Rafting on the Vishera.

Ural Mountains - a mountain range that runs along the eastern border of Europe.The ridge is a natural barrier between Europe and Asia.This is a very old mountains, but it is assumed that they were the earliest grand stone array on the planet.Their height has worn off over time, leaving only the form.Tourists are attracted to vacation in the Perm region, have a unique opportunity to visit at the same time two continents: Europe and Asia.

Nature Urals

unique nature of these places, no doubt, is a legacy of Russia and the world.If you look at the Perm region with bird's-eye view, the picture is impressive: a dense network of blue rivers, scattered green bedspread spruce.

Natural resources are inexhaustible: more than 30 thousand rivers and lakes, and two-thirds of the territory is covered by dense forests.Rest in the Perm region - is a tour to the border of Europe and Asia, where quite a number of passes Ural ridge.And the image of these places imbued with ancient legends, it seems as old as the mount

ain chain.The endless plains, mighty cliffs, mystical caves - this is what gives the area a unique flavor and originality.

Eco-tourism and recreation

Leisure, rafting on the Vishera, hunting and fishing - it's not all fun, that can provide tourism in the Urals.Local forest can be called jungle, because he looks like an impenetrable wall of tangled plant species.However, in contrast to the tropical jungle, the local flora is known as the taiga.Travel on it - it's always the risk of going astray, losing the trail.Despite the unpredictability of the undertaking wishing to make fantastic photos of wildlife and breathe crystal clear air is increasing.On the banks of the Vishera special flora.For example, on a cliff Vetlan there are vascular plants that are included in the Red Book of the edge.There is an elegant plant growing - peony.

Ural River

largest rivers of the region - is Kama and Chusovaya.Vishera - only a fifth of the length of its reservoir.However, it is a journey through it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the local wildlife.Pool Vishera covers 241,000 hectares.Sverdlovsk region - a place where the river originates Vishera.Perm Region borders on it, and takes the tape of the river as a continuation of the relay.The bulk of the water flowing through the foothills, which gives a quick temper Vishera mountain beauties with a lot of rapids and shoals.However, closer to the middle reaches of the reservoir becomes deeper, and for slowing down.The average height above sea level is 300 meters.Further mountain river flows into the left side of Kama, forming Kama Reservoir.

Three quarters of coastal land are covered with dark taiga.Coloring create conifers, that prevail in the woods.These are natural spruce, which have not been cut down, or human impact.

Rifting Urals

order to raft on this mountain stream, does not require special training.Most tours make families with children as rafting on the Vishera is not dangerous.Most travelers use conventional catamarans, but some are sent on tour by canoe or inflatable boats.The average flow of the river the best views.There are enormous boulders, including Painted stone Vetlan and Polyud.

Legendary stones

Painted Stone is located 50 km east of Krasnovishersk, on the right bank of the Vishera.Nearby is the village of the same name.Right Bank - is a steep cliff in height of 80 m. Stone array is divided into separate blocks logs.In one of these rocks is a cave decorated inside ohrennymi drawings.In the depths of a cave found the place of sacrifice Neolithic, Copper and Iron Ages and the Middle Ages.This stone is regularly visited by tourists, who make rafting on the Vishera.On the bank of suitable sites for camping and trails on the slopes laid upstairs, where a beautiful view of the valley.Vetlan - is not just a stone, a huge rock 1,750 km long and a height of 100 meters.Since this place is a legend that explains the local name.

Vetlan Polyud and, according to legend - two heroes, who were friendly and equally mighty.They fell in love with a beautiful maiden Vishera.

Two young man began to compete for the right to marry her and started throwing each other huge boulders.This went on for six days and six nights, and on the seventh day they turned two rocky coast and beautiful Vishera separates them.

View from the Top

to raise, in 2003, was established observation staircase.If you look at the surface of the water from the top, the most splendidly open views of the local nature.This landscape was the main hallmark of the region in the film Alexei Ivanov and Evgeny Parfenov "ridge Russia".In addition, this place is connected is another page in the history of the country.Here are the silent witnesses of repressive times: man-made island - ryazhi serving in 20-30 years of the last century, an artificial division of the reservoir.They built their Visherlaga prisoners, among them world-famous writer Varlam Shalamov.Today only visible crown ryazhey, the remainder imagine.

main routes rifting

Most of the routes for the alloy designed for six days and will start from the village Mutiha in Krasnovishersk area.

For everyone organized trips from Perm, the regional capital.By bus tourists are taken to the base in Mutihe where an experienced guide instructs and helps members of the expedition to collect and prepare the equipment catamarans.

On the same evening the group begins an alloy on the Vishera to the Written Stone, which will be the first overnight stay.The next morning, tourists visit the famous grotto.On the third day of rafting on the river Vishera will Voyageurs to the river Big Shchugor.Rifting here is very calm, Vishera deep within is strong enough.No need to paddle much - to relax, to see everything that opens admiring glances around.

more travelers go through the day to the point Vyshegorsk and spend the night in the village of volubility.There is also a group for the whole day to enjoy the pleasures of rural life and see the history of the region firsthand.It features a sauna, a meal and jumping over the fire.

On the last day, tourists visit the rock Vetlan and sent to the base in the village Bahari Krasnovishersky district.

Wise people

More It is worth noting that in the basin of the Vishera is one of Europe's largest nature reserves.In addition to the amazing landscapes of nature, which is at the intersection of not only East and West, but also North and the South, then you can learn the culture of life once mighty nation Mansi.Now it is the last place in Russia, where its original inhabitants are in natural conditions for themselves.For the ethnic group Mansi characteristic male world view, and it is not surprising, because the basic lesson of indigenous Perm - a reindeer herding and hunting.

rivers and forests of the reserve is still rich in wildlife, and the air is like a crystal by its purity.This is due primarily to remote areas.This can not be reached by bus or car.But you can get there by helicopter or on foot.Rafting on the Vishera - it is also one of the few ways to get to the reserve.

Muncie learned to coexist with the land and take care of her, she gives them everything necessary for life.

alloy as an alternative vacation

Active Life brings together families and helps to make new friends.Often people become involved in rifting as ordinary tourists, but soon exploring their own protected space, and then gives a completely different experience rafting on the Vishera.Route individual groups are selected on the basis of their interests, often combining skating on the river with fishing and hunting.