Horse-racing complex "Bitsa".

Horse-racing complex "Bitsa" today - Europe's largest equestrian center, all objects which are placed in the city.Its construction was started in connection with the preparation for the Olympic Games in Moscow.Official commissioning date - 07.04.1980 year.

The facility is located on an area of ​​46.3 hectares in the sports and recreational area, which has the status of a public that is part of a natural area to be protected.No reorganize it according to the law, can not be.

History of operating facilities

The complex built indoor arena for up to 2,000 spectators, predmanezhnik, stables, stadiums for jumping and dressage 5,000 seats, veterinary clinic, administration building, gym, shops, warehouses,Autonomous heater, hotel and other objects of the total area of ​​32,404 square meters.m.

For those who just want to relax, horse-racing complex "Bitsa" has to offer:

  • Facilities for game species, multi-function.
  • pool (25 m).
  • Tyre.
  • sauna.
  • Russian bath on the wood.
  • Massage.
  • Solarium.
  • Services cafes and restaurants.


The main advantage of the complex is not that it allows competition at the level corresponding to world standards, but that are prepared starting from the age of ten athletes in all major types of equestrian sport.

Due to the fact that the priority areas of activity that provides horse-racing complex "Bitsa" is, respectively, equestrian, with a professional, the main directions of the CSC are:

    1. Pony club, established inpart of children's sports school.
    2. Sports School.It works on the territory of CSC since its opening, and specializes in two areas:
    3. - development of mass sports for children.
    - Training for high achievements.
  1. Education dressage, show jumping.
  2. Preparing athletes Eventing (dressage, the next day - field tests, the third - overcoming obstacles, moreover horse an athlete does not change all three days).

Education and training are held at eight special outdoor clay fields in the two indoor arenas and podmanezhnika.

horse owners equestrian complex "Bitsa" offers rental stables and guarantees according to customer quality complex maintenance of animals.

As an additional service, you can pay attention Vaulting, ride on horseback or in a luxurious coach in the summer and sleigh rides in the winter, do their own health using hippotherapy.

"Bitsa", horse-racing complex pool

Unlike the world practice of construction of a similar level, swimming pool, earned in the territory of equestrian complex "Bitsa" in August 2014, is designed to train people who can not swim, andconducting classes in physical education (especially for children from neighboring schools and kindergartens).Its depth is from 0.85 m to 1.65 m, that for the aforementioned purposes is optimal.

There is no doubt going to choose for themselves and family members KSK "Bitsa".Reviews are present in the media and elsewhere, and the vast majority of them - enthusiastic.