Properties and features stories.

Fairy tales are the most popular form of folklore, they create amazing art world, which reveals all the possibilities of the genre in its entirety.When we say "a fairy tale", that often means it is a magical story that fascinates children very young age.What is it captivates its listeners / readers?Let us try to understand it and thus to highlight the main features of a fairy tale.

Fiction - that's the main feature

The most important feature of the fairy tale is that her world and all events are based solely on fiction.Listing the signs of fairy tales, should begin with the opportunity to break away from the ordinary reader and move in a fictional world that bears no resemblance to reality.Because in the fairy-tale world erases the boundaries of space and time, and there are many examples: tridesyatom state, which is far away, or the timing, which is calculated in a magical system of such concepts as much and not enough.

fabulous time is a circle that closes on itself.The tale begins in a magical

world, a space where there are not the usual laws of physics and time is calculated entirely different rules.Take, for example, the most common and most favorite technique, which is used in fairy tales - threefold repetition (which is most important is a leader in the classification of "the signs of the fairy tale").It is typically used at the beginning of the fabulous events and can slow the progress of action.The finale, on the contrary, accelerated, he, incidentally, always happy and often ends with the wedding.

fascinating story

What tale signs can be identified yet?The plot of the fairy tale fun and very complicated.It consists of episodes that are directly related to the main character and his mission.The hero gets the job great complexity, for the fulfillment of his promise that showered with gold, to give to his wife princess or fulfill a desire.Tasks can range from exploration and production of exotic object to eliminate any super-strong and powerful creatures.And then in a fairy tale fun begins - a journey that also traditionally included in the list of "signs of fairy tales."

time to the road-track

The protagonist is sent to distant and unexplored region and on the way to overcome various obstacles and difficulties.The difficult journey, he won the hearts of good deeds comrades who promised to help him in the difficult task.Together they win through cunning enemies, many of which occur on the way to the main goal.

By the way, the characters in fairy tales are divided into two groups.One of them includes the protagonist and his assistants, and the other - assistant chief enemy himself.Initially, the enemy is much stronger than the protagonist, and in the course of the unfolding events of his advantage may also increase.But the main character always finds a weak spot the enemy and about how to defeat him.

effect of surprise

But the possibilities of the protagonist, things are different: first, they are significantly understated.Signs tales include the mandatory presence of the main and secondary characters, their characteristics.Weak intellectual abilities may say the nickname of the protagonist, his social status is sometimes also leaves much to be desired.Thus an effect of surprise.

When all the side characters - strong, smart and capable - can not perform a difficult task, for which a fee is assumed, then here comes the protagonist, who, as it seems, and certainly not cope.Still, he is given a chance to not discriminate.This turn of events can be categorized as "folk-tale signs."

Due to their bravery and good deeds during the journey the main character receives a unique variety of magical items, or to win friends, who saved from imminent death.They are often talking animals, which subsequently helps in tasks with their ideas or participate in the actions themselves.

Miracles in fairy tales are simply necessary.They help to explain the different phenomena, such as conversion into different creatures, instant move any distance and the victory of the weak over the strong goodie negative.All of the above can be described as signs of the folk tale.

moral overtones

Tale gives lessons and develop correct moral and ethical values.The actions of the protagonist show how to be a good man: he makes noble deeds and did not expect for them any reward.Thus the tale teaches the correct way of life and a positive example of young readers.Well have to defeat the evil, justice must prevail - the main idea of ​​fairy tales.

All this is described in the story is very simple, but very colorful and poetic language.The style of narration in many fairy tales are very similar, but each of them is unique and interesting.

Poetics magic

summarize: What are the signs of a fairy tale, we found?It has a particular composition;in it there is such a method as threefold repetition;tale is unusual, magical scenes, which often occur miraculous transformations;as it has positive and negative characters, and certainly good triumphs over evil.

Select tale signs is not difficult - it is mandatory inclusion in the contents of some installation on fiction, which will determine the poetics of fairy tales.In it, there are two parallel world - the real and magical, in which the hero finds himself in the real.In the fairy tale motif traced travel, during which the main character will go through many trials and overcome obstacles.Also, in the fairy tale hero often makes a magical helper or accompanies him to his goal.Often the main character for committing good deeds give a gift various magic items.