Weapons Bow: the history of appearance and usage examples.

In ancient times the bow was the main weapon of hunting and fighting almost all the peoples on the planet.Today he is an accessory for sport shooting.In addition to entertainment, it can be very helpful in nature, for example for survival.

story of onions.Examples of use

It handgun found or that the use of all peoples and nations, beginning from the Mesolithic and finishing 7th century AD.The exact location and time of the appearance of the bow scientists could not determine until today.But one thing is for sure - in the late Stone Age people used it as a weapon for hunting.Bow at the time was part of the mandatory equipment of each earner in the family (tribe).
Many scientists compare this tool with important human discoveries as fire and the wheel.Only at the intersection of eras bow was used in the wars of nomadic peoples.As for hunting, thanks to this weapon ancient tribes were able to produce their own meat food.Previously, men had to settle for medium-sized, slow-moving animals are herded into

a trap and were killed with stones and spears.With the advent of the bow opened the whole industry - hunting.Archaeologists agree that this weapon was used during the Neanderthals.This is evidenced by the hundreds of petroglyphs.In those ancient times the bow is a resilient root at the end of which was stretched string of wires or fiber.Later, it began to produce horns and fangs of large animals.The inhabitants of the tropics managed to make a bow of flexible plants, such as bamboo.

About 3 thousand years ago, it was used exclusively as a weapon.Onions in the right hands could hit the target of hundreds of meters.With the advent of the first conquerors began to form armies, legions.In Persia, the most valuable soldiers considered it archers, and in Rome they were given special privileges.Tech shooting each nation had its own, but it did not prevent them equally quickly and accurately hit the target even with the distance.

Luke and his views

shooting this weapon requires special skill and dexterity.Today the onion is used only in the sport or for fun in shooting galleries.Suitable for professional shooting the following types of onions:

- traditional (model must necessarily be made from a single piece of wood, so it is kind of a copy of a certain era weapons);

- classic (its design is vaguely reminiscent of the first kind, but used for the manufacture of advanced materials such as plastic or composite);

- block (the new and universal model, which differs from other types of dalnostrelnostyu achieved through special arrangements at the ends of the handle).

There is another classification, for example, in the form of manufacture (curved and straight) arrows on the location (peripheral and central) on materials (metal, composite, wood, fiberglass) and many other additional features and properties.By way of the use of arms is divided into bow hunting, recreational and sport.In any case, the shooting will need physical strength, concentration and serious exposure.

How to make your own bow

first step is to choose a suitable long rod.It is best to approach a strong branch is hardwood, for example oak, acacia or yew.The main thing that it had no cracks and knots.Permission is granted to use bamboo or juniper.The length of the rod - 1.8 meters.The properties to be met by material - flexibility and strength.It is also important to the natural curve of the rod was clearly in the middle.

The next step is to define the place of the handle, for which the shooter will keep the bow.Weapons (see photo. Below) should be easy to grip, the brush fits snugly against the rod, and the index finger and thumb soprikasalis.Vazhno to the edge of the handle located at a distance of 7.5 cm above and below the center of the bow.It is recommended to do at these places serifs.

Now is the time to give the bow shape.To do this, you must clean the rod of irregularities.Most thick trunk should be at the hilt.Following this, the notches are made to secure the string.The distance from the tip of the rod to the notches - from 2 to 5 cm. For best suited bowstring hemp rope, rawhide, strand of silk or durable monofilament.Secured to the bars should be safe nodes.

eventually bow arms should look like so that the length of the perpendicular from the point of maximum bending to tie material (scaffold) was from 20 to 22.5 cm.

How to make their own arrows

optimum material for them will serve dryequal branches.The length varies from 60 to 80 cm. Too big boom uncomfortable stretch, and they will fly smoothly.According to generally accepted standards, their length should not exceed the curve of the bow.The most common materials for arrows considered young branches with the least amount of knots and goldenrod field.The first thing you need to clean off twigs from irregularities and well dry.With the thicker end of the branch is a notch, which subsequently Arrow will cling to the bow.On the other hand a twig should be sharpened.In amateur shooting tip and tail boom are optional.Make them at home is very difficult.

shooting technique

First we need to choose the area for training, where there are no strangers.It should be checked bow and arrow, so that the basis for cracks, the string was not torn, and so on. D. This is done in order to protect themselves and others from possible injury.

Archery requires special provisions to the oscillation of the body is minimal.The handle should fit snugly in the palm, so that at the time of manipulation does not move sideways.It should be noted that the accuracy and strength of the shot depends directly on the position of the body and the stability of the bow.Also technique involves aiming and proper breathing.Archery starts with pulling the string.To this end, the handle is held in the left hand horizontally.Arrow put the socket on the string and pulls it so that the middle was a twig at the base of the bow.Then the weapon takes a vertical position.If possible, allowed to pull the string a little arrow.The final stage will be aiming, breath smooth and the subjugation of the target.


the starting position feet should be shoulder width apart.Torso arrow is aligned perpendicular to the ground, without any bending.The head turns to the target, and the chin slightly raised.The correct position is very important for targeting and maximum power of the shot.

retaining bow arm is fully stretched in the direction of the target.For all the action (by inserting the boom prior to its release) brush and joints do not have to bend or go with the intended axis.Drawing hand grasps the bow, pulls it and gradually releases the target for conquest.Its position should continue to boom axis.It is important that the elbow was omitted.Permission is granted to raise it to 5-10 degrees.

in professional sport before to shoot a bow, attention capture.It must comply with the index and middle fingers and ring it helps delay the more the bowstring.The amateur video boom can be held, as will your heart desires.Importantly, do not forget about the correct position of the body, arms and legs.

Foundations aiming

to learn to shoot a bow, not enough to know the correct position of the body and slow the breath.One of the most important and complex nuances is aiming.This process is prompting a bow on the target and keeping this position until the release of the arrow.For aiming must follow string projection relative to the plane of the target and maintain the height of the eyes.Exact hits the boom is achieved only after long practical training.To conquer distant target bow is raised relative to the ground, and with it, respectively, and the situation changed hands.

cost of ammunition

most budget is considered a classic bow (weapon).Its price ranges from 4,500 to 12,000 rubles.The cost depends on the manufacturer, as a base material and stick and string.

next for the price is a traditional bow.He is from 7,500 rubles and more.

Block bows are the most expensive.For most simple arrow will have to pay from 8,000 to 40,000 rubles.Professional cost from 50,000 rubles.
Children's bows can also be three of the above species.Hence, the difference in price - between 1,000 and 5,000 rubles.

Cost arrows - from 100 rubles.(1 piece).

Useful tips

1. When aiming a bow and arrows should always be perpendicular to each other.

2. It is important to keep the arm from the elbow to the fingers started the final trajectory to the target.

3. Do not be distracted by extraneous matter during the release of the arrow.

4. To increase the speed of the flight, you can wrap the handle in the wet thin skin, and then dry it in the fire.

5. Sports archery requires a good base of muscle foundations back and arms.