Hippodrome - a ... Central Moscow Hippodrome

Hippodrome ... This is for the institution or entertaining place?Now try to understand this issue in detail.What is the meaning of "racetrack"?This is a special complex of structures for testing race, tjazhelovoznyh and trotting horses.Also, there are equestrian competitions and exhibitions of horses.


For most citizens, the racetrack - this is a place for entertainment, where you can bet on horse liked.Though actually tote appeared much later than horse racing without betting.The first hippodrome appeared in ancient Greece.

About two thousand years ago, such a complex was built in Nemea for horse races, including races for in such structures as the chariot.The name of the institution since then has not changed.It consists of two words: "Hippos" - means a horse, "dromos" - is running.If the literal translation of the word "hippodrome", this is the place for running horses.

What happens on the racetrack?

There conduct training and testing of horses that come from the studs, as well as f

rom private owners to the one or the other breed could develop not only exterier, but also physically.Experience on the racetrack breed horses, which are derived for the speed does not matter or skakashi trotters.

you became interested in what they differ?Who will tell.Skakashi - is riding stallions, so their experience in canter and trotters - it's horses that were bred to be effective in harness (trotting), that is, with greater smoothness and draft power.All tests carried out on race or cross-country circles.


Experiencing trotters on the track width of not less than fifteen meters in length no shorter than 800 finish line 250 meters and more.Riding stallions tested on racetrack, the width of which shall not be less than 15 meters, and length - 1600 and more, with the finish line more than 400 meters.To reduce the influence of centrifugal force in cornering treadmill make bends obliquely inward at 12 degrees.

poles, which indicate the launch pad at different distances or note sections mounted on the inside edge of the track.

In large racetracks in terms of doing a track for steeplechase hurdles (constant).In the same place usually do site where the conduct various equestrian competitions and games.

Covering tracks

Usually circles are between the podium and the stables.Since the cover tracks for racing and racing should be different, many racetracks specialize in only one type of testing.Although nowadays there are universal, for example, the Central Moscow Hippodrome (CMR).There is a treadmill inside the racing circle.

return to the surface.It could be either dirt or grass.Note that the composition of the soil can vary in the number of layers and homogeneity.Most often on the racetrack, you can see the sandy surface.Incidentally, this is the high-spirited path, but only if it is properly arranged and has a drainage system.In states where played a lot of prizes in the middle and sprint, it is most racetracks with sandy paths.

Let's talk about the most famous place like this.Yes, you think, will focus on the CME.

Central Moscow Hippodrome

This is one of the largest Russian racecourses.It is slightly inferior to Kazan, Rostov and Krasnodar.It is located on Shore Street 22, near the metro station "Race."Moscow Hippodrome - a state test and scientific test site.At this point carry out horseback riding lessons.


racetrack history began in 1834 (1 August), when held at the Khodynka first trotting race.In the same year in the territory of the complex there have been only two days running, ran only twelve horses.

In the late eighties began to improve at all distances.To attract more visitors and increase the entertainment races, we have been expanded "field" (ie the number of goals starters stallions) participants.

At this time, in addition to harness racing and smooth racing became popular jumping-Ippika and steeple-chezy.For their conduct on the CIP was a special track that crossed the circle on the diagonal direction.

by architect Kulagin and Baryutina the period from 1889, was built po1894 Race Pavilion - the main building of the racecourse.After 46 years, it was renovated Zholtovsky (academician).

Since 1918, the complex was not working.On its territory were military training exercise, and in the stands - rallies, one of which appeared VILenin with his speech.In honor of this momentous event was a memorial wall on the territory of the racecourse.

Regular testing resumed in the twenties.At the beginning of 1921 we carried out trial runs and jumps on this racetrack.After that, General Directorate horse breeding has decided that the need to organize the test of stallions, starting with the fall season of the same year.In September, we have resumed trotting races.This year has been tested more than 160 trotters.Every year their number increased.Already in 1929, it has been tested over a thousand thoroughbreds for 101 days.At the same time it opened the tote.

Until 1930, horse racing and trotting racetracks in the Russian capital have been separated.They were far away from each other, but belonged to different societies.Soon the question arose of restructuring the racing racetrack due to the fact that it was necessary to reconstruct and expand the railway junction of the Belarusian railway station.The draft merger into one of the two racecourses was implemented in 1930.

In the period from 1970 to 1983 at the Moscow Hippodrome trotters established more than fifty national record and one absolute.

In 1997 he opened a sports school for children and youth, which is housed in an arena, and a two-storey barn.

In 2011, "Central Hippodrome", photos which you can see in this article, was transformed into JSC.

Since July 2012, again began to work legally tote, the profit from which goes to its operation, as well as support and development of horse breeding (since no additional funding will be nothing to turn out, in fact more "Mercedes" are good thoroughbreds).

Racecourse today

Now on this racetrack on weekends tested five stallions rocks.Annually test trotters (Orlov, American, Russian and French), about a thousand a year.At the racetrack played most expensive prizes in the country for trotters.For example, the prize of the "elite", "Peony", "Derby" and others.

Every year from May to September there are competitions stallions racing breeds that are grown on the studs of the Russian Federation or purchased abroad.

at the Moscow Hippodrome also hold equestrian events (contests polo, show jumping, dressage, ring-broods) on jumping field, which is located in the center of this complex.

to entertain the audience between competitions stallions, sometimes carried out greyhound racing, camel racing, pony competitions, trained performance horses, trick riding masters and sled dog race.

Conclusion Now you know what a racetrack.Racing, exhibition - all this is carried out in such a complex.Each year the race courses are becoming increasingly popular.For horse racing - it is a magnificent sight.