Tyre - what is this?

Tyre - a specially adapted room for training and target shooting from small arms.It is a room where the posted position and training target.

little history

Even in Soviet times ranges already gained immense popularity.They could be found in any provincial town, and especially in the capital.After a time many people began to lose interest in thiram.Over time, the possession of firearms was a privilege only the guards, military and intelligence services to maintain order.Today, fashion is back to shooting.The most visited places: parks, squares - are starting to appear the shooting range, where you can spend a little competition with one another or boasts keenness to his girlfriend.Tyre shooting, t. E. A modern, it provides the ability to shoot with weapons of any kind.It can be either pneumatic or firearms.Tyre - a place where they can practice hunters, sportsmen and amateurs who want to feel the rush of adrenaline, excitement, or to cheer yourself up.Young people like to use gift certificates that e

nable the birthday to shoot any weapon.

Tyre laser

Today huge popularity of laser shooting.The advantage of it is the name of security.For this reason it is used not only in entertainment, but also for training specialized staff.

essence of fire, as in other forms, the same man has to hit the target.However, it does not need to shoot out of the ordinary rifle.The player can choose any weapon: a gun or automatic (very similar to the original), which is used in service in different countries and in certain computer shooters.Before you is not crumpled beer cans, but the real target, both static and evolving and moving.Online game story will allow participants to become one of the film with real actors.

On what principle operates laser shooting?The projector displays the image that was on the computer.The weapon built a special module that during the shot begins to form the laser pulse.Camera receiver fixes it, and then transmits to the processing computer.Then it comes in special software.It converts the signal, calculates hit the target, and transmits all the data on your computer shot.

Pneumatic Tyre

Multimedia pneumatic shooting gallery - a map of the target on the touch screen, which has been transferred from the computer to the projector.The role of the target can play regular computer game or program.When a bullet hits the screen, the controller receives information about this by means of special sensors, which are disposed on the screen surface.The game program and "program" are performed in parallel during this calculated coordinates of the bullet hit.Calculating all, the system combines them with the image of the target.The game reflects the coincidence of origin or hit or miss.In addition, also designed a program that keeps statistics of fire.In the database all the information are: the start time, the end of shooting, the cost of each shot and their number.With this program, the operator can easily serve the shooting.

weapons used in pneumatic dash

All the small pneumatic guns are safe industrial production.It is used in airsoft, and it does not require a special permit.Currently established good copy machine guns and pistols, which correspond to the original weight and appearance.The rifle is loaded with plastic pellets weighing 0.2-0.25 g caliber 6 mm.90 m / s - velocity of the ball at the outlet of the barrel for pistols, automatic, electric weapon - higher than 90 m / s.

in-dash computer, you can use the usual shooters, interactive videos and flash games.One condition only: mouse click - and the target is struck.There are so many games, and their number is constantly growing.Some can simply be downloaded from the Internet, free of charge.

Pneumatic (multimedia) shooting range - is not just the unique equipment for clubs, entertainment centers, theaters and parks, it is also a place where you can acquire skills in the shooting.

few words about the latest

-crossbow archery shooting ranges - the latest addition to all galleries.Some time ago, in similar areas could be reached only by professional athletes.Just a fan of the entrance was closed, they could not to enter.In addition, these galleries were not too many.What was this widespread?The most important thing - the emergence of a new streloulavlivayuschego material.The fact that it provides the highest level of security, which is an important nuance of galleries, regardless of their type.Crossbow shooting, archery battle can be divided into two types: fixed and mobile.

it worth it?

Voroshilovsky Feel like a real shooter, spy or partisan.Tyre - a place where you can develop the amazing accuracy and agility.It's important, especially if you are serving in some special service.Good accuracy - not talent given from birth, it needs constant development.

But that does not mean that ordinary fans to the shooting range to shoot the entrance closed.If your favorite hero - William Tell or Robin Hood, shooting range, ride - for you.Demonstrating its ability to shoot a pistol, rifle or crossbow, you get a real pleasure.

Those who are fond of shooting, know what an arrow or a bullet away from it and gets right on target.They know how to boil the blood in the veins, and this body is charged with adrenaline.For there are not very experienced instructor, under the guidance you will learn all the techniques of shooting.After spending some time for training, very soon you will be able to hit the target, or, as they say, "the bull's eye."Welcome to the ranks of the brave shooters.

I do not doubt the usefulness of shooting sessions.Good accuracy and agility - this time, adrenaline - two, of pleasure - that's three.