Feature Esenina love lyrics.

SAEsenin known as a poet, glorified the beauty of Russian nature and the love of a woman.Like no one else, love theme sounds he has a very bright, fascinating and, in many cases, sadly.Feature Esenina love poetry is that it shows the two sides of the feelings of happiness and follow it sadness and disappointment.Loving poets devoted poems to many women, each was either unique to him, so in a special sound and each poem.

Objects poems of love theme

Feature Esenina love poetry can not be understood without knowing about the women, which the poet dedicated his poems.Yesenin had a reputation for not only the bully racket, but Don Juan, who had many women.Of course, the poetic nature can not live without love, and such was Yesenin.In his poems, he confessed that he loved no woman, and he, too, was in love again.One of the first striking hobbies poet was Anna Sardanovsky.Then another 15-year-old Sergei fell in love and wanted that, having reached a certain age, to marry her.It is the house of Anne the p

oet said: "Low house with blue shutters, do not forget I'll never."

should be said that not always lyric poet could determine exactly what kind of woman was the target.For example, the heroine of the poem "Anna Snegina" has just three prototypes: Anna Sardanovsky Lydia Kashin, Olga Sno.The name of the latter have been linked Esenina very vivid memories of his first steps in the literary field.The poet visited the interior of the writer, where he participated in debates and disputes, are gradually getting used to the city life of writers.

can not say about the poet's wife, Zinaida Reich.Her image has become important not only to create love poems.She was also dedicated the poem "Inonia."About Zinaida said Yesenin's poem "Letter from the mother": "His wife is easy to put to another."It Reich is lyrical poem "The Hound of Kachalov".

Perhaps the most vivid and contradictory feelings in the fate of the poet - it is his love for Isadora Duncan.Until now, not all can understand what has attracted quite a young fair-haired handsome man in the already mature woman Isadora.The result of the relationship with the famous dancer was a cycle of poems "Moscow Taverns.""I was looking at this woman happy, and I found perdition" - exclaims the poet.

Analysis poetry

Already in the very first verse manifests the main feature of love lyrics Esenina: love for everyone - it is a tragedy.As an example, the poem "Tanya was well."Easy style emphasizes the bold young life, but it is contrary to the sound of the final verse.Tanya kill herself because of unrequited love.Certainly, early lyric poet - is first and foremost a hymn to the Motherland.Most of the works of this period are devoted to Russia, believing in God, country, animals.But in later years Yesenin realized himself as a true vospevatel love.

Poems 20s

Surprisingly, the theme of love has become one of the major names in the period when the poet began to call himself a bully.In the cycle of poems "Love bully" clearly heard motives the transience of love, its fragility, but the feeling is described as a very bright moment in life, for which the person is ready to do anything.In some texts Yesenin vulgar, violent language, sometimes even obscene.Despite this, they are filled with feelings of deep pain, they heard the cry of the soul, thirsting for love, lost and confused in everyday routine ("Rash harmonica", "Sing, Sing").

analysis of the poem "sweep out the fire blue"

This text clearly manifested this love lyrics Esenina feature is the use of vivid metaphors and epithets.The poet regrets that spent a lot of time on sprees and scandals, forgetting that life is paramount.Yesenin says this idea: he denied even poetry, if only to touch a gentle hand and hair "color in the autumn."Perhaps none of the poets could not describe the feeling is so touching swashbuckling bully.The poem shows all the important features love lyrics Esenina (an essay on this topic must contain his analysis), one of which is the vitality.First of all it is due to autobiographical.Each described the feeling was experienced by the poet himself.

"Let you drunk another"

poem full of sorrow for the noble past.The author expresses his sympathy with all that was before, and that has not happened.Feature Esenina love lyrics that love is always sad.The poet focuses on the fact that all human life is not like in my dreams.The reason for this human stupidity, the pursuit of petty values ‚Äč‚Äčcarelessness.In this text, the poet admits his lyrical heroine: she alone could be his true friend and wife, but they both failed to secure themselves for each other.

cycle "Persian motifs"

It is a real jewel of love poetry.Beautiful oriental style, a special musicality and vivid images - these are the characteristics of love lyrics Esenina in this cycle.One of the most striking works "Shagane you my Shagane."It is unusual because of its composition.The first lines of verse and a refrain heard repeated in the last stanza.But the main feature is that each verse is built on the principle of circular composition.

This text is most clearly embodied particularly love poetry Esenina.Works of literature written on the subject, must necessarily include consideration of means of artistic expression, for here the poet has achieved the stunning beauty of it is due to the unusual turns of phrase.How strange sounds at the same time strongly string "I am ready to tell you the field."The abundance of epithets allows the author to express his love for his native country and longing for her.

"I asked today at the money changers ..."

In this work Yesenin managed to express their attitude to this mysterious feeling, like love, right.The lyrical hero finds from the Persian moneychangers that love can not be designated no words can express it only touches, looks and kisses.Again unusual composition.The first line is repeated in each stanza, creating a special rhythm.

features love lyrics Esenina (briefly)

Consider the main features of love poems of the poet:

  1. Love is like an obsession, a disease description feelings that destroys human - that's especially love poetry Esenina.And Mayakovsky, and other poets of the time.In the early 20th century, this view of this feeling was very topical among writers.
  2. amorous feelings able to pull the man for a moment from the everyday routine, but, unfortunately, it is not eternal.And then there are only pleasant, but at the same time and painful memories, pinching breasts.
  3. Using bright poetic images (comparisons, metaphors and epithets).By the way, this particular love poetry Yesenin, Blok, Mayakovsky and other poets of the Silver Age, who were looking to find a new verse, and a new form of expression.

These features love lyrics Esenina.Short essay should reflect all three points, and they must be confirmed by specific examples.It is easy to do, because in almost every poem one way or another affected by this issue.As a material to create works on the theme "features love lyrics Esenina" (essay or essay) can take such memorable lyrics like "Hands cute - a pair of swans," "Letter to Women", "dog Katchalov," "I have never beenon the Bosphorus. "