Roofing - what is it?

What Rufer?That word came from the English «roof», which is translated as "roof".A Rufer called those involved ruffingom - extreme exercise, the essence of which is a walk on the roofs of tall buildings.Fashion for a hobby has come to us from the West, and the first city in which there Rufer became Petersburg.It is worth noting that ruffing - quite a dangerous occupation, and there are already casualties.

Description Rufer

Probably everyone at some certain moment of his life wanted to go on the roof to soak in the beauty and mystery of the situation.Some in adolescence courage to still get out there and were enchanted by the beauty they opened panorama.Someone was terrible, but for someone roof became a favorite playground for recreation.

For many interested in the question of what Rufer, must first be noted that it is only passion that resembles a walk through the city.Nevertheless, there Rufer, whose conquest of the roof is an extreme sport.Such Rufer roof aspire to conquer the most complex h

igh-rise buildings.Well, if in fact, the ruffing - is one of the modern trends of the youth subculture, which is a bit like stalking - freedom of movement in any space.

Types ruffinga

This hobby has several types, which are determined by the purpose of travel on the roofs.Climbing the fire escape, pipes and jumping from roof to roof called extreme ruffingom.If the penetration of the roof comes standard and secure manner, ie by means of hatches, through the attic, or ladder, such a craze called quiet ruffingom.There are art ruffing - here can be attributed organize picnics on the roof.This option is selected for a creative person, who at the height of their inspiration.

also on the roofs can celebrate a wedding or organize a visiting photo shoot - this direction is called the Wedding-ruffing.Of course, it's risky, but impressions are staggering.Basically, if desired can be carried out on the roofs of all events: presentations, discos, movies and more.This is called event-ruffing.If you want to show the originality or surprise your business partners, then you will be interested in business ruffing - corporate parties and business meetings on the roof, for example, an historic building.

Act Rufer

If you are thinking how to become Rufer, you should initially learn their charter.Many of the rights of people who are fond of walking on the roof, aimed at the safety of life and adventure traveler's peace of mind to protect the inhabitants of the houses.Firstly, we must understand that it is better not to climb on the roof of a large company.In this case, you are unlikely to happen unnoticed.The group should consist of a maximum of four people, no more.

for these walks is better to choose an inconspicuous and does not restrict movement clothes.In this kind of a walk, of course, better to go sober.It is necessary in order to your own safety.When climb on the roof, should be calculated only on themselves and their strength.You can not hold on to his comrades, tottering cornices and unidentified wires.Remember that in rainy weather on the roof is dangerous, as it becomes slippery.Therefore, in this period it is better not to make a walk.

Rufer and residents of homes

Many residents of the houses probably do not even know what Rufer, as members of this subculture with respect for their tranquility.They do not cut off the locks, do not spoil the property.Of course, it happens that residents heard a suspicious noise, call the police.To avoid this, you must comply with certain rules on the roof: be quiet, do not get drunk and do not litter.

tips from experienced Rufer

If you look at photos Rufer, it seems that replicate what they do, it is simply impossible.Indeed, ruffing - a difficult and dangerous hobby.In order to protect themselves at the height, you must have the correct physical and moral training, specific skills and a sound mind.

Rufer Mustang

among Russian youth gaining popularity of such extreme and life-threatening form of ruffinga as "hovering" on top.Rufer without insurance hang on the roof at the hands of one person or even one hand.Experts warn that it is not only deadly fascination, but also illegal.But Russian Rufer this does not lose interest in this occupation.Danger them only spurs.However, not only Russian.

Rufer Mustang from Ukraine is one of the pioneers of this trend.This mysterious kievlyanin puts online Mustang Wanted shocking video with his participation.Little is known about him: he is 25 years, the name - Gregory.According to him, it works "bully."Rufer like to tour different cities, conquering new heights.Ukrainian Rufer Gregory is known in Russia.Spring in St. Petersburg Mustang waiting until dissolve bridges hung on one hand on the edge of the Troitsky Bridge, and the second hand he held a Fire, to prescribe in the darkness bright fiery circles.

the presence of observers, laughing, told me that the local authorities had reduced the Troitsky Bridge back to take his order the infringer.When Rufer Mustang ran to the police, he jumped into the Neva.And on the shores of his friends picked up and thus the Mustang managed to escape from his pursuers.

Rufer Mustang on the Stalinist skyscraper

summer 2014 Ukrainian Rufer Gregory Mustang again became famous in Russia.This time he climbed onto the roof of the Stalinist skyscraper and painted her a star in the colors of the national flag of Ukraine.For that he was charged in absentia charged with hooliganism.Now he is on the international wanted list as one of the defendants in the case of damage to state property, that is, they painted stars.

site of the mysterious and infamous Rufer begins with this warning: "Everything you see in the photo and video materials, performed appropriately trained professionals. We strongly recommend to repeat it yourself, the consequences can be deadly for you."But it is worth noting that this warning only boosts Mustang followers who seek to repeat the most dangerous stunts Rufer, and may even surpass it.

Vadim Mahora and Vitaly Raskalov

Rufer from Novosibirsk Vadim Mahora, along with the Moscow Vitaly Rufer Raskalovym climbed a building height of 632 meters.They were conquered by the Shanghai Tower, Rufer posted on the Internet, materials confirming this fact.The tower is the highest building in China and the third highest building in the world.

This is not the first and not the only skyscraper, conquered by these lovers of extreme entertainment.According to their story, they made their way to Shanghai tower crane around midnight.It took two hours to climb on foot to one hundred and twenty floors.About eighteen hours they spent on the construction site in anticipation of suitable weather.On account of the conquest of the roof Rufer Mahorova Opera and Ballet Theatre in Novosibirsk.And last year, he climbed to the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops.He also conquered the top of the building of Moscow State University.And now he is famous for having climbed the Shanghai Tower, which on completion will be one of the most high-rise buildings around the world.

exploits of known Rufer Rufer

famous Paul Gogulan from St. Petersburg this summer put his new record.He crossed the Nevsky Prospekt on the wire at a height of over 25 meters, thereby experiencing the strength of their physical and moral training.Paul without insurance reached about the middle of Nevsky Prospect and returned.According Rufer, such tricks he spends is not the first time, just before the distance, overcome by them, have been much less.He also said that the experience of the feeling of danger and altitude were incredible, but in the middle of the way, he realized that his strength is running out, and came back.Paul regularly conquers new heights - recently he "saddled" Singer eagle on the house, and before he climbed onto the roof of the Hermitage, which it later withdrew the police.

Here's another fact from the biography Vitaly Raskalova Rufer.In 2012, he climbed up to the bridge on the Russian island through the Bosporus Strait East, which is located in Vladivostok.The highest point in his record at this point was the construction crane height of 350 meters.

There Rufer and known among the fairer sex.A couple of years ago in the American Internet video appeared in which the Muscovite Marina Bezrukov walking on the beams at the edge of high-rise apartment buildings.This video has gained a huge number of views and comments.

theory ruffinga

In general, the question of what is the Rufer, can be answered as follows.This is a bold dreamer who longs to be on top of the city.Someone on the roof makes a sports exercise, someone climbs here for meditation.And some want to do at the height of unique pictures in the most unusual angles or just get an unforgettable experience.