The history of baseball.

About 90% of the US population are ardent fans of baseball.It seems that the question of how to learn how to beat the bat with American children occurs in infancy.

baseball history

Whatever the Americans say, the baseball was not invented them.At the source - the whole range of European sports fun with a ball and a bat.Especially like modern baseball on traditional Russian rounders.From the seventeenth century in England played cricket and rounders in English.These games are too much like baseball.And in Germany at that time was a popular game in the shlagbol.In all of these sports there was a division into teams, and the batter was filed, and in many other rules have been very similar to the rules of modern baseball.

Baseball World Cup

Baseball World Cup held in the 30s of the last century, with the victory in the first championship won not the Americans and the British.In the future, the British competition in baseball did not participate.Basically, there were teams from Latin American countr

ies and the United States.Baseball, the rules of which have been adapted for small fields and play areas, popular in Japan, the Czech Republic, England, Finland and Romania.In the 40s of the championship is now Australia, and in 70 - the Netherlands, Italy and Asia.The Cuban team participated in the championship 21 times, won 18 times, while the remaining three times took two second places and one third place.

To this day, a baseball bat, a photo which you can see below, for some reason in Russia is associated mostly with the means of self-defense and how to learn how to beat the bat talk on the respective classes for women.

Game number one

Yet every American strongly believes that they have invented the game of baseball, as well as the fact that the American team the strongest in this sport.This confidence is an essential feature of an American patriot.

baseball season opens US president.Player said the newspapers.It is popular and wealthy citizens of America.Perhaps more popular than football in Russia.

After Germany's defeat in World War II the Americans entered in the German secondary schools (and later did the same in Japan) baseball as a compulsory subject.The Japanese, this game came very much to the taste.

Arts games

Professional batter strikes the bat so that the ball can reach speeds of 150 km / h."How to learn to beat the bat with the result?"- A question that is asked all the young athletes.In this case, the main thing - the bits grip and stance.Sport coach will put the proper technique of impact.To begin her work out in front of a mirror.After working off the rack and swing techniques you can start driving range.It will need the help of partners.To start the ball is served at a very low speed and then gradually increasing the speed.Seven out of ten hits - this is a very good result.

So, the first thing you need to learn - this is the correct stance.It implies a slightly bent knees and shoulders parallel to the floor.The grip must be tough bits, brushes tense and tightly closed.In right-handed people the right hand above the left have left-hander - on the contrary.Hold the bat should be about 5 cm from the bottom and the edges.It is universal for all requirements.Each individual player can also have its own unique comfortable desk.

Ideal fulfilled rack, you can start hitting the ball.Bit must move the ball along the shortest path.Upon impact, the transfer of the center of gravity provides additional acceleration of the ball, so that the force of impact - is not the most important thing for the slugger, the reaction is more important and correct technique.

range of accessories for the game of baseball

Leather baseball glove is treated in a special way in order to achieve maximum strength.The important point is the reliability of joints.Interestingly, the new glove loses much of the old, as it is not flexible enough.To achieve gloves and warm in the oven, and drive them automobile wheels and lubricated with oil.However, the most loyal assistant in this case - long-term game of baseball.That's why players are so value their gloves.In addition, they must be selected strictly for the arm size.And, of course, lefties and righties need different gloves.Professional bought even individual tailoring.

Before you learn how to beat the bat, you need to be able to select the right among many substitutes sold in the stores.A strong physical player more than any other suitable bit length with a thin handle.Others can purchase short with a thick handle, perfectly balanced weight.And the heavier bits allow better control of stroke.

first bit to help beginners pick the coach.Usually it has a length of 80 cm, and weighs less than 850 grams.For children, the bits are selected based on height and weight.

Professionals use only wood products, but they are very expensive, so amateurs or beginners to start acquiring bits of aluminum or composite material.

Baseball - an interesting, albeit challenging game and also a wonderful sport.As in any other sport, it is necessary to work hard, but success will come to a stubborn and persistent.