue to mourn their only joy.

problem of "fathers and children" occurs in all spheres of human life: in the family, in the working team, in the community.This issue could be resolved if the older generation is more tolerant to the younger, somewhere, perhaps in agreement with him, as "children" in this case will show more respect.