Literary quiz for children.

Literary quiz repeatedly used by teachers in secondary schools.This is a form of control of acquired knowledge on the subjects covered.From the careful preparation of the teacher depends on how much fun and quality will be the result.

Goals and Objectives

purpose of literary quiz is to develop interest in reading.Books should be for the students real friends.Literary quiz can be conducted in the form of a game.

This will increase the interest of children to help them actively to show themselves and to demonstrate their great knowledge.


  • Educational - deepening and consolidation of the knowledge obtained in the classroom.Expanding horizons.
  • Developing .It lies in the development of logical and creative thinking that is necessary at a young age.Formation of creative abilities, and to activate the imagination.
  • Educational .It will help to awaken interest in the works of Russian and foreign writers.

Quiz "Oh guys peer»

This traditional literary quiz for schoolchildren.

FAQs (in parentheses):

  1. The story of Leo Tolstoy "Filippok" Mom would not let his son in ... (School).
  2. What is the name of the protagonist of the story N. Artyukhova "coward."This little girl has shown the courage and bravery.(Val).What
  3. lost school boy Vitya from the story "Three Comrades" B. Oseeva?(Breakfast).
  4. What is the name of the protagonist of the story, "Conscience" A. Gaidar.(Nina).

  5. What musical instrument has become indispensable for Jenny and help her pick berries, strawberries?(Fife).
  6. Give the girl's name from the poem "rope" A. Barto, which could for half an hour to jump rope without stopping.(Lida).
  7. What prevented Alenka from the story "The Haunted letter" B. Dragoon correctly pronounce the letter "w"?(Tooth, missing tooth).
  8. What is the name of the main character in the story "Elephant" AIKuprin.(Nadia).
  9. Mikhalkov In the poem "What have you got?"was a boy, my mother who worked as an engineer.What was his name?(Toll).
  10. What is the vehicle through the woods used main characters from the poem "Travelers" B. Berestova?(Skiing).
  11. Name a subject with which the children of the story Prishvin "Guys and ducklings" caught ducklings.(A cap).
  12. After the boy Pavlik (the hero of the story "The magic word" V. Oseeva) said the magic word, my grandmother gave him ... (Patty).
  13. In "patch" Nosov character Bobok sewed patch holes in place.Which vegetable is compared to its size?(Cucumber).
  14. Where staged cache Pippi Longstocking and her friends in the novel A. Lindgren?(In the hollow).

Quiz "Writers of the animals»

a literary quiz with answers, which is devoted to various animals from stories and fairy tales.Children such a topic near and very interesting, as all love our younger brothers.

  1. Who scared the main character in the story in the attic V.Bianki "Arishka-coward?"(Spider).
  2. Who taught to swim and dive in a fairy tale hare "Listopadnichek" I. Sokolov-Mikitova?(Beaver).
  3. What nickname huge and vicious dog from the story "coward" N. Artyuhova.(Lohmach).
  4. Who predicted the emergence of the baby in the queen of the fairy tale "Sleeping Princess" VA Zhukovsky?(Spider).
  5. who very frightened kid in the forest in "The Conscience" A. Gaidar?(Dog).
  6. What nickname remarkable story of the elephant "Elephant" AIKuprin.(Tommy).
  7. in "fairy tale about a brave hare" D. Mamin-Sibiryak main character scared ... (Wolf).
  8. who are under mysterious hat in "The Living Hat" Nosov?(Kitten).
  9. Where did the dog and the lion of the story of Leo Tolstoy?(The Zoo).
  10. Name the name of the dog Aunt Natasha's story of "Pal" Nosov (Dianka).
  11. Who was the fox, cat Basilio friend of Tolstoy tale "The Golden Key ..."?(Alice).
  12. who scared Peter and the Shura in the dark story of E. Charushin?(Hedgehog).
  13. What a sad friend who lost his tail in a fairy tale "Winnie the Pooh" A. Milne.(Eeyore).
  14. Who Pippi Longstocking from the story-tale A. Lindgren could lift and carry yourself?(Horse).

Literary Quiz (Grade 4) "In the pages of children's books»

  1. What is your favorite word Emelya from the fairy tale "According to Pike."(Reluctance).
  2. Call the mainland from the story of Leo Tolstoy "Shark."His main events taking place off the coast.(Africa).
  3. had feared the Tin Woodman from the story-tale "The Wizard of Oz" Volkov?(Waters).
  4. Who writes patterns on the windows?(Santa Claus).
  5. where mosquito tales of Pushkin stared cook?(In the eyes).
  6. By what drug Aibolit instantly cured neck Chichi?(Ointments).
  7. What initially wanted to cook a dish of pike, which was the main character in a fairy tale "According to Pike?"(Wuhu).
  8. Where Pinocchio planted in the house of the Malvinas as a punishment?(In the closet).
  9. In Dunno who turned the leaf through a magic wand?(The donkey).
  10. What inherited the eldest son in a fairy tale "Puss in Boots" Charles Perrault?(Mills).

Quiz competition

literary quiz for children can be in the form of the game, which will increase the interest of students.You can combine all the tasks a theme, such as fabulous.Among the main objectives are the following: enhancing children's reading;reinforcement of knowledge passed on the topics, organization of leisure of students, the repetition of the names of the authors and heroes of children's fairy tales.

Literary quiz game can be called "In the pages of favorite fairy tales."Start the quiz competition can lead to the introductory words.Teacher welcomes children ask them about their favorite fairy tales.Requests own split into two teams and helps them in this.Each team comes up with a unique name for himself.Quiz can be divided into several sections.For correct answers get the team points.After all the competitions teacher (or jury) summarize.


This can be a separate literary quiz.Grade 3 is quite cope with it.These questions will be able to answer the children, and the second and first class.

In the first competition is open to two teams at the same time.Students answer questions in unison.

  1. sour cream was implicated.In the window to cool.He rosy side.This, children, ... (Gingerbread).
  2. mom her daughter sewed a beautiful hat.The girl to her grandmother went to visit.And patty took with him.What is the name the girl, nice cat?(Little Red Riding Hood).
  3. Together, together, in the chain, took her so firmly.Dedkov, grandmother, bugs, granddaughter can not draw.How firmly stuck.Who is it?(Turnip).
  4. bearded villain torments of their children.Artemon and Piero, Malvina and Pinocchio.He knows each one of you.This is a terrible (Karabas).
  5. in blue hat boy lived in the famous children's book.Sheepish he Zaznayka.What is the name of it?(Dunno).
  6. wooden kid knows a secret.With him are friends Artemon, Pierrot and Malvina.And his nose is long.Who is it?(Pinocchio).
  7. dealer busts on his stepmother erased.House cleaned up and got the ball.Beautiful like the sun.Who is it?(Cinderella).

Team play

Literary quiz can be conducted as a contest.To do this, the teacher divides the children into two teams.First, the first group is responsible.The second should not prompt.Answers should be given immediately.The correct answer - 1 point.Wrong - minus rating.Then he answers the questions the other team.Questions for the first group of children:

  • Who wrote the work "Cat's House"?(S. Marshak).
  • groom Flies Boldly Buzzing (Mosquito).
  • Aibolit Where to go?(In Africa).
  • What to cook porridge soldiers?(From the ax).
  • What was the name of a fairy tale panther "Mowgli"?(Bagheera).
  • What went Emelja?(On the stove).
  • Nickname cat from Buttermilk.(Matroskin).
  • Who was brother Alyonushka?(Ivan).
  • Who won Puss in Boots?(Ogre).
  • What went into the forest heroine tale "12 months"?(For snowdrops).

Questions for the second team:

  • Who was the boy in the fairy tale "The Snow Queen"?(Kai).
  • What fruits eaten Cheburashka?(Oranges).
  • Who wrote the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood"?(Charles Perrault).
  • Who was the girl who had a "Tsvetik-semitsvetik"?(Zhenya).What
  • hut was a rabbit in a fairy tale "Zaykin hut?"(Bast).In
  • who turned eleven royal sons?(The Swans).
  • Who was the cat from the fairy tale "Pinocchio"?(Basilio).
  • friend Piglet (Winnie the Pooh).
  • Who wrote the fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse"?(Ershov).
  • What time Cinderella had to return home from the ball?(The Twelve).


Thus, literary quiz - is not only a form of control on the lessons derived knowledge.It will help to strengthen students organize their leisure, to increase interest in reading and books.Questions and topics quizzes can be very diverse.It would be very interesting if the teacher is organizing a team game with several stages.Interestingly organized quiz will enhance students' interest in this form of work.They would be waiting for her, and then carefully prepare for the quiz.