"Obelisk": summary.

Vasil Bykov wrote his novel "The Obelisk" in 1971.Three years for this and another work, "Living till dawn", the writer received the State Prize of the USSR.In this article we retell the plot of the story, that is, describe its summary.Vasil Bykov "Obelisk" written in the Belarusian language.Then the story was translated into Russian and other languages.Its action takes place in the Belarusian village.


Summary of the book "The Obelisk" writer Vasil Bykov begins as follows.In the village Seltso died Miklashevich, still youngish teacher.As a teenager, he took part in the affairs of the guerrillas.His high school friends in 1942 shot by the Germans.Miklashevich achieved that in Selce in their honor erected a small monument.On the obelisk written five names of his comrades.And lower oil paint appended: "Moroz AI."


Summary story "Obelisk" (Vasil Bykov) continues.At the memorial service remembers Claus.About him tell different people.It was a teacher who loved children.One of the la

st - Miklashevich.Later, he also became a teacher, and also attracted children.At Frost complained that he behaves with his students as equals, does not support the discipline teaches without rigor.Ales Ivanovich lived at school, in class, at marginalia.This teacher taught by example children.So, together with the guys he chopped a fallen tree for firewood.Pani Jadzia, a teacher, said that it is possible to drop the prestige.

Ales Ivanovich was a lot of conflict.For example, it allowed students to keep dogs in the yard, one of which was three feet.Then came Starling - also from goners.He lived there and a blind cat.So Frost taught children kindness.

In the evening he escorted through the woods girls still lingers - helps with the cow, which Rastel, their mother.With its small teacher's salary, he bought a pair of shoes for girls, because his mother decided not to allow them to school in the cold.Boy Pavlik Miklashevich he left to live with yourself as a drunkard father beat him.This parent filed a complaint to the public prosecutor, as the child required by law to live in a family.His father was the son of a belt to beat the sight of the school.Then Ales Ivanovich was almost a fight is not helpful, did not let this man take the boy.The Commission has decided to give the guy in the orphanage.But Frost was in no hurry with this.

books for the school library Frost extracted where possible.He wore them out of the old homestead on the ice across the river.Near the coast fell through the ice and lay sick for a month.But lying in his closet was reading aloud to children Tolstoy.

helped Frost and peasants - giving advice, solicited or in Grodno region, riding on the ride to.And the war began.In Selce three days were Germans.Frost stayed in school, some believed that he was to curry favor with them.For partisans Ales Ivanovich became the most expensive assistant, took the receiver, wrote down everything he heard.

Two policeman

in the hamlet had two police officers.First, Lavchenya, did a lot of good people in that position.And another dubbed Cain, and he earned the nickname: shot wounded commanders hiding in the forest, burned manor connected, and the wife, children, parents of his shot.He mocked the Jews raiding.Cain suspected something around Morozova school.Produced questioning searched.Borodzicz, student Ales Ivanovich, hinted to him that you can whack of police.But he forbade svoevolnichat.

continue to talk about the events of the story, describing a summary.Vasil Bykov "Obelisk" continues to monitor developments.

the spring of 1942 around the teacher in the hamlet there was a dedicated group of guys.It was Paul Miklashevich (14 years), Kohl Borodzicz (17 years), the brothers Leather - Ostap and Timka, Nikolai gloomy (13 years old, the youngest) and Andrew gloomy - namesakes.These guys decided to destroy Cain's secret from the teachers.At night, Frost went to the partisans and learned that they were taken.He himself had barely escaped - Lavchenya policeman warned him.


Cain rolled to the farm on a German car with a soldier, a German sergeant, and two other policemen.They took the pigs in Selce, pohvatali home chickens.The guys decided to file the bridge on which the policeman and his men had to go back.The car overturned, but killed only German, ground down by it.The rest saw the fleeing boy.

Summary story Bykov "Obelisk" continues.Lavchenya night frost knocked to warn that "the lads took" and follow him.The policeman and the Germans figured out right, the guys who could commit sabotage.Ales Ivanovich took refuge among the partisans.But Juliana ran, connected, with the message that the Nazis need to come to the teacher, or threatening to shoot students.It is clear that the teacher killed and children were not released.Frost is surrender.The children, meanwhile, are locked in a barn, beaten, hauled in for questioning.In the midst of torture teacher appears.He is arrested.Cain wrote a report superiors, saying that caught the ringleader of the guerrillas - Frost.


sad ending story, which is made up of a summary.Vasil Bykov ("Obelisk") further describes the following events.Guys lead to death.The elder of the twins, Ivan asks to let go, because the Germans had promised.But his only hit in the teeth.Then the boy does not stand up and hits a fascist in the stomach with his foot.He was immediately shot.

As Pavlik survived

Frost knew that Pavlik is well run, and tells him to run, when the teacher says.Frost cry distracts the Nazis, and Pavlik is trying to do, but his shoot down.Think for the dead, the boy dropped into the melt water.Granny, which lived Frost, picks him up at night, driven by the father, his son mercilessly lashed the belt.That brings doctors from hides, treats his son, and in the end the boy survives.

other guys hung up on the first day of Easter Sunday.Of the seven boys survived only Miklashevich.But he was constantly sick: shot in his chest right through.He began tuberculosis, then grab the heart, and he almost died.

After the funeral ignite controversy, whether committed Ales Ivanovich feat or not.He volunteered his life, "put on the chopping block" for his students, which is more than if he had killed one hundred Germans.

This ends the summary.Vasil Bykov ("Obelisk") depicted the events much more, with a lot of details that we have not mentioned.

therefore recommend that you contact the product itself in order to create a complete picture of it.It shows the deep essence of the act teacher Vasil Bykov ("Obelisk").Summary of works of the author can not replace the original.