Rufer - who is this?

Increasingly, you can hear stories about people conquering the roof in search of incomparable species, which opens from the height.If we turn to the translation of the term from the English language, we can say that Rufer - a "roof".Considered craze, mostly young people, have not yet been transformed into an independent subculture.In Russia they are called kryshery or kryshelazy.

Strict rules Rufer

This extreme pleasure associated with a number of sound principles of non-formal.In an interview, Peter Rufer voiced several rules, in particular:

  • can not make noise and attract attention;
  • required to comply with the culture, and it does not damage the roof, due to the fact that they can be part of the historical attractions;
  • be present generally accepted moral principles, that is, for example, do not storm the sacred objects;
  • climb on public buildings can be only at night;
  • can not deal Roofing, if you have a fear of heights, as it is fraught with consequences.

The origin of this extreme class

Roofing was transferred to the West.First taste of the spirit of romance roof Peter.This was when the youth began to conquer skyscrapers, some of the thrills, and someone under the influence of love dope.General advocated a memorable photo.Rufer mostly lured curious how looks the cityscape from a height.

philosophical aspects by a desire to experience a moment when the city is at the feet, where the inhabitants of the metropolis can be seen in miniature, and around only boundless sky.

With many high-rise rooftops overlooking the St. Petersburg attractions, such as the Admiralty, St. Isaac's and Kazan Cathedral, Alexander Column, and much more.

What marked the Independence Day of Ukraine for Moscow

Mustang Wanted, which in combination with the name of the Kiev Rufer Gregory said that stormed the roof of the Moscow State University.This was done in honor of Independence Day of Ukraine, namely 24 August.

almost midnight he posted photos on his page on the social network Facebook, shot from the star spire skyscraper located in the Vorobyovy Hills District.It is worth mentioning that earlier this Rufer painted star, located on the roof of high-rise building in Moscow, in particular, on the waterfront Tinkers, and fixed on it the flag of Ukraine.

This act, he justified the desire to justify the previously arrested for desecration of the building above the four citizens of Russia.Rufer also voiced willingness to be punished in accordance with Russian legislation, provided liberation Hope Savchenko - Ukrainian pilots, under arrest in Voronezh.She was accused of involvement in the facts of the murder of Russian journalists at Lugansk.

Fatalities Rufer

According to official data published in the press, June 6, 2012 a tragedy occurred in the city center associated with the death of photographer-extremals.In the middle of the day Rufer fell from the roof of a tall building, which is the main post office on Butcher Street.

It is learned that the young ekstremal climbed to the roof of a nearby house.The death was caused by a fall from a great height.The reason was cracked glass dome, which he came.

The distinguished Russian Rufer in Shanghai

team members called Ontheroofs make another breathtaking ascent.They stormed the top of the unfinished very high Shanghai Tower.

After that trip the guys posted on the Internet a video detailing how to climb the 650-meter height and it does not get caught.Vitaly Raskalov and Vadim Mahora - Rufer at the Shanghai high-rise - first made their way illegally into the territory of the above-mentioned object, and then climbed to the very top of the tower.There they made a colorful picture of the city in miniature stretches at their feet.This act could not be better explains who the Rufer.Shanghai became the next city that conquered the Ukrainian-Russian-ekstremaly photographers.

Rufer - is extreme pure water

To date, the Chinese giant, conquered Russian kryshelazami recognized second tallest object within the planet, of course, after the Burj Khalifa Tower, built in Dubai.

guys know what awaits them under Chinese law, so thoroughly thought through their actions before the ascent.Date storming skyscraper has been selected on the basis of the time when at the construction site will not be a single soul.By all criteria approaching Chinese New Year.In this holiday construction equipment was in working order, and vigilant protection clouded Christmas mood.

Rufer infiltrated the construction site late at night.Then for two hours they climbed the 120-th floor.Somewhere around midnight kryshelazy reached the site adjacent to the tower crane.Then had to wait about 18 hours to clarify the weather, and then they climbed without special safety equipment on the peak of the skyscraper.And there is another dream come true, to which aspired Rufer.China became the final point in the journey of these guys.They once again gave all unique photos, captivating his trepidation.

Where else visited the Russian Rufer

team Ontheroofs previously won more than one point of interest of the world.Russian-Ukrainian duo stormed the roof structures such as:

  • Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, located in Moscow.
  • Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, which were built within the walls of Paris.
  • Sagrada Familia, built in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
  • Cologne Cathedral, located in Germany.
  • Pyramid, built in Egypt.

Their portfolio contains inspiring images from the roofs of a number of cities around the world, such as: Warsaw, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Benidorm, Prague, Madrid, Porto, Amsterdam and Lisbon.Recently, they got carried away Asia.

Extreme Rufer - it is a risky person.Accordingly, each of them knows those moments with regards to safety, which are able to save their lives, in particular:

  • group formed of not more than four persons;
  • can not drink alcohol;
  • at height to maintain a distance from other Rufer;
  • rely solely on their own capabilities;
  • not climb the building during bad weather conditions.

Talent has no age boundaries

guys a little more than 20 years, but this does not prevent them to possess strong endurance and nerves of steel, which can only envy.

Their pictures are very popular on the Internet.And Rufer regularly take part in various exhibitions.The talent of young adventurers, photographers have appreciated a lot of people, but they are not arrogant and continue to eat everything that accompanies this lesson, as Rufer - is not only adrenaline therapy, but also a state of mind.They basically do not advertise the time of the assault preselected building.And so after the goal exclusively on its own bottom they meet with law enforcement officers.

Species Roofing division

This hobby can be classified, in particular:

  • Extreme Roofing.He expressed climbing to the roof by the fire stairs, ledges, gutters and so on. N. Its purpose serves the conquest of non-standard or closed to the roofs of high-rise buildings.This brings to the category of this type of infiltration.
  • Pacific Roofing.Conquering the roof is carried out to meet the esthetic thirst - admiring the cityscape from high altitudes.More often than not accompanied by photographing, drawing and so on. N.
  • Art Roofing.His goal - to hold creative events.It could be poetic sessions and concerts, creation of objects in the style of street art and more.

Overall Roofing regarded as a certain kind of tourism.It is adapted generally to large cities.Summarizing all the above interpretation of the concept, we can say that Rufer serve people who are addicted to the contemplation of species available to the city roofs of tall buildings.

in Russia is allocated a number of cities, led to St. Petersburg due to the nature of its planned development, as well as regulations with regards to the buildings.This is a great advantage, as it allows the eye to reach a larger space.

With the concept of "Roofing" is closely related to the term "infiltration".This is interpreted as an unauthorized entry into the territory of any object under protection.They can act as active industrial zones, and even facilities under strict prohibition of stay in them.

This kind of industrial tourism is an extreme color, and thus requires a thorough preparation, good equipment and the presence of a tendency to adventurism, due to the fact that it is linked to serious dangers.Basically the activity in question is accompanied by violation of the laws that, by itself, spurring interest adventurers and prohibitive signs are a call to action.The purpose of all this - getting adrenaline and inner satisfaction from entering prohibited to unauthorized building.