How are pitching?

Bodybuilding - employment welcome and useful, not only for the body but for the soul.Not without reason, many psychologists say that a truly happy only one who is in good physical shape.Here we can recall the immortal saying "a healthy body - healthy mind".All this is true, of course, but all those who are involved in sports, as well as those who are interested in a specialized sport, you should know that in bodybuilding has its brink, and its scope, which is not recommended to cross under any circumstances.

Popular Questions

Many people are very interested in the question: how are pitching?In other words, other people gain muscle mass and increase strength in the muscles?How do they manage to grind himself such an ideal, a relief figure?Hormones?Motivation?The balance in the diet?The answer is simple and at the same time quite complex - you need all of the above.Indeed, to a tremendous increase muscle mass and work shape after relief, must follow certain requirements, which include the various el

ements - from the correct meal to a certain exercise equipment.All this we will tell you the order.


For each on the path of bodybuilding and bodybuilding should primarily be one goal - consistency.It should be in the mode of eating, sleeping, exercising.It is important to develop a consistent habit clear division of their day, otherwise it will be difficult to progress.This, incidentally, brings self-discipline and the ability to plan their lives in general.

Understanding the purpose

To answer the question of how to become pitching those who so desire, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve - only slightly to gain muscle mass and fix the result, or for many years to grow and develop as a professionalbodybuilder?In the latter case you want a little disappointing - not everyone can do well in the field of a professional athlete.But to engage themselves always worth it, because the physical condition of a person depends only on himself.Some come in bodybuilding and bodybuilding boredom, the other by the desire to see real results, and others just want to stay healthy.The reasons for all the many, but the goal - one.


path to the pumping muscle usually begins with good nutrition - are required for breakfast, lunch and dinner, between which there is at least one meal.And if men are usually no problems, the builders, women should be careful - do not have to eat a lot and often.The most effective will be the mode in which between meals will take five or six hours to these time intervals insert bite.


Next - classes.Training of professional bodybuilders sense very different from those of amateurs, but still something in common there.Everyone chose bodybuilding, anyway, it has to deal with iron and weights.Your device for pumping muscles have become heavier and heavier as the personal growth of the sport.Typically, in the first period of training, which lasts from one to two years, athletes master the basic exercises with additional weights.It is very important to avoid isolation in training exercises, that is, those that are aimed at the elaboration of individual muscles.First, you should always resort to the development of all muscle groups, and a year or two you can start special exercises.

Special meals

Power bodybuilder - also very, very important point in the formation of a competent athlete.It includes a wide variety of vitamins (C and E) and minerals, as well as a sufficient amount of protein.And, of course, the body need to constantly feed the necessary quantity of water, otherwise it will deal with dehydration, not with lactic acid.In addition, bodybuilders, and especially professional bodybuilders have resorted to a variety of sports supplements that significantly increase efficiency in training and accelerate catabolic processes that contribute to the growth and strengthening of the muscles.It should be added that, in contrast to the various chemical additives, sport do not contain harmful substances, on the contrary, all natural ingredients.Of course, you need to know when to stop when they are used.

Women in Sports

bodybuilders women are a separate topic for conversation.Someone does not favor them, someone on the contrary, sincerely glad that the lady might look really strong.Here, as they say, the taste and color ... But do not forget that the female body is harmful to feel too heavy loads, and many exercises performed by male athletes, girls and women are doing quite differently because of purely anatomicaldifferences in the structure of the body.

Age and bodybuilding

must say that bodybuilders in old age look pretty good, despite the very widespread view that the closer to old age, "the muscles become flabby and blown away."In fact it is not.If not throwing a workout and keep the healthy and active way of life, which is held in his youth, even in old age will not be any problems with health or with the figure.

lack motivation?Does that look like bodybuilders, photos of which we have provided in this article is not sufficient argument to think seriously about the shape and health?


By the way, there is one more thing that you need to be taken into consideration, - the cycle of training must necessarily coincide with the cycle of rest.That is enough work-out, you must also have a good rest, giving the body the ability to seamlessly handle eaten and drunk vitamins, to deal with the catabolic processes and to signal the muscles to grow.If too much and too often to exercise, there may be some difficulties and problems to solve that are sometimes very difficult.So-called "grind", i.e. over-training, often leads to the reverse process in the muscles - they decrease the fabric therein is deformed, which might even lead to degeneration.Of course, endomorphs and mesomorph (people and middle-bodied) is not particularly threatening, but ectomorph (thin physique) this problem can be catastrophic.

Here is the answer to the question of how to become pitching.Of course, many people come to the sport when already achieved considerable success at the amateur level.However, even those inflated guys who do not participate in competitions of world level, but simply engaged in the gym, on the street or at home, is a great example of how you can achieve a toned and relief figures in the so-called home.

harmful and dangerous additives

We know how to become pitching other athletes.There is also an easier way to build muscle - but it is also the most dangerous.Perhaps there is not a man who did not hear about steroids and similar chemical additives.They act on the muscle as a strong catalyst, causing them to develop in a short time.Naturally, it is not without health problems.Even experienced bodybuilders still advised to increase the weight and progress solely on their own - and this sense more and joy of knowing that you were able to build themselves a figure of their dreams.