How to make "metal"?

What are anabolic steroids?It is a synthetic analog of testosterone, which is the male sexual hormone.These substances are natural for any man, because they allow you to develop secondary sexual characteristics, are responsible for libido (sexual desire), promote the growth of muscle mass due to the acceleration of protein synthesis in muscle tissue.The latter process is called anabolism, and therefore all drugs Koi stimulates this growth are called anabolic steroids.Anabolic steroids are one of the groups included in the category mentioned drugs.

AU synthesize large quantities of steel after the war of 1939-1945., But successful experiments transplant gonads were conducted in the past, which allowed guinea improve health, and even rejuvenate the body (within reason).The molecules of the hormone somewhat modified in the laboratory, making it possible to strengthen the anabolic androgenic properties and reduce (speed up the development of secondary sexual characteristics).This fact allowed to come ou

t of androgenic anabolic steroids.However, it is worth noting that almost all of these drugs, in addition to the mentioned indexes, carry and androgens.In this article, we will talk with you about the "meta" - a steroid that has long been one of the most popular in bodybuilding.


"Methandrostenolone" (slang for "meta") - one of anabolic steroids, which is taken orally.It was originally synthesized by Dr. John Ziegler, then released in the US in the early 60-ies of XX century under the name of the company Ciba.At first it was intended to accelerate the recovery and treatment of burns.Later, he began to use women for toning, and eventually he began to be widely used in bodybuilding, when athletes know about it as accelerate muscle building.Means "metal" for muscle growth is not the best option because of the rather large rollback after the course and incidence of adverse effects, but so far it is holding fast in the top five of anabolic steroids.Of course, after some time the drug was banned by FDA.Despite this, he still sold legally in Mexico, Moldova, Romania, Poland and several Asian countries.The drug has other names: "Danabol", "Naposim", "Dianabol", "Dianabol", "Nerobolum" and others. Then we'll tell you about how to take the "meta", describe its effects (both positive andnegative) and provide other useful information.

steroid profiles means "Methane"

  1. Anabolic activity of 200% of the testosterone.
  2. Toxic if liver?- Yes.
  3. Androgenic activity is 50% of the testosterone.
  4. there an aromatization (conversion into estrogen)?- Yes (at low level).
  5. Detection time - up to 140 days.
  6. accepted in the form of injections and pills.
  7. is valid for 6-8 hours.

effects from the use of

  1. main effect of "meta" - a rapid increase in muscle mass, which is due to the activation of protein synthesis, glycogenolysis.With this growing power rates.
  2. Increased appetite.
  3. There is a slight decrease in fat mass.
  4. strengthens bone system.
  5. have steroid "Methane" rather weak androgenic effect (50% compared with testosterone), but it has its place in vivo.
  6. Many studies have shown that the side effects are often in excess of the dose "Dianabol" more than 30 mg per day.Taking the "meta" for muscle growth in the recommended doses, you are bound to a sufficient amount of muscle mass, and therefore particularly zealous not worth it.

Side effects

  1. gynecomastia occurring in the conversion of the drug "Danabol" into estrogens (methylestradiol having 30% higher affinity to the estrogen receptor).To prevent development of this side effect, it is necessary to use anti-estrogens.These drugs are very effective for the prevention of such diseases.
  2. Steroid toxic to the liver.The reason for that - a methyl group in the 17α-position.It does not allow the active substance to break down in the liver, which allows to use a steroid orally (inside), ie as tablets."Meta" has a specific color pink.
  3. When used "metal" is often observed fluid retention, which is associated with estrogen.However, it should be noted that the more it is going in the muscle, because of which the impression of the increased volume of muscle.Upon graduation excess fluid output, reducing the previously gained weight by 10-50%.How to make "metal", that did not happen this phenomenon?Just need to use aromatase inhibitors.
  4. Among other side effects can be identified high blood pressure (solved by the use of anti-estrogens, and antihypertensives), increased libido during the course and partial reduction thereafter.When abuse and excessively long courses may be testicular atrophy, while the "bad" genetics also myocardial hypertrophy.Finally, the common occurrence of acne (acne) on the face and back, and alopecia (baldness prompt).
  5. separate line mention a major problem for women.During the course may begin to manifest masculinization (appearance of secondary sex characteristics of men).

Course "Methandrostenolone"

So, how to make "metal" for the rapid increase in growth of muscle mass?The following course "Methandrostenolone" suitable for men over 21 years.It allows to quickly improve your performance.Of course, it should take in the absence of various contraindications (heart and liver disease, hypertension, and others).The day is recommended to eat no more than 30 mg.We now proceed directly to the course.

Reception "meta" should occur 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach (preferably).The course should start with 10 mg, increasing the dose to 20-30 mg every 2-3 days (this is done in order to evaluate the tolerability of the drug).Acceptance of "meta" usually lasts 6 weeks.A week later, you can connect aromatase inhibitors (for example, means "anastrozole": it should take 0.5 mg every 3 days), which significantly reduces the conversion to estrogen, and not allow the accumulation of fluid in the muscles and the formation of edema.After the course is necessary to hold the PCT (aftertreatment therapy), which includes the drug "tamoxifen" at a dose of 20 mg for 2 weeks.During the third week the dosage should be gradually reduced until complete abolition.

Throughout the course is highly recommended to watch your blood pressure, so there were no complications.If you notice any significant deviations, it is advisable to lower the dose or start taking antihypertensive drugs (for example, "Enalapril" 5 mg).After the course, you can help a testosterone booster: taking it for 3-4 weeks, you will receive a rapid recovery of testosterone secretion and prevent the phenomenon of rollback.We must not forget that taking anabolic steroids to be agreed with the doctor, because there is always a chance of contraindications.To get the maximum effect of the drug "meta" and minimize the loss of muscle mass decline immediately after the course, it is strongly recommended to use sports nutrition and balance your diet (remove all unnecessary).Well, how to make "metal", we figured, let's move to the last point.

Combined courses "Danabol"

Because quite often symptoms of side effects from the use of funds "Methandrostenolone" and narrow the breadth of positive results, knowledgeable people recommend to combine this drug with the use of other anabolic steroids.Itself dose "Danabol" in this case varies in the range from 10 to 30 mg.This combination makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the course, while reducing the incidence of side effects due to different pharmacodynamics of drugs.It must be remembered that any combination suggests a well-defined dose of each agent and the specific mode of administration.An example of the combination may be a "meta" for muscle growth and "Winstrol" for relief.But about these steroids is best to consult with a professional trainer.