"Bread for the dog": a summary.

«Man" and "subhuman" ... Where is the line between the two?What is it?Where is?Questions controversial and complex.One thing - the brink of a thin, very thin, and everyone is their own.One is enough to experience envy, jealousy, and he loses his human image, the other - the fear, hunger, poverty or, conversely, to plunge into luxury, at the third - fangs from birth.Trials set.Hence, the greatest of many lives.Some people do not stand up, give up and die, physically or spiritually - there is no difference, in fact, the death of "soul" is much worse.Others, too, like flex, but tirelessly continue to seek life-saving straw, and find it, because it can not be ... Story Tendryakova "Bread for the dog" - just about the thinnest verge ...

hungry post-revolutionary Russia

post-revolutionary Russia.What words describe it?What colors to depict the famine prevailed everywhere and horror?Only the black!But black without white does not make sense, however, as no black and white.Therefore Vladimir Tendriakov i

n his work "Bread for the dog" (summary follows below), of course, along with the dark tones of uses and all shades of light.They are not as many as we would like, but they are there and, therefore, there is hope, and love, and justice ...

«Bread for the dog": a summary of product B. Tendryakova

It was 1933.Summer.A small Russian town.SmOkEd The station building.Not far from it - extirpation fence, behind it - through a birch public garden, and in it, on the dusty grass - those who are no longer considered people.For real, they had documents izmusolennye but identity: name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, for which he was convicted and where to send ... But this is no one cared how and what they eat, they drink, where they live,who are working.They - men dispossessed, disfranchised, enemies of the people, or, as they call it, "Gorgol," and then they dropped out of the number of people.

However, they looked and were themselves also do not like people.Exhausted by hunger and disease, some seemed upholstered in dark leather skeletons with huge empty eyes, others - swollen from dropsy "elephants" with bruised skin relief.Some gnawed bark on trees or eating garbage on the ground, others lying in the dust, moaning, staring into the empty sky.But most people were like those who have left the world of the living.They lay quietly, peacefully.However, among them were the "rebels."They were at the farewell sigh covered by this madness - they went up, shout sililis murderous poisonous curse, but took off alone wheezing, bubbling foam, and they fell silent forever ... The story of "Bread for the dog" on the episode ends.

protagonist of the story

Adults tried to avoid this grim place.The children, too, did not come, she was afraid, but curiosity, "zverusheche" some, took up and they climbed the fence and watched the scene from there.They strangled fear, disgust, they were exhausted from the hidden, and therefore unbearably acute, penetrating pity, but continued to look into my eyes."What these children will grow out of?Admire death ... "- says the head of the station, wandering on duty on the platform.

Among those children was a boy of ten and Volodya Tenke - the protagonist of the story "Bread for the dog."Analysis of the product will help to better understand the topic, idea and product perspective.The story unfolds as a series of memories, therefore, the narrative in the first person - the name of the boy.As an adult, he wondered for a long time and could not understand how he, as a child, vulnerable, impressionable, with a fragile psyche, did not get sick and do not crazy on the darkness and horror.But then he remembers that his soul had already been "obmozolena."Man to all accustomed to, sooner or later, humbled.So his soul is used to seeing the pain, suffering and public humiliation "neat" people from starvation alone.However, accustomed to it?No, rather, it has developed a "protective layer".She suffered and suffered endlessly, but continued to breathe deeply, to empathize and to seek life-saving way out of despair.

shameful to be fed

First Volodya tried to honestly share my breakfast - four pieces of bread - with fellow classmates.But wanting and "suffering" proved too much - from all sides stretched hands.Bread fell, and a few feet with impatience, without malice, walked in pieces and crush them ...

Volodka tortured, but at the same time and did not let go his mind another thought: those who died in a birch public garden- enemies.And the enemies are doing?They destroy, otherwise - in any way, because the enemy is defeated all the same enemy: he will never forgive and be sure to sharpen a knife behind his back will be.On the other hand, can it be considered an enemy of the one who gnaws the bark of birch in?Or enemies are dead from hunger old men and children in the villages of the dispossessed?These questions, he found his answer: he can not "absorb" their "dishes" one with whom to share something - a must, even if he or she - the enemy ... "Bread for the dog", a summary of which is given inThis article - is the story of the pain of conscience which are terrible, but without which the human soul dies.

Who's hungry?

He did not sneak had finished what he was served for lunch or dinner, and honestly saved "thieving" product belongs to the person who was, in his opinion, the most-most hungry.Such a person was to find both easy and difficult.Hunger in the village were all, but who is the most?How to find out?You can not make a mistake ...

He gave his "searing through his pockets," the remnants of dinner one "uncle" with a pale swollen face, and put to do so every day.One "bestow" had happened, but over time the number of beggars was growing steadily.Every day near his house to collect them in abundance.They stood all day without getting tired waiting for its release.What to do?Feed more than two - forces will not suffice.But my father said that it is impossible to scoop a teaspoon of the sea ... And then he had a breakdown, or, as he himself said, "cure".In an instant, dark eyes, and somewhere from the depths of the soul broke out beyond his sobbing and screaming, "Go away!Go away!Bastards!Bastards!Bloodsuckers! "And they silently turned around and left.Forever.

B. Tendriakov: "Bread for the dog" or "Food for conscience»

Yes, of boyish self-pity, he was cured, but what to do with conscience?From it is impossible to get rid of, or - death.He is hungry, very hungry, it can be said to satiety.Probably, these five products would be enough to escape from a cruel starvation.He does not save it of their life simply ate.These thoughts did not give him anything to eat or sleep.But one day came to the porch of their dog.She was empty, "dirty" eyes ... And suddenly, as if Volodya steam bath breathed: here it is - the most hungry and miserable creature in the world!And he began to feed her every day she endured a piece of bread.She grasped it on the fly, but never once came up to the boy.The most dedicated human being on earth never once he did not trust.But Volodya and did not need this gratitude.Do not skinned, he fed the dog and his conscience.We can not say that the proposed "food" so loved of conscience.It is at times "was ill", but without the threat of death.This story does not end there.V.Tendryakov ("Bread for the dog") included another episode, a very small, but very effective, it can be said, from the author's emotional "total."

In the same month committed suicide the same strolling along the platform the station master."Man" and "subhuman": he crossed the fine line and could not resist ... How he did not think to find yourself some balding little dog, to tear myself something and share it every day?Here it is the truth!

Once again I want to remind you that the article is devoted to the story B. Tendryakova "Bread for the dog."Summary can not display fully the emotional anguish of the soul of a little boy described his fear and at the same time a silent protest against the existing world order.Therefore, reading of the work in its entirety is necessary.