Analysis of the product, "Fathers and Sons" IS

Ivan Turgenev in February 1862 published a novel called "Fathers and Sons."In it, he tried to show the reader the time to grow a tragic social conflict.

In this article, we will analyze works of "Fathers and Sons", find out what the problems are addressed in this novel, what is the author's thought.

before us is the economic turmoil, the decomposition of the traditional way of life, impoverishment of the people, the destruction of relations with the peasant land.Helplessness and stupidity of all classes now and then threatens to degenerate into chaos and disarray.Against this backdrop, unfolding debate about how to save Russia, which are representing the two main groups of the heroes of the Russian intelligentsia.

Family conflict

national literature Always check the strength and stability of society family relationships that should be noted by analyzing the works of "Fathers and Sons."The novel begins with the image of the conflict in the family Kirsanovs between the son and father.Turgenev go

es even further, to a clash of political, social character.

main conflicts, relationships of characters are revealed mainly in terms of ideas.This is reflected in how to construct a novel in which a large role is played controversy protagonists, their painful thoughts, passionate speeches.Ivan Sergeyevich did not make the characters work in the exponents of the author's ideas.Achieving this writer - the ability to link the organic movement, even the most abstract representations of the characters with their position in life.

to the modern protagonists

The analysis of work "Fathers and Sons" should be included, and the ratio of its different characters to modernity.One of the main criteria in determining the human person for the writer was how it relates to the surrounding life, current events.The first thing that catches our eyes, if we pay attention to the "fathers" - Nikolai Petrovich and Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov, is that, in fact, they are not as old people, but do not accept and do not understand what is happeningaround.Analysis of the novel ISTurgenev's "Fathers and Sons" confirms this idea.

Pavel Petrovich said that they learned in their youth the principles distinguish it from those who are listening to the present.But Ivan Turgenev shows that such a stubborn desire to express contempt for modernity this character just comical.He plays a role, from looking ridiculous.

Nikolai unlike his older brother is not so consistent.He even said that he likes young people.But, as it turns out, he understands modernity is that it prevents peace.For example, he decided to sell the forest for timber only because he had a few months to move to the peasants.

Regulation big personality in relation to modernity

Ivan Sergeyevich thought that any major personality is always in relation to its natural time.That is a bazaar.Lack of independence, the small people live in the eternal sense of frustration with his time.Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov takes this disharmony as the wrong modernity, that is, he denies the passage of time, thereby stiffening in his conservatism, but the people of another type (of which we write separately below) are trying to catch up with him.

Sitnikov and Kukshina

In his novel Turgenev brought several of these images, which tend to make haste for the rapidly changing over time, it is imperative to note that, by analyzing the works of "Fathers and Sons."It Sitnikov and Kukshina.They expressed this trait clearly and very bright.They usually Bazarov says dismissively.Arcaded him harder.

It is not so petty and stupid as Sitnikov.Talking with his uncle and his father, Arkady explained to them rather precisely such a complex concept as "nihilist."This character is interesting is the fact that Bazarov does not recognize "his brother."Attitude is moving closer to him last, forced to treat him softer, more forgiving than to Sitnikov and Kukshinov.Arkady, however, still has the desire to catch something in nihilism, somehow closer to him, and he clings only for external signs.

irony in the work

It should be noted an important quality style of Ivan Sergeyevich, is present in the novel "Fathers and Sons."Analysis of the product shows that it is from the very beginning of his literary career, this writer made extensive use of the reception of irony.

In the novel "Fathers and Sons" this capacity, he was awarded Bazarov, who uses it is very flexible: the irony of this hero - a means to separate yourself from others that he does not respect, or is to "fix" the person who ityet not indifferent.These are his ironic techniques when dealing with Arkady.

Evgeny owns and another kind of irony - irony.It refers ironically to their behavior and their actions.Recall, for example, the stage duel with Pavel Petrovich Bazarov.In it he mocks his opponent, but no less evil and bitter - over himself.Analysis of the duel scene in the work of Turgenev's "Fathers and Sons" to better understand the character of Bazarov.In such moments the charm of the character is revealed in full.No self-love, there is no complacency.

nihilism Bazarov

Turgenev holds this young man in the circles of difficult trials of life that with this exhibit objectivity and completeness degree of right and wrong of the hero of the novel "Fathers and Sons."Analysis of the product shows that denial, "a complete and ruthless", can be justified as the only possible attempt to change the world, at the same time doing away with the contradictions.But the creator of the novel, and certainly that is present in the logic of nihilism inevitably leads to freedom without any obligations, to look for without faith, without love for action.The writer can not find this movement of creative, creative power: the changes for real people provides a nihilist, in fact tantamount to their destruction, as shown by the analysis conducted by the writer."Fathers and Sons" reveals the contradictions of the kind representing the movement of the hero.

survivor of love and suffering Bazarov could not have again to be consistent and solid destroyer, firmly confident, ruthless, broke a strong rightfully others.But to subordinate his life to self-denial, to accept, to seek solace in the sense of duty, in art, in love to the woman as the hero is unable - he is too proud, angry, unrestrained free to do so.Death is the only way out.


conclude our analysis of the "Fathers and Sons", we note that this novel has caused bitter controversy in the literature of the XIX century.Turgenev believed that his work will help to unite the various social forces that society will listen to the warnings of the writer.But the dream of peace and friendship and common cultural stratum of Russian society has not materialized.

This concludes our analysis of the product of "Fathers and Sons."You can continue, noting other moments.We leave the reader to ponder this novel alone.