Skeletonist Alexander Tretyakov.

Russia is famous for his love of the sport.Especially popular in the country, hockey, soccer, figure skating.Names of famous Russian athletes resound throughout the world.We are proud of our champions, including Plushenko (figure skating), Alexander Tretyakov (skeleton) and many others for whom going full stands of fans and sports enthusiasts.

Russian skeleton sets the pace of the global sports

Recently the increasing popularity began to conquer new sports.Among these - the skeleton.This winter sport.Reminiscent of a slope on a sled - Russian folk fun.The athlete rides an icy channel in a special frame.Performed in a few races, the results of which determine the winner.

gratifying to realize that Russia's skeleton at the moment is at the peak of popularity.A point of pride, world champion in skeleton - our countryman.Alexander Tretiakov at the Olympic Games in Sochi won the first place.His victory made history.It - an example for the younger generation.Our pride.Our future.

"Russian Rocket"

Russian athlete and the hope of the domestic skeleton once again confirmed his nickname."Russian Rocket" - as it was called at the Olympic Games in Sochi.Since the beginning of the games to be treated as a future winner and believed in his victory.February 14, 2014 was the first day of the competition, which was attended by Alexander Tretyakov.His biography was then acquired new significant dates, since he was able to distinguish and apply for the victory.

first course record and the record belonged to his arrival.55.95 seconds - so it lasted "flight".

second race also determined young athlete leader.More than half a minute, he overtook his main rival from Latvia.

third race - a phenomenal time of 56.28 seconds.Fourth - as undisputed leadership.All the race, he did not allow himself to any emotion, without a second of rest.Only after the final Alexander Tretyakov, recognizing his victory, he smiled wide, "Gagarin" smile.

Hall roared - the victory was secured to Alexander.Stands rampage."Russia - the champion," "Forward, Russia" - the deafening roar of audience hall heralded the victory of the Russian athlete.It began the finest hour of the great Alexander Tretyakov.Champion picked up in his arms and carried into the stands.Hugs, kisses, tears of joy, autographs - that is, the price of the great victory.Sincere gratitude in the eyes of the Russians - that's the main award for the title.

Alexander Tretyakov.Biography of athlete

Before becoming a world-renowned champion, Alexander was an ordinary resident of Krasnoyarsk.He comes from a simple, loving family sport.Father taught from childhood little Sasha to play hockey and soccer.He grew quiet, friendly and well-balanced person.He loves fishing and, like all the boys grew up on computer games.He was fond of history and archeology.

Alexander - a very well-read man.The book was his first real friend.Books adventure, fantasy, detectives always stood on his shelf.

Turning to the high school, the future champion drew attention to the bobsled.Sasha has a high speed running, so this sport for a long time attracted him.Regular and persistent training, the desire to have fully grasped the boy.But to become a bobsleigh he failed - Alexander did not fit on the weight category.Unfortunately, it was not possible by any means necessary weight gain.Dream had to leave.

One day, while in the Latvian town of Sigulda, Alexander swept across the track at the skeleton.High-speed shutter, incredible emotion captured athlete.He is seriously interested in this sport.So, in 2003, began the ascent to Olympus future champion.

He immediately showed good results in training and competition.Not surprisingly, Alexander took 19 years for the national team of the country.Working hard on yourself, the constant improvement of the level of skill led to the logical outcome - Sasha took a part of the Olympic team.2006.The Olympic Games in Turin.The first international competition.The first emotion.New friends.Alexander took the 15th place.But it only spurred him to new heights.He worked hard, correcting mistakes, gain experience.Ahead lay a long workout.

Alexander Tretyakov - the champion!

And now won the title of "European Champion" in 2007.5th place at the 2007 World Championships, 9th place - World Cup 2008, an honorary bronze at the World Championships in 2009.

2010.Olympic Games in Vancouver.Alexander Tretiakov took part in the Russian team.He seeks in no matter what was to win the title, and the expectations of fans.Good attitude, Alexander led a successful start to the third place prize.The result exceeded all expectations.Neither the coach nor Alexander himself did not expect such a good result.He set his personal best speed.

Then there was the silver medal at the World Championships in 2011 and 3rd place at the European Championships in the same year.Deserved gold Alexander Tretyakov was received at the World Championships in 2013.


athlete athlete is constantly working on themselves in training does not allow a single indulgence, constantly developing his legendary skill - the fastest start.Athlete still young enough, though, as the statistics show, the star sled - champions at the age of 40 years.So ahead of Alexander great future with great victories.

hard to imagine a world in everyday life.Although he is a loving father and husband.His second half - the wife Anastasia - a former athlete.It also deals with skeletons.My wife fully supports and endorses the athlete of his "nomadic" lifestyle.As a former skeletonistka, she understands how important constant for Alexander fees and training.The athlete is almost no free time.Maybe that's why his entourage is no loyal friends.But his support throughout teammates.

2013 was very significant for the athlete, Alexander had a daughter, Eva.It is thanks to the family cosiness, harmony and support of native people, Alexander has achieved such heights on the Olympic podium.

champion in a small country, in the city of Krasnoyarsk, and are proud of their famous countryman.Leaders of the region deserved success in the sport gave the champion 3 million rubles.

Sports - this is life!

Alexander has repeatedly offered to withdraw from the sport.Become a politician start Olympic Committee, but Alexander can not betray its ideals and deprive the country of the champion.He now lives in his hometown, received higher education.

neither fame nor money had no effect on the nature and persistence of Alexander.He is now actively preparing for the next Olympic Games in 2018 in Pyeongchang (China).He promises to meet the expectations of the country and their fans.