Shooting bullet.

Sport Shooting has long been part of the Olympic program.However, it is different.In addition, for different weapons have their own regulations.Let's try to understand the varieties and characteristics of the sport.

What is "sports shooting"?

Olympic This type of test participants for accuracy.That is, every athlete shows the level of weapons (firearms or pneumatic), as well as their skills.This shooting has its own standards and assessment, which is defined and the best party.

Naturally, it requires regular exercise.Location of them depends on the type of fire: indoors or outdoors.In addition, during the classes you need to strictly observe all safety rules in order not to hurt themselves or others.

Species represented sport

Now you can understand what types of shooting there, as well as what weapons it uses.So, this activity can be classified as:

- bullet shooting (rifle);

- bench (in an open area with the target-cymbals);

- crossbow;

- archery;

- practical (gun, shotgun or pistol) and

precision (sniping).

Each of these types has its own characteristics of fire.That we look at them.

Features bullet shooting

In this case, the participant uses a rifled firearms and air guns.The athlete must as accurately as possible to get to all of the target given to him.Moreover, they may be static or moving.It should also be noted that different shooting bullet clear sequence of actions that remains stable for everyone, regardless of experience.

Shooting bullet still requires a certain fixed position during the shot.The main thing for an athlete - to feel good their weapons.Only then will he be able to get right on target.Also, the shooter is required to have a good reaction and be attentive.

all the necessary qualities to be developed equally well, since no one of them can significantly affect the outcome.During firing a person must be fully grouped and passionate about their work.It should also be said that such a sport must deal with people with stable psyche.That is, one should not be distracted by extraneous stimuli.

Features submachine

Now let's look in more detail how it is necessary to use a gun.Sport pistol shooting carried a weapon, the caliber of which is 7,62-9,65 mm.Thus it can be pneumatic.Often used in small-caliber and large-caliber (gun) weapons.

pistol competitor may only shoot at static targets.He remains in the same position: standing with outstretched hand.The gun may be a standard, pneumatic or arbitrary.And can shoot both women and men.The distance to the target may be from 10 to 50 meters.Each participant must make 20 shots or more.At the same time each round lasts a certain amount of time.

Features firing a rifle

where things get interesting.The fact that the sport rifle shooting includes several provisions from which the shot.The distance to the target is 10 to 300 m. In most cases in this kind of shooting using fixed targets that do not move.

Regarding the situation of the parties they are several:

- Standing.In this case the rifle is held with two hands.The main focus is carried on the shoulder and chest.The belt, which generally hanging arms, in this case not needed.In addition, the shooter in any case should not use lenses or optical sights.

- With the knee.Here, too, the rifle is held with both hands.Here rests one elbow on the knee.

- Lying.In this case, the emphasis falls on his elbows.And the athlete uses a special mat.This position is the most comfortable and stable.

Naturally, during the shooting party should be focused, single-minded and attentive.The closer to the center of the target it gets, the more points will earn.

What trap shooting and what are its types?

its main feature is that it is conducted in an open area.In this case, the target is not in place, and moves and has the unusual shape of the plate.As the weapons most often used his gun.Charging it shotshell.

Shooting bullet provides several types of stands:

- Round.Its special feature is that the participant can feel like a real hunter.The stand is a small circular area, which is located 7 locations for shooting.Near the first and seventh are the two towers, which are machines, metal target.The peculiarity of this shooting is that the participant should gradually move from the 1st to the 7th position.He should hit 25 targets.

- Trench.This platform has a greater width and length.In it are propelling the machine, and a judge.This shooting position arranged in a semicircle on the same line.It should also be noted that the use of such a stand is only advisable if the throwing machines not less than 15 pieces.

- double trap.A feature of this stand is that the participant must shoot down two targets, which are emitted from the machine at the same time.

- Sporting.This type of trap shooting various different flight paths plates unequal distances.In addition, you can further aim at targets that move along the ground.Therefore, this type of fire is the most difficult.

Features targets for trap shooting

It is a small diameter bowl, which is made of natural materials: limestone powder and molten pitch.It has a bright orange color, so it could be seen on the street.In addition, you can check how good a target.To do this, simply tap on it a little metal twig.If a plate rings, then all right.

targets for trap shooting have a small mass, which should not exceed 105 g should be noted that at the final competition apply special plates coated with luminous powder (fluorescent).The fact is that in this case the shooting becomes very beautiful and spectacular.

quality target must fly out of the car intact.The diameter of the plates must not exceed 11 cm. I must say that one target is used only once.At the same time it does not matter whether it was the shooter.The competition participant instructs, after which a plate is emitted from cars.Next - a matter of technique and skill.

Varieties targets for bullet shooting

now must figure out what to aim if you are using a rifle or pistol.Target shooting can be different:

- E.This type of product is applied only to high level competitions: championships, Olympic Games.At the same time the target itself does not penetrate.The quality and position of the holes are determined by acoustic or optical.Sometimes both methods are used simultaneously.

- Printed.This type is the most common target.It is used during training.It is made like the target of durable material, which is a clear hole.Naturally, after such a workout product is no longer suitable for use.

- mechanically.This type is used as a target in training and in competition.Features

shooting range

weapon has never been a safe product, even if you do not use live ammunition.Shooting range - a special process.Here you should be as cautious as are indoors.Its advantage is that you can not be distracted by extraneous stimuli, because in the dash all the conditions for a quiet fire.

However, during exercise you have to be calm and balanced.In addition, all shots are produced under the supervision of a more experienced person.This in no case can not be in an area where the hanging target.Besides, it is not allowed to send weapons to the people or to any other side of the goal.Weapons that you have taken, you can not pass anyone.

After the shooting ends, you need to carefully check the presence of weapons of ammunition in the store and the trunk.Recharging is done only on the firing line.After training, weapons surrenders instructor or the person responsible for it.