"Syntol" - what is it?

Despite the old adage, the goal does not always justify the means.Modern society through advertising encourages people to look athletically, and both men and women.Misleading statistics assures us that the sport folded pumped easier for people to succeed and succeed in life.Of course, many are broken and run into the hall, and achieve excellent results, but what about those who are not genetics allows us to construct the desired body?Such is usually resorted to the use of pharmacological agents such as "Synthol '.What is it and how it works - that's what matters is to ask yourself, anyone who has decided to try to imagine such a drug.

story of

Initially, it was very simple: the body of Hercules wanted - swing hard and follow a diet.But the middle of the twentieth century gave the world of anabolic steroids.Now everyone can feel like an athlete and get in a few weeks what others inflated for years.However, the joy of a quick result darkened side effects, which were many.But sometimes, even st

eroids fall short of expectations, and then Chris Clark gave the world an innovative product, namely drug "Syntol."What is it - a miracle or, on the contrary, the ugliness in the syringe?Appearing on the market in the '90s, he was replaced by the popular at that time "Esiclene", which gave a powerful effect, which, unfortunately, did not last Bole couple days.Chris Clark decided to increase the effect of the drug and has his will to bring all the "Syntol", the body needs a minimum of three years.But bodybuilders fanatically wanted the express relief in the short term, there is nothing to stop, even terrible asymmetry of the body.


Actually "Syntol" never officially bore this name, so he was nicknamed themselves bodybuilders.From the outset, he was registered as a Pump-n-Pose, which translated literally means "rock and posing."Many bodybuilders take, or at least tried to remedy "Syntol."What is an illegal drug, known only to a few.Another interesting fact: the sale of means was conducted and is conducted exclusively under the guise of body oils, such as those coated with athletes before posing.This is done in order to avoid liability for the unintended consequences of reception, which will not occur if you use it like butter.Get "Syntol" is not so easy, even now, and if you manage to get it, not the fact that it will be the most original drug.

What is this medicine?

So "Syntol" - a tool that is able to locally increase the amount of muscle.It is used in bodybuilding solely for cosmetic purposes.It operates as follows: after the introduction of the drug fills the space between the muscle fibers, creating the effect of hypertrophy and development of a group of muscles.However, no one gives a guarantee that you will eventually get the imbalances and asymmetries.Apply "Syntol 'roll, who is desperate to get the desired shape in a natural way and, mostly, before the competition.There are three main arguments against the use of such unreliable means.It is necessary to analyze each one of them and decide for yourself, it is worth it or not.

first argument

main thing that scares this terrible disproportionate hills, which not only looks ugly, but also give the impression that it is not the muscles, and some strange growths.The main task of "Synthol" is a correction only.Start by using a non-existent biceps in principle possible, use of the drug will only lead to terrible consequences.Another thing, when the athlete just before the competition realizes that he lacks the very last stroke, which is necessary for perfection.Perhaps the problem flaw, or perhaps inherent in genetics, it has to be that way, but because you want everything to be perfect.Only in this case, it is justified use of such a drug, as a "Synthol '.Photos athletes also sometimes indicate a subjective look at the beauty, the same is observed in the case of silicone implants and injections of Botox - people just lose all sense of proportion.All this can be compared to the work of the sculptor or artist: a chisel or a brush - it's just the tools more importantly, in whose hands they are.So "Syntol" - is only a means, and be able to get with the help of a masterpiece or a monstrosity, depends only on the person.Everything must be approached with intelligence and not to succumb to fanaticism.

second argument

We are exposed daily to the danger of his body, because the threat lies in wait times in the most unexpected places.In principle, any abnormal effects on the body from the outside in itself dangerous.If we do everything reasonably possible to avoid the consequences, and even completely eliminate them.So for those who use "Syntol", the consequences are not as daunting as it might seem from the first time, can not be said about other drugs, such as stimulants or diuretics.The last dangerous and in relatively small doses, though their distribution is not punishable by law.The main problem "Synthol" that get a truly original and high-quality product is quite easy.He appeared in Russia recently, in 2011, to buy this drug was virtually impossible.It is important that in your hands, once you have decided to use "Syntol" was exactly the same, the present, or the use of clandestine analogues can lead to very unfortunate consequences.In your power to reduce all risks not: make sure the quality and define for yourself what you need.If you are a beginner, do not be afraid to ask for help, approach it seriously.And remember, even though it spreads under the guise of oil for the body, but you buy it "Syntol" Oil should not be present in its composition.

third argument

last argument, rather, ethical, because many people think that athletes should use for their achievements only power given to them by nature.But if you think so, then the whole world of professional sports consists of crooks and liars.Human nature does not stop there, it will always be small.Now, almost any sport are widely used stimulant in addition, there are a number of athletes who would never have they not become a drug-free, for example, patients with asthma.Many talk about "Syntol" that is unworthy of the athlete means that we should all seek their own, but in any case, a person will find a way to improve their results, over and over again referring to various drugs.If you completely remove any use of pharmacology in the sport, then it will turn into something boring and monotonous, because even as spectators, we are waiting for new records.

How to apply

drug should be administered intramuscularly, and the needle should not go more than 7 mm.In most cases, it is mixed with anesthetics, such as "Lidocaine" so injection itself does not cause pain.The volume injected funds at times reaches up to 300 ml of each of the muscles, though not at a time, the course lasts for about 3-4 months.Because only 30% of administered volume immediately splits the remaining 70% may be in the body for up to several years.Those who used the "Syntol" reviews are different, this is due to the different effects on different muscle groups.Initially, it was used exclusively for pumping biceps and triceps, because it gave the best results, but now inject the drug in different muscle groups, but the effect is not so clear.


Do not try to enter the drug itself, especially if you ever did not do it, it is better if it would make a knowledgeable person.Not all occupational therapists take on such a procedure, but the initiative could lead to nerve damage, and eventually paralysis.If you find yourself in a vessel, the drug "Syntol" immediately suck through the blood, which in the worst case threatens death.In addition, even when properly enters preparation ecpyetic tissue, and this can provoke sclerosis or ischemia of skeletal muscle.Avoid counterfeit check vendors and product quality.Too bad that the "Syntol" price varies widely (from 12 to 15 thousand rubles. Per 100 ml or 300-400 dollars for a bottle), and it is difficult to identify a fake it or not.Another point: even if you enter the same amount of drug in each muscle, it can behave in unpredictable ways.