Bungee jumping: raising adrenaline

Gradually more people are attached to sports.The number of categories that can give their preference, also increases.Alone there are many types of yoga.However, those who are interested in a mobile classroom, you can try your hand at parachuting.Or in one of these types of extreme sports like rock climbing, parkour, veykserfing, bungee jumping and many others.And if about the first three of these, many have heard, then we met last category is not all.Let's see what is the bungee jumping and where you can enjoy this entertainment.

What is it?

jump from a great height, offering a magical view of the surrounding landscape, the sense of free fall - this is bungee jumping.Kharkiv, Kathmandu, Novosibirsk, Minsk and other cities around the world are on its territory clubs that offer fans a thrill to feel the wings behind him.To vivid memories of the jump is not erased from memory, many companies offer their customers pictures of their floating above the ground.
Bungee jumping can be roughly attributed to

a variety of sports.It is rather an extreme form of urban entertainment.In order to fully enjoy the indescribable feeling, do not need special training and have certain skills.For this you need the desire of extreme fun and, of course, special equipment.The latter includes a special flexible wire that can withstand a load of ten times the weight of a person.

Distribution Option number 1

According to one version, bungee jumping appeared in one of the tribes of the New Zealand archipelago.As the ancient legend, the young wife often ran away from his monster-husband.He found her each time, and returns home, accompanying the process of beating and bullying.One girl ran away again.I climbed a tall tree, she saw the approach of the chase.Desperate, the woman jumped into the abyss.Her husband ran after her, ignoring the vine, tied to the legs of his wife.Man killed, the woman survived.Since then, the tribe once a year a man jumping from tall trees, proving to themselves and others the courage.

One of naturalists - David Attenborough - one who was in a visit to this wondrous place, described the legend brought to England.There he spoke about the ritual of his friends, is professionally engaged in extreme sports.They, in turn, is very interested in promoting the idea of ​​entertainment in the city.As the vines will not find in the big cities, in the laboratories it was made a special elastic rope, similar in its properties to the plant jungle.Instead of trees were selected tall buildings and bridges.And there was bungee jumping.In Kiev, London, New York, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Berlin and other cities of the world is fun once found their fans.

Distribution Option number 2

Another option, according to which this extreme sport became public, has a more realistic interpretation.In order to develop in the absence of fear of parachutists free fall, it was coined by a special simulator.At high altitude special equipment attached to the rope.To him bound man and sending his head down to hover at the level of the flight of birds.This invention became known as bungee jumping and soon became popular not only among the paratroopers, but also for fans of extreme sports in the world.

more information

To date, the highest point in the world where you can make a jump with a rope, is in the South African national park called Tsitsikamma.The platform is set at an altitude of 216 meters.Thus a person can enjoy a free flight for seven seconds.The maximum speed of the fall is 792 km / h.In Vienna, you can jump from the television tower, whose height - 170 meters.Bungee jumping in Moscow is also very developed.Almost every area of ​​the city you can find a club that will give fans a thrill the opportunity to fly over the ground.There are options for beginners (Manihino bridge in height of 24 meters), and for the more confident people (platform in the village of Chapayevka Odintsovo district).

Of course, this kind of extreme entertainment is suitable not for everyone.Who has heart problems - it is better not to risk it, because the level of adrenaline is really high.