Most popular books.

Despite the rapid development of information technology, the books of our time do not lose their relevance.Among librarians There is a common belief that young people today are not interested in reading, but prefers his computer games.However, it is worth noting erroneous.Books are meant to read them.While there are significant works of authors it is worthy of reading, and readers will be.

This article is devoted to the topic - the most popular books.This list, of course, will not be complete.Each of us has their own preferences.We invite you to read it and, perhaps, to remember their favorite works.

«Master and Margarita»

Perhaps the most mysterious of the novels by Mikhail Bulgakov.The work - a great discovery and the mystery of the twentieth century.The novel incorporates the socio-political issues, reflects social contradictions.

It is a love story that shook the entire planet.Most popular books of the world, a list that goes on and can hardly be compared with the work of Bulgakov and cons

ummate skill as a writer.It featured the theme of betrayal and redemption, sacrifice, and this feeling, which is not afraid of no distance, no barrier.The problem of creativity is also declared a bold chord: true art does not die, and to live in eternity remains.Most popular books of fantasy, which does not exhaust the list of modern novels led to the famous "Harry Potter", would be incomplete without the "last, the setting of the novel" Bulgakov.

«War and Peace»

We are all familiar with the names of the youth Natasha, Andrei Bolkonsky and Pierre Bezukhov.This favorite characters of Leo Tolstoy, which are still evoke a sense of sadness and incredible warm complicity to events in every civilized man.People empathize with a fine sense of the failures of the heroes and share their joy with them.The characters live in the hearts of those who are not indifferent to literature, can feel the beauty and significance.Of course, the novel "War and Peace" can be attributed to the "Top Books" list is constantly updated.

Why are only moral rethinking of Andrei Bolkonsky, heartfelt feelings of Natasha and Pierre Bezukhov spiritual search!Each of the three main characters worthy of its connoisseurs and readers.


Paulo Coelho - a great master of contemporary philosophical novel.Who else but the Spanish writer can with such generosity to share with us his unique understanding of the truth?His book is definitely not for everyone.They are addressed to the reader who is looking for you.Along with the heroes, he embarks on a dangerous and exciting adventure, full of mysteries and the great mysteries.If you choose the most popular books list them would be incomplete without the "Alchemist", his hero - forever wandering sage in search of higher truth and meaning of life.

«Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat»

Who of us in childhood do not read books Eduard Uspensky?His characters are always linger in the memory: the cat Matroskin and dog Sharik the boy's uncle Fedor.Last is the main character in the story, but the "tail" is not inferior to his friends in the degree of fame.

at seven - ten years of independence we admire Uncle Theodore, the fact that he learned to read early, started a friendship with a cat and understand its language.The most popular children's books, a list of which can be continued indefinitely, can hardly be compared with the charming impression of what makes a work of Eduard Uspensky.


This stunning trilogy Armenian author Narine Abgaryan.The story about Manyunya includes three separate children's books, which are read without laughing (or at least a smile) will fail.The very author argues that addressed their works for children and adults to the past not forgotten how to laugh, have not forgotten how to believe in miracles, and finally were able to remember his childhood.

not leave anyone indifferent Abgaryan sisters and Maria Schatz, and then fall into various interesting situations.The girls hit their ingenuity and penchant for "destructive actions."The most popular modern books, list them perfectly complements a trilogy Narine Abgaryan.The product captures from the start and does not let go till the end.It can be so hard to laugh when reading that pump up the press, and not have to deal with special physical exercises for weight loss!

«Jonathan Livingston Seagull»

serious and partly philosophical novel by Richard Bach, dedicated to the theme of moral choice and loyalty to the dream.This is a story about a little seagull that childhood feeling is not like the others.Kindred thought only about how to get food and feed themselves, and Jonathan more than anything wanted to learn to fly.In a society where he lived and grew up, was considered indecent to think about flying, and this activity was blamed.Will the young Jonathan defend their own right to the desire to be happy, win or "herd" feeling - not to stand out from the crowd?The book is addressed primarily to young people looking for themselves, who want to feel the support of others, and know that they are not alone in this world.

Thus, the listed works are the most popular books.This list certainly can be added many times as desired and capabilities of each of us.Read books with pleasure, with an unprecedented pleasure, pay attention to the important stuff that make up the flavor of each particular product!